Technical difficulties led to no review of Carson Palmer fumble/forward pass

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians didn’t have a good explanation for the lack of a review of Carson Palmer’s fumble which was returned for a touchdown by Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, which Arians thought was clearly a forward pass.

And apparently, the league and the television network couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer either.

According to Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic, Arians said the problem stemmed from the fact the FOX feed to the Cardinals coaching box wasn’t working properly.

They shut it down to fix it,” Arians said, “and that’s when the play occurred. So there was no instant-replay feed. It was confirmed a forward pass, an obvious forward pass, but no one had an instant-replay feed to look at it.

“The replay official upstairs went with his naked eye so he went with the call in the field because there was no video to watch at that point in time … Including in New York [at league headquarters].”

A league source confirmed Arians’ description of the process, saying the instant replay booth in the stadium and the league’s review center in New York weren’t getting the correct feed, which kept them from reviewing the play more thoroughly.

Arians said that’s the explanation he got at halftime, and when asked how he felt about the clarification on Monday, he replied: “How do you think?”

The play triggered a first-half avalanche for the Panthers, who rolled to an easy win. And Arians and the Cardinals deserve to be angry, because the basic expectation if you’re going to have a system of video review is that it works.

15 responses to “Technical difficulties led to no review of Carson Palmer fumble/forward pass

  1. And the CIRCUS known as the NFL continues…………………each week a new MICKEY MOUSE problem that needs to be fixed.

  2. So the NFL has conjured up yet another excuse to trot out on Monday morning after yet another blown call. Well done.

  3. If this had happened to a visiting team in Foxboro the haters would be claiming the Patriots were cheating. Too often people forget that the incompetent poobahs of the NFL use the cheapest electronics available to increase the obscene league profit margins even higher.

  4. Welcome to the days of yesteryear, where official mistakes altered games/ championships with no recourse. I always think of the oilers and steelers game with Renfro.

  5. Complete BS. The quality of this game has gone down the gutter. I’m really starting to understand why less and less people are watching it.

  6. Come on. Were talking about Carson “never saw a turnover I didn’t like” Palmer. Guys a proven choke artist.

  7. No one from the Cardinals is going to accuse the Panthers of cheating? They’ve got a few outspoken members of that team and they’re just going to accept that there was an equipment failure at a key time that benefited the home team? Interesting.

  8. …..” there was no video to watch at that point in time … Including in New York [at league headquarters].”

    That’s funny because it worked just fine at my house. What channel are they watching in N.Y.?

  9. This is so stupid…

    You mean to tell me the guys in The league office couldn’t see the exact same replay we all saw while watching the game ???????

    Nobody has a Sunday Ticket Subscription ???

    I bet if they asked, they might even get a good rate for it….

    Sometimes…the NFL should just not explain themselves…because answers like this makes us realize that they are considerably more clueless than we thought.

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