Jets added C.J. Spiller for “a little more versatility” in No. 3 running back

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From the moment running back C.J. Spiller became a free agent in 2015, it seemed that he’d eventually reunite with the head coach from Buffalo who got more out of him than anyone else has. But the Jets and offensive coordinator Chad Gailey had not yet made a move to add Spiller to the roster — until earlier this week.

“Obviously, he’s played in the offense,” Jets coach Todd Bowles told reporters on Wednesday. “He knows some things. He can catch the ball. He can run the ball. [He’s a] third option. He can return kicks if need be. He gives a little more variety.”

As to whether Spiller’s arrival has any connections to injuries to Matt Forte and Bilal Powell, Bowles shot down any connection.

“No, we just wanted a little more versatility with the third back,” Bowles said.

Bowles said that Spiller won’t become the kick returner, but that he’s available to do it, if need be.

It’s “too early to tell” whether Spiller will be active on Sunday, Bowles said.

After being cut by the Saints, Spiller spent a brief amount of time with the Seahawks. Now with the Jets, he’ll try to earn some playing time from the No. 3 spot on the depth chart. Along the way, he’ll need to show enough in practice to persuade the Jets to keep him around.

9 responses to “Jets added C.J. Spiller for “a little more versatility” in No. 3 running back

  1. It’s too bad C.J. hadn’t been a bit more eager to run between the tackles throughout his career. He may have been more successful.

  2. Can he cover the running back out of the back field? Can he stop the long ball? How about help from the safety position? No, well the Jets struggles will continue….

  3. The greatest that never was…. All I ever heard was how this guy was so good… when???

  4. “NOW they’ll make the playoffs! The final piece!!!”

    Ha. Ha. You are funny. Please do it again.

  5. Chad Gailey – classic. I seriously expect nothing less from PFT whenever I read an article.

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