Jamie Collins: I never asked for Von Miller money

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After the Patriots traded linebacker Jamie Collins to the Browns on Monday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Collins was asking the Patriots for “Von Miller money” in talks about a new contract.

Collins is set to become a free agent after this season comes to an end and Miller signed a six-year, $114.5 million contract with the Broncos earlier this year. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe also reported that Collins turned down an offer from New England that would pay him $11 million a year, something that Collins denied along with the “Miller money” report on Wednesday.

“I’m not Von Miller,” Collins said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Let’s be smart.”

Browns coach Hue Jackson said after the trade that the Browns want to sign Collins to an extension, although he noted the feeling has to be mutual. Collins acknowledged that he’ll be auditioning for the entire league over the rest of the season — save the Patriots, perhaps — while also calling Cleveland his “new home,” so things could play out in any number of ways.

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  1. rainsarge says:
    Nov 2, 2016 11:56 AM

    Collins doesn’t think he’s Von Miller. Finally a player with perspective. Here’s looking at you Fitzpatrick Kaep RG3 Bradford
    Von Miller would probably play QB better than these guys……….

  2. I doubt he said he wanted Von Miller money as well. ONE PERSON says he wants Miller money, so naturally everyone believes it. With no proof of him saying that whatsoever. The media is a powerful thing. I’m sure he wants to get paid, but I doubt he ever said “I want Von Miller money”.

  3. sirmetaphor says:
    Nov 2, 2016 11:56 AM
    Moves like this constantly hurt the Patriots. WIN NOW should be the motto with an aging QB.

    if the Pats have been ‘constantly hurt’ as they have kicked the snot out of the rest of the league over the past 15+ years, I’d like my pathetic colts to hurt like that too!!

  4. sirmetaphor says:
    Nov 2, 2016 11:56 AM
    Moves like this constantly hurt the Patriots. WIN NOW should be the motto with an aging QB.


  5. Just to be clear…..Collins never asked for Von Miller money…. It was his AGENT that did that for him on his behalf!!!

  6. Adam Schefter, or one of those stiffs, said he was asking for “Von Miller money”. Clearly just pulling that outa their you know what’s. That’s called journalism. So naturally everyone and their grandma thinks Collins wanted Miller money. With no proof of him saying that, at all. I always doubted he said that as well.

  7. he can say what he wants but the Patriots called his contract bluff and delt him away….he should feel right at home as he played on a college team at Southern Mississippi (0-11) that never won a game….be careful what you wish for son………..

  8. sirmetaphor says:
    Nov 2, 2016 11:56 AM
    Moves like this constantly hurt the Patriots. WIN NOW should be the motto with an aging QB.


    The Patriots have demonstrated they can win with anyone at QB. Belichick knows what he is doing and the Patriots will continue to win.

  9. The good news for Cleveland is he’ll be well motivated to play lights out the rest of the season so he gets a huge contract after the season.

  10. sirmetaphor says:
    Nov 2, 2016 11:56 AM
    Moves like this constantly hurt the Patriots….


    I guess nothing hurts a fan and team quite as much as 10 AFC Championship games and 6 Super Bowl appearances over the last 15 seasons.

    So many other NFL teams have superior records during that period due to their always spot-on personnel moves. I have listed all of those teams below:

  11. sirmetaphor says:
    Nov 2, 2016 11:56 AM

    Moves like this constantly hurt the Patriots.


    As a NE fan since 84′, I’ll take this sort of “hurt” every day and twice on Sunday if it means perennial playoff appearances and multiple SB wins.

  12. sirmetaphor says:
    Nov 2, 2016 11:56 AM
    Moves like this constantly hurt the Patriots. WIN NOW should be the motto with an aging QB.


    The Patriots moves are to always be ahead of the curve. They build to be a team that wins year in and year out and leave the ‘now’ to take care of itself. Given they have been either a strong contender or outright champion every season for quite a few years now that seems to be a formula that’s working. It even looks like they are maneuvering to continue with the winning even after the aging QB retires. Granted that’s a tough one, but still it’s a better goal than just assuming they will stink after that so why plan for otherwise.

  13. terripet says:
    Nov 2, 2016 12:08 PM
    Dictator Bill is just a jerk he wi never win another super bowl the pats are a bunch of cheaters


    Geese honk, ducks quack, donkeys bray, what would the fox say?

  14. Poor Terripet

    The Bills season was over after 6 games this year and once again the only enjoyment you’re left with is posting bitter comments about the Pats for the rest of the season.

    Like when you called the Pats defense horrible in another thread today ignoring the fact they’re #4 in scoring defense.

    For that matter, if the Pats defense is so horrible, and they’ve only given up 132 points, what does that make your vaunted Bills defense that has given up 172 points so far this season?

  15. How many times has B.B. been wrong before letting talented players go? With his record how can anyone challenge what he does isn’t best for the team. He is not Rex Ryan, in that he is not going to talk and talk but his success talks for him. Whatever was the reason it should accepted by now, it was well thought out. Why not keep Collins for the rest of year is a valid question but it should be assumed he would be a distraction for the team who needs to resign multiply stars next year. Remember when they send Randy Moss packing when he made public claims while the team was still winning about the Patriots not paying talent. Why would the team need that kind of incendiary remarks while your on top? That is why they stay strong every single year. They should be trusted that they know what they are doing period. They will be in the playoffs without Jamie Collins. Next man up!

