Sam Bradford’s assessment of the offense: Not good football

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The Vikings’ offense stunk on Monday night. Sam Bradford knows that.

“We’re doing a lot of things that aren’t good football,” Bradford said. “It takes 11 guys every play for an offense to go, and right now there’s just too many plays where we don’t have 11 guys pulling in the same direction.”

Bradford acknowledged that on many plays, he was the one of the 11 who wasn’t pulling his weight. In particular, Stefon Diggs got open past the Bears’ secondary for what should have been a touchdown, but Bradford couldn’t connect.

“I missed some things early that would have changed things for us,” Bradford said. “The deep ball to Diggs . . . if I was able to hit that one I think that could have sparked us. I’ve got to make that play,” he later added. “That’s a throw I’ve got to make.”

The Vikings gave up a first-round pick and a fourth-round pick to acquire Bradford. They need him to start playing some good football, or else that trade is going to come back to haunt them.

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  1. Without good O-line play teams will struggle. But good lord this group bad.
    It’s a good thing the Vikes and Bills made the off season super bowl.

  2. Yes, he missed that one throw. Too bad his o-line missed about fifty blocks. Bradford was getting killed back there. That same o-line is helping this team to a rushing average of under 3 yards a carry. Put the blame squarely where it belongs.

  3. Zimmer is a defensive guy. He’d better get a handle on the offense soon. His waistline is enlarging in direct proportion to his frustration.

  4. At least he owns up to it instead of just calling the players disparaging names. It’s pretty clear now why it took Zim so long to get a head coaching job.

  5. So this “genius” coach is sitting on 3 timeouts with the clock running down in the half and he doesn’t use them? Maybe I was watching the wrong game but when your O isn’t getting anywhere you take a breath and you take some time to figure out a play that just might work.

  6. Maybe Norv should try more 7 step drops and plays that take 5 seconds to develop behind that offensive line.

    This coaching staff bought into their own hype the last two weeks. Zimmer lost his fire getting after the opposing QB and Norv never had any fire to begin with, but he’s back to his true self… Predictable.

    The first 5 first downs of the games for the Vikings were runs… Followed by passes on 2nd. I stopped counting after that. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out when to rush the passer against a horrible oline.

    Advantage defense. Fire Norv today.

  7. Bradford getting flamed on here.

    If anyone thinks Tommy boy Brady would be doing fine behind the O-line for the Vikings last night, go get your head checked.

  8. I put this on Norv Turner 1st, and the players 2nd. Turner is not facing the reality of how bad this offensive line is. Two weeks in a row he’s trying to force plays in critical situations that just aren’t working because of bad blocking. Stop giving it to Asiata up the guy and praying for 1 yard. Between Diggs, Patterson, and Rudolph, there are better options in the quick passing game to move the ball vs. handing it off to a mediocre back behind a terrible o-line. NORV!!

  9. If I was a Vikings fan (than Gaaawwdd I’m not) I’d be every bit as concerned about my defense after a 1-6 team made it look like, well, way worse than the Packers. Gashed up the middle, left and right all night long, players playing scared – it was all there for us to enjoy.

  10. I agree with Sam. If he had hit Diggs on the deep pass – it could have changed the game. It was a pass that he needed to connect on.

    When it didn’t happen, other stuff did.

    And that other stuff wasn’t good stuff.

  11. Bradford ain’t the problem. Terrible o line play along with play calling is what’s killing them. Defense and special teams don’t look the same either. Guess fat cats do get slaughtered. They better turn it around fast

  12. I’m a Philadelphia fan, so I have no love for Sammy sleeves. That being said, you really can’t put the last two games on him. That offensive line is terrible. There is no running game. He was running for his life all night. We see what happens when you put a good quarterback behind a mediocre at best wine and have terrible playcalling. Carson Wentz is bigger, stronger, faster and has a better competuve spirit than Sammy. Both defenses are great. And we don’t have much of a chance either!

  13. What? I thought Mike Zimmer was a genius and the Vikings were winning the Super Bowl? How can either of those be possible if they lost a primetime game to the 1-6 Bears?? Where did all the trash-talking Vikings fans go? They disappeared!

  14. Not sure what the Vikings coaching staff was thinking last night. Clocking winding down in the 3rd w/ 3 timeouts left, taking their sweet time on offense, running it up the middle for the 8,983th time, and seemingly just not wanting to score points.

    Yes, the o-line stinks. But they need to have plays called that works for their shoddy o-line.

