Marshawn Lynch shows up in Seahawks locker room

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Two months ago, retired running back Marshawn Lynch was “up in the air” about a return. On the same day that former teammate Percy Harvin unretired, Lynch was back in the Seahawks locker room.

Lynch has yet to say anything to suggest a possible return. But as Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune notes, Lynch wore Seahawks gear from head to toe — something he rarely did when actually playing for the Seahawks, opting for Cal or Beast Mode apparel.

Bell asked Lynch how he’s been, and Lynch replied with one word: “Smooth.”

“That’s more than he said one on one to me in five years he played for the team,” Bell wrote.

If Lynch, who apparently was in town for the launch of former teammate Ricardo Lockette’s charity, decides to return, the Seahawks will have to decide whether to bring him back at a prorated $9 million salary (which works out to more than $529,000 per week). Given the struggles of the offense, plenty of Seahawks fans would regard Lynch as the answer — even if he likely isn’t.

A year ago, the passing game reached new heights after Lynch’s exited for core muscle surgery. This year, a cocktail of injuries to Russell Wilson and an offensive line more porous than usual is what’s kept the offense from thriving.

One thing is clear, given the expiration of the trading period: If Lynch returns, the Seahawks can’t deal him to another team. They’d either have to bring him back or cut him loose. If he’s released, he’d have to pass through waivers. That would allow a team like, say, the Chargers to block Lynch’s ability to land with a team like, say, the Raiders.

That’s precisely what happened in 2002, when Deion Sanders was released from the reserve/retired list by Washington in the hopes of climbing onto Oakland’s most recent Super Bowl bandwagon, only to have the Chargers claim his contract and short-circuit Sanders’ return.

The target for a potential Lynch return was Week Four or Week Five. The fact that he didn’t return then suggests he won’t now. But the only thing that can be accurately predicted about Lynch is that he’s unpredictable.

38 responses to “Marshawn Lynch shows up in Seahawks locker room

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back. I’ve been saying it for the last couple of years and I’ll keep on saying it. NFL players, especially the star players, should take breaks! After years of pounding ranging from hs, straight to college, straight to the nfl. Positions like Running Back or line, that’s a lot of pounding on the body. Cause you’re not just running, you’re running, and bodies are colliding, and getting hit. That’s a lot of forces running into each other.

    Even with the NBA and how much it can be on the knees, (in which players should take breaks with that too ex. Shaun Livingston’s comeback) there are still less factors of forces slamming into each other like football.

  2. He didn’t look to be in to good of shape, especially to be a running back in the NFL…

  3. I wasn’t aware that QBs throw with their ankles. The media will keep making excuses for their golden boy until there is no other choice but to admit reality, he’s just not as good as they want to believe. Everyone will keep up hope that he will look like the QB that lit up a bunch of bad teams in the last 7 games last season, except they force everyone to forget that how he looks now is the same as the first 9 games and 2 playoff games last year, can’t move the ball and can’t win games while he was healthy. Keep up the hope everyone, the rest of us who know the real Wilson will keep laughing it up. That defense deserves better.

  4. He’s expected to be signed by Friday to a prorated deal….would prob miss the game against Buffalo, but would be ready to return the next game…let’s see what the beast has in him…

  5. If he’s stayed in shape since retiring, he could very well come in and run roughshod over a league full of defenders that have already played 8 games while he’s completely fresh and healthy. . .

  6. Must be running low on money for Skittles. Got his hopes up when he saw Percy unretire. So he dropped by the locker room to see if there was any interest.

  7. jjackwagon says:
    Nov 2, 2016 9:16 AM

    Must be running low on money for Skittles. Got his hopes up when he saw Percy unretire. So he dropped by the locker room to see if there was any interest

    ———————————————————-“low on Money”

    this comment shows how little you know about Lynch.

  8. To the clowns that think Lynch is broke you are speaking on a stereotype not the actual guy who is said to have not spent his 50 million plus he earned while playing and lived off his endorsements.

    He is also a guy that invested his time and money into the Oakland community as as you see in this article showing up to help former teammates in their charity.

    In retirement, he looks to be living the good life with no worries. Seattle sadly needs feature back because Michael is a great change of pace HB, Thomas Rawls could be it but he’s bad luck on the injury front. I liked what I did see from CJ Prosise above everybody dressed right now.

  9. Management would hate it if star players started taking a year off here and there to rest and refresh. It would go a long way to guaranteed contracts if more players did this.

  10. Eats Skittles on sideline while cycling with bum knee. Vomits. Enters game and plays lights out. This is Seattle Seahawks football.

  11. eddiea25 says:
    Nov 2, 2016 6:52 AM



    As “thebirdofprey” stated, it’s pretty well documented that Lynch spent very little of his NFL salary.

    You see, there’s this new thing called the internet which can be used to research topics such as this prior to posting comments which are uninformed and rooted in stereotype.

  12. Not a Seahawks fan, but people are completely wrong when they have a knee jerk and ignorant reaction when they say he’s broke. Lynch is extremely frugal and careful when it comes to spending money. Put aside how looks and his grill, and you’ll see he’s a very smart guy. He had over a 3.3 grade average at UC Berkeley (CAL).

    You won’t see Lynch on ESPN 30 for 30: Broke athletes

  13. wulls1313 says:
    Nov 2, 2016 9:35 AM
    jjackwagon says:
    Nov 2, 2016 9:16 AM

    Must be running low on money for Skittles. Got his hopes up when he saw Percy unretire. So he dropped by the locker room to see if there was any interest

    ———————————————————-“low on Money”

    this comment shows how little you know about Lynch.
    You came to the comments section looking for facts? Dude…You are so in the wrong place. Lighten up Francis.

  14. Core of this was that he went in wearing. “Psychology” the Beast silently roared must radiate into “Team Sociology”. This is about style points (i.e. his old teammate Michael Robinson was shunned by Lynch on “the real rob report”, yet who got first quotes when Beastmode decided to speak). Hawks can squeeze him in with cap manipulation (and they didn’t really chase Joe Thomas, which made more sense … but then the Hawks would have had no room for a roster return for the Beast. More like “Let’s have Lynch in for lunch”, just another guess as this continuing soap as written by the very complex “Monsieur Marshawn”, and directed by same. zoom

  15. When Schneider was asked during the offseason, he specifically stated that no one would wear 24 during the regular season this year. Keyword: regular.

    If I understand the rules correctly, Lynch has until the 21st to report in order to play this year.

  16. Beast Mode is always interesting, and there’s always more to the story than he wants told. He’s his own man who lives his life his own way, and that’s worthy of respect.

  17. He’d look better in a Jets uniform

    No one looks better in a Jets uniform.

  18. I’m a long time Chiefs fan, I believe his coming back (if it happens and if he’s productive on the field) then it could help stabilize the shaky offense but if he goes back to his old ways with the team and press then what does that do to the team chemistry? They say winning fixes all things and to a degree that can be true.

  19. scmems07 says:
    Nov 2, 2016 8:04 AM

    I wasn’t aware that QBs throw with their ankles.


    Don’t watch alot of football do ya? There is a thing called footwork people talk about and the lower body is kinda important for a professional QB.

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