  16. Anyone who believed that Von Miller report really do like media contact spin propaganda. The only reason Miller got the money he got was because he got to be designated as a DE on his franchise tag as a start point for negotiations and his deal was driven up by Fletcher Cox’s signing.

  17. I felt this way when we traded Deion Branch to Seattle, Richard Seymour to Oakland, Lawyer Milloy to Buffalo, Logan Mankins to Tampa, and now Jamie Collins to Cleveland.

    In every case, they reached impasse on agreeing on the player’s value. It’s less about what was actually said or how it was reported in the media. Bottom line… they weren’t close to agreement with Collings, weren’t going to franchise him, and they have a lot of business to get done with other players.

  18. Collins clearly wasn’t playing well this year, and BB decided if he wasn’t going to “do his job,” it was “fish or cut bait time.” There is no guarantee that the Pats would have received s comp pick for him in 2018; they have a ton of cap space next year for FA signings. By trading him now, it looks like Bill can count on a 2017 pick assuming Mack plays for the rest of the year.

    Doesn’t matter what Jaime is looking for dollar-wise; if you’re gonna row the boat in the other direction, you don’t have much value on a BB team.

  19. I think the most telling statements were from Lombardi this week.

    Apparently Collins wasn’t with the program. In Patriots Land, that’s a huge no-no. Yes, you have to factor in what it would have cost to keep him too, and there’s no doubt in my mind that his agent Bus Cook was starting the discussions off at a ridiculous number.

    Belichick looked at all the factors before him, and as always, did what he felt was best for the team. We don’t have to like it, but we’re not privy to all the nuances that led to this decision anyway.

  20. BobbyHanks63 ,

    TyLaw, Richard Seymour, and Danny Woodhead? If you mean they didn’t win Super Bowls after they left, that’s not their fault but they were all still very good players. Everyone speculating on this are overthinking things. Belichick simply has a younger player who is equal or better than him in relation to the impending contract that would have had to be allocated to him, so who is anyone to question him. He knows his team like all coaches know their teams. He just doesn’t let the emotional part of things get in his evaluation of his player relative to others who are on his team. If you had another guy with equal ability that you see everyday in practice, why wouldn’t you trade the guy who is going to cost you more like next year? That has nothing to do with blowing assignments or all of this other nonsense people are doing to justify something that they’re not in Belichick’s head to understand, including Lombardi who has always had a reputation for having a nasty attitude that didn’t get along with other people in a building, so no surprise he jumped on Twitter to try to cut somebody down he probably had problems with when he was in that one. It’s his M.O.

  21. Some desperate team will give him a huge contract. It won’t be Von Miller money, but my guess is Olivier Vernon bucks. That contract set the bar way too high. That will be the floor for Chandler Jones negotiations.
    Both Collins and Jones were always going to test free agency. The old ‘better a year early than a year late’ applied here.

  22. I would really love to hear the real story behind all of this, but I suspect it boils down to an employment basic: Don’t piss off the boss.

  23. I think the key to New England’s success for so long is that Belichick more so than any other will make moves looking at the bigger picture, how keeping someone or letting them go affects the team a year from now or two year’s from now and always taking into consideration other personnel moves to come.

    It seems so simple to say losing a player makes the team worse. Yeah, maybe it does a little right now but we can’t possibly know the other considerations that he’s looking at. I’m sure other teams are like that too but obviously he must be better at it or they wouldn’t be constantly winning like they do.

    So many teams around the league lay out huge money on players they think will make them winners at the moment. Maybe they do it out of desperation? Maybe they haven’t won anything in a long time and hope that move will make them a contender (Dallas comes to mind over the years). Or maybe they need to create some fan excitement and sell tickets?

    I don’t think Belichick gives a rat’s ass about any of that. He doesn’t have to because his team wins and it probably does because he views the roster like a chess board with moving pieces and moves yet to be made that keeps them in a good position. He just seems to be very good at not just knowing when to do things but how it will affect the team and what he wants to do down the road.

  24. Sirmetaphor says:

    Moves like this constantly hurt the Patriots. WIN NOW should be the motto with an aging QB.

    Hurt? Oh ya they are “hurting”.
    Patriots motto: Keep on winning every year.
    Aging QB? Ha, where have you been living?
    Brady – MVP 2016

  25. .
    The Giants broke the bank on LBs with the Olivier Vernon contract. That forced John Elway to take a voluntary cornholing on the Von Miller contract because Miller was clearly the better player. Those two deals changed the landscape for LBs, as essentially, everybody got a raise. The Patriots weren’t going to pay top dollar for a LB unless he was LT.

    I’m certain that Bus Cook was whining about the reduction in Collins snap count in his walk year. But, it became apparent that Elandon Roberts was a better run defender and coupled with Van Noy or Mingo on passing downs that the Patriots squishy defense might actually improve.

    Of the big three Pats headed for free agency, Jones and Collins have been traded leaving only Hightower who by now knows that this year’s draft has several top flight ILBs coming out. That includes a hotshot kid from Alabama.

  26. Stevie Y Jones says:
    These moves will make it hard for the Patriots* to win (legitimately) their first Superbowl, legitimately.
    Because “legitimately” you can’t stand the thought they might be that good. No matter what you cry babies say, the Patriots, TB and BB will be, not just in the HOF, but known as the best team, QB and coach ever to play the sport. So go on and cry all you want – we will just laugh. Are you a Jets fan? Must be.

  27. No one posting or reporting in the Media should assume they know more about this decision than BB and his staff.

    They did what was best for their team as they see it. Next question.

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