    Zim looked like a deer in the headlights, and Norv was back to his old ways of calling the same plays.

    I think it’s time to start worrying.

  15. After watching this last week of football, no one in this division is winning a Super Bowl based on current play.

    Too many injuries, bad coaching, and generally hard to watch.

    The team to get the most players back from injury is going to win!

  16. The Vikings were exposed in Philadelphia. You blitz them, take advantage of their week OLine, and then watch Bradford try to make something happen with his feet. This leads to sacks, hurried passes, etc.

  17. Wasn’t Norv Turner an offensive mastermind just 3 weeks ago? And what happened to Bradford for MVP and the best trade to ever take place? Turns out you get no trophy for being the Week 5 Super Bowl champions, and even less for being the Week 5 Super Bowl MVP. Bodies everywhere in Minnesota laying along side the road after jumping off the bandwagon!

  18. gtodriver says:
    Nov 1, 2016 8:23 AM
    I agree with Sam. If he had hit Diggs on the deep pass – it could have changed the game. It was a pass that he needed to connect on. When it didn’t happen, other stuff did. And that other stuff wasn’t good stuff

    It didn’t look like it would have made a game-changing difference. That’s a trunk full of “what if’s.” The Bears coaches had it game-planned to perfection. Plus, Cutler playing lights out was something nobody planned for.

  19. cribbage12 says:
    Nov 1, 2016 8:22 AM
    If I was a Vikings fan (than Gaaawwdd I’m not) I’d be every bit as concerned about my defense after a 1-6 team made it look like, well, way worse than the Packers. Gashed up the middle, left and right all night long, players playing scared – it was all there for us to enjoy.

    The defense play doesn’t even crack the top 10 on the list of concerns. Aside from the one big run that included two missed tackles, one by a 7th round rookie playing his second game the Bears had about 85 yards rushing.

    What’s alarming on defense is why Zimmer suddenly stopped his creating play calling. On both sides of the ball, the most alarming thing with this team is the play calling.

  20. ninjapleazee says:
    Nov 1, 2016 6:55 AM

    Every time Bradford went down, I thought dude was dead

    It’s just a matter of time.


  21. Vikings oline failures are a systemic problem. They simply do not have the talent to execute the scheme Norv and Sparono have in place.

    Either they change how they are running the offense or they will continue to have issues.

  22. gtodriver says:
    Nov 1, 2016 8:23 AM
    I agree with Sam. If he had hit Diggs on the deep pass – it could have changed the game. It was a pass that he needed to connect on.

    When it didn’t happen, other stuff did.

    And that other stuff wasn’t good stuff.


    Yeah, vikes were one play away from breaking that game wide open. HA HA HA HA.

  23. The recipe for success against the Viking offense is NOT blitzing.
    Simply rush 4.

    You drop linebackers back into coverage to stall Sammy’s decision making and force a coverage sack because the line can’t block.

    Just look at the Bear’s game plan. They only blitzed 3 times the entire game.

    It’s the offensive line, even the announcers talked about it the entire game.

  24. I have been a Viking fan through thick and thin here, and I certainly am not going to get overly dramatic about two losses in a 5-2 season so far. That being said those two losses have shown some areas definitely need some improvement if the team wants to get back to competing well again.

    The O-line continues to struggle. You could see how easily the defenses were creating gaps between blocking and the O-line’s feet just seem too slow to keep under them and stay in front of their blocks.

    The new issue is that the defense who still played well against Philly, seemed to have problems with getting the running back down last night. I trust they can fix that this week. The O-line issue is going to take a ton of hard work for them. Other teams in the league have struggled and made corrections to play better again. We just need to count on our Vikes to do the same. I am rooting for them to get after it and have a good week next week.

  25. that 1st rounder is getting better and better every week!
    Gonna be a top 10, top 15 pick come 1/17!
    Hope y’all are enjoying Sammy Sleeves vikes fans! We did for a few weeks during his whole entire tenure w us!
    – eagles fans everywhere!

  26. Their offense needs to at least somewhat figure it out. You can’t live on a good defense all the time. Teams will find ways to exploit it. You can’t simply put all the blame on bradford either. He doesn’t have many big weapons or any time to do much. He also isn’t elite, but he can be serviceable at times. That said, fixing an OLINE isn’t something you can just do overnight. We will see.

    These threads are much more civil without the over the top bashing and name calling. There is actually constructive conversation. Take notes, vikes.


