Eagles cut Josh Huff two days after arrest

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An arrest on charges of DUI, carrying a gun without a permit and possession of marijuana has cost Eagles receiver Josh Huff his job.

The Eagles announced today that Huff has been released, two days after he was arrested.

That comes as a bit of a surprise, given that Eagles coach Doug Pederson said after Huff was arrested that he was expecting Huff to play this weekend. But it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as Huff hasn’t played well this season, and bad players who cause problems off the field are never safe in their jobs.

Former Eagles coach Chip Kelly was a big fan of Huff’s as his coach at Oregon and was eager to draft Huff, which the Eagles did in the third round in 2014. That means it wouldn’t be surprising to see the 49ers claim Huff on waivers.

Huff has played in seven games this season with two starts and caught 13 passes for 72 yards and one touchdown.

66 responses to “Eagles cut Josh Huff two days after arrest

  1. Not surprised. Huff’s reward not worth the risk. Plus, he really made some stupid comments yesterday with media that did not help his cause. This won’t hurt the Eagles much. Smallwood can handle returns.

  2. Apparently, that was the team’s answer to Huff’s question “What professional athlete don’t have a gun?”

  3. Another Chip bites the dust. Maybe Agholor can get caught with some crack and mack 10 while we are at it!

  4. Not playing well? Huff is averaging 36 yards per kickoff return – tops in the NFL for anyone with more than 3 returns. He also scored one of the only two kickoff return TDs in the NFL this season. What hurts his case is the other kickoff return TD was also scored by an Eagles player.

  5. Please tell me they’re activating Paul Turner now. That dude deserves a shot.

  6. He’ll be back, but with his lower salary the quality of weed he smokes will probably suffer. That’s the real downer to all of this.

  7. Don’t want to judge without the real facts, but these guys need to learn the consequences and what they’re giving up by running with the wrong crowd.
    Maybe the message will start hitting home with others.

  8. WillIEverSeeACupInMyLife? says:
    Nov 3, 2016 11:46 AM
    Very surprising….GOOD JOB EAGLES!!!


    Yes…..now when are the Bills going to cut that punk McCoy?

  9. The charges are in NJ with some of the toughest Gun laws in the land
    He was gone no matter what
    DUI Gun Pot Hollow Points

  10. Huff has played in seven games this season with two starts and caught 13 passes for 72 yards and one touchdown.
    _ _ _ _ _

    Those are pretty good numbers… For one game.

  11. What a dope huff counts $663000 against eagles cap this yr so subtract 8 weeks that leaves 9 weeks which = 351,000 which is 7 yrs pay for some smuck making 50,000 a year

  12. I think his lack of employment has less to do with the actual incident and more to do with his idiotic comments after the fact. He’s talented enough that the Philly brass probably would have let it ride if he’d only kept his mouth shut .

  13. As a long time user who suffered through the Prohibition…. to all athletes making millions… dudes…. dudettes…. for you poor bastids living where it’s not legal YET… don’t drive with weed in the car, ok? It’s just stupid. And as a big time gun rights advocate, dude, own one as you will but you GOTTA FOLLOW THE RULES!! If you are gonna conceal it, get the required permit. Otherwise check your state laws. In many states, it just needs to be in plain sight. In others it needs to be cased up and out of reach of the driver.

    But don’t do the trifecta of weed, driving high, gun. That’s just baaaaaad.

  14. Josh Huff was cut because he failed to dust off the trophy case that has No Lombardi Trophy.

    The Eagles are the only team in the NFC East that has never won a Super Bowl. The other teams have MULTIPLE SUPER BOWL RINGS.

    Cowboys 5
    Giants 4
    Redskins 3
    Eagles No Super Bowl Rings

  15. Why are so many people asking for Turner? It’s Bryce Treggs. He has the speed. If Turner was really that good someone would have claimed him off our practice squad. All he can do is catch. We need guys that can GET OPEN!