  27. The Vikings O line is a problem, but you can’t overlook how much that’s amplified by a quarterback who just doesn’t move well.
    The Eagles didn’t know for sure what they had in Wentz, yet they were willing to trade Bradford. You can see why.

  28. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with each mounting loss, the value of those traded picks goes up.

    Sam is even more expensive today than he was yesterday.

  29. Thankfully when struggling the Vikings can lean on the highest paid OLine in football! No – that wasn’t a typo.

    Score 13 points against them and avoid D/ST TD’s and you have a really good chance of winning. Worst offensive team in football by light years!

  30. The utter lack of gratitude towards the historic Vikings franchise from opposing fans is astounding. I mean, you folks DO realize the last couple weeks are a direct result of the historic Vikings’ heroism and generosity, right?

    There were reports across the board that NFL ratings and general enthusiasm for the game were down a few weeks ago. As all analysts have agreed, this was due to fan despair at knowing their teams had absolutely no chance of dethroning the historic Vikings franchise. Why even continue following your own team when everyone knows the historic Vikings will win the next 7 Super Bowls, at least?

    Well, the brilliant, historic Vikings franchise concocted just the solution that Fraudger Goodell needed. The historic Vikings were heroic enough to step up and take one for the team. The historic Vikings – in genius fashion – intentionally played mediocre the last couple weeks and generously allowed the laughably inferior Eagles and Bears to “defeat” them.

    Now, hope has been restored throughout the league and you will begin to see more fans tuning back in to the game. Yes, most fans are too naive to realize that in reality their team still has no chance at knocking off the historic Vikings franchise, but their false hope will restore the high ratings and ticket sales the NFL craves. The heroic, historic Vikings save the day again.


  31. Bradford is not the majority of the problem. The problem he does have is that he’s not very agile in the pocket. Sometimes a few steps one way or the other is all it would take. We all know he’s never going to run with the ball even if his life depended on it. There were a few plays this year where Bridgewater’s mobility could have been all the difference on that particular play.

    But the bigger problem by far is the O-Line. At this point I feel like could do what Jake Long is doing out there. What does it take to tap your hands on a defenders chest as he blows by you? And Clemmings? WTF? There’s not much they can do about personnel at this point, there going to have to figure out how to make this work with what they have, but I thought that would be somewhat resolved this week, so it doesn’t look real promising. This isn’t a quick-fix. I’m starting to long for the ol’ Matt Kalil days.

    What’s up with Norv? There are still way too many play makers on this offense to be sputtering like they are. Get creative with what you have. Let’s just go to full-on shotgun mode and hit quick passes all game long. 😉 Asiata is not the answer. How long will McKinnon be out? Peterson is supposed to be back in December some time. It’s going to be tough hoeing in November. Other than the Cowboys on the 1st, December should be a good rebound month, even more so with Adrian back. Jan 1st we get the Bears at home for a revenge game. 😉 Get the frickin’ line figured out and back on track.

  32. I posted the day this trade was made that by the end of this season the Vikings’ deficiencies at OT would be exposed and that it was quite possible they could finish this season with neither Bradford playing (due to injury) nor the draft capital to fix the OT position. Judging by how long Bradford took to get up from some of those hits last night I would say my prediction is right on pace.

    Zimmer is a very good coach but he’s not a magician and that’s about the only thing that could fix that OL situation this year.

    Oh yeah and for anyone wondering why Jake Long was on the market for so long… the last two games should pretty much clear that up.

  33. A first rounder for Bradford is a good deal, because it keeps their season alive. Besides, people act like a first is GOLD even after they’ve seen first round draft picks used on Christian Ponder and Cordarelle Patterson.

  34. What on this green Earth are they seeing in TJ Clemmings to keep him on the roster? I have never seen an OL get bull rushed as bad since…well since Fusco in the GB game! Time to hold some tryouts or sign someone else’s practice squad guys.

    I don’t know much about Sirles other than he looked like Superman coming in for Boone. He did his job then shifted over to cover Jake Long too. Can we get four more of him please?

  35. They should start sirles over clemmings and i thought kERLIN DID A GOOD JOB 4 FUSCO IN the Houston game he was dominating start those 2 and the line might get a little better Berger was pushed around to.They should have done some bubble sceens to patterson quick passes out of the gun god i was so excited to begin the season im done this seasons over trust me atleast i have the warriors to root for Durant baby looking good looking real good atleast the WARRIORS COME OUT AND PLAYAY.

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