  16. Huff is a jerk and the Eagles — finally — came to their senses and cut the idiot.
    The nitwit not only had a gun, hollow point bullets, and marijuana, he was reportedly driving at speeds in excess of 100 mph.
    Jerruah Jones is probably already on the phone saying, “uh…. listen here Josh…. we, uh… believe in you and want ya’ll to, uh…. play for the Cowboys”.

    Then he’ll release a statement telling everyone what a fine young man Huff is.

  17. bassplucker says:
    Nov 3, 2016 12:03 PM
    “I think his lack of employment has less to do with the actual incident and more to do with his idiotic comments after the fact. He’s talented enough that the Philly brass probably would have let it ride if he’d only kept his mouth shut .”

    It might seem that way, but seriously, NJ’s gun laws are extreme and have mandatory minimum sentences you can’t get out of without a pardon from the governor of the state. He’s probably going away for half a decade or more because of this. It’s a very serious problem.

    Anyone that knows anything about concealed carry and gun law knows that you never ever take a weapon through NJ.

  18. @abninf – you may want to go back and review your high school civics class. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with what private citizens or companies may do. It deals strictly with what the Government may or may not do. Private groups may set up any limitations on their employee’s speech. I don’t know if he lost his job due to what he said, but if so, it had nothing to do with the Second Amendment.

  19. I hope they pick up Rasheed Bailey for the practice squad. He looked really good in the pre season last year, and he is from Philly!

  20. I wonder if Inquirer muckraker Bob Ford is still disappointed that Eagles brass hasn’t come forward with a statement on this matter.

  21. is no one going to bring up the fact that there is another player on the eagles with a current gun charge? and he brought a gun to the airport (of all places), and already had a pending assault case, in which he assaulted a cabana boy–no credit given to philthy for the action taken today. no consistency and they bowed to public pressure.

  22. 12 of the 50 Super Bowls have been one by teams on one Division the NFC East one team in that division has zero Super Bowl wins
    How can that be?

    Does another Division have that many Super Bowl wins?

  23. Not surprising since the Eagles have a history of showing one thing and doing another. Yes it was bone-headed however the only real crime was driving too fast. Being a gun owner with not up-t0-date state permit, driving with pot, these are tack on charges. He wasn’t hurting anyone, just being stupid. Unfortunately, he’ll pay the ultimate price and maybe others will learn.

  24. Contrary to untrue stories by hysterical ones like abninf, New Jersey has not banned people from getting guns, nor have they trampled on anyone’s constitutional rights.

  25. I though I heard coach Doug say yesterday he is more into helping people than punishing people ! iggles lick

  26. He said he doesn’t bring the stuff with him to practice but based on the time of arrest, where he was heading and when he left the facility that day, it wouldn’t seem the timeline would match up with having time to go somewhere to get the gun/weed and not having them in his car at the facility. Eagles caught him in a lie and cut him for it in my opinion, plus, ya know, he’s kind of awful as a receiver

  27. bathroombenlovemachine get a life a new line. I have been reading your and logicalvoices same crap week after week year after year. Apparently you have nothing more in that small mind of yours.

    Glad Huff got sent packing.. Now on with Trash-Alor…

  28. As a staunch 2nd amendment supporter, driving stoned with a gun and hollow points deserves jail time. I’m all for protection, self defense and SAFETY…it’s your personal right, but it’s also your personal responsibility to stay within the confines of the law.

  29. The iggles do wrong everyday with their high prices it’s just presented differently

  30. Huff is horrible. He has cost the Eagles at least 4 games in 2 1/2 years because stupid bonehead plays. He never takes responsibility for his self either. I called him the new Ricky Waters without the talent because he basically said for who for what his rookie year. Good riddens the Eagles just got better.

  31. Bravo to the Philthydelphia football team for having some integrity. Perhaps when your sorry butts can call the Washington Redskins by their correct name, you can rejoin humanity.

    Cutting someone you wouldn’t miss isn’t much of a step. But it is a step on a bug which always has a nice crunch to it.

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