Tony Romo practices, Dez Bryant says he was “throwing missiles”

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Tony Romo won’t be back at quarterback for the Cowboys on Sunday in Cleveland, but he was back on the practice field today, getting his first snaps in team work since suffering a back injury in the preseason.

For now, Romo is just running the scout team while Dak Prescott continues to get the first-team work, but Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant says Romo is looking great, in good shape and showing off a strong throwing arm.

“I think he’s been losing some weight and I think I saw some abs on him,” Bryant told NFL Network. “Romo’s been throwing some missiles out there.”

It remains to be seen when Romo is healthy enough to be active on a Sunday — and whether he’ll be the starter or Prescott’s backup when he does suit up for a game. But it’s at least an encouraging sign that Romo is looking good on the practice field.

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  1. ok diz. since when does any body care about anything diz has to say? about football i mean…if you want to be a bad teammate or an over rated wide receiver than he would be the first person i ask.

  2. Last time Tony got into great shape and got focused, he had his best/most efficient season (2014)–good to see he has that drive back and is getting healthier, although I wouldn’t alter anything as of yet and allow Romo to keep getting scout reps and Dak to start.

  3. Sorry folks, this IS Tony’s team 🙂 Dak is doing great holding down the fort, but NOTHING Tony could not do behind that line and with the team currently assembled!! Sure are a lot of thumbs down on your posts 🙂

  4. As an Eagles fan absolutely nothing Dak did impressed me. Romo, health aside is a baller.. Dak is not. Dak has the luxury of a team making plays for him and carrying him on their shoulders. Dak got to face a very banged up and depleted Philly D and couldn’t do anything until the end when we had only one healthy corner on the field and he is a 7th round rookie. I’m not a Cowboy hater, I will give props. Dez is a beast, Zeke is a beast, Oline is good but was manhandled Sunday night.. Dak is a 4th round pick and looks like one. He very well could have had 3 picks verses our practice squad secondary. He was saved twice by your receivers diving on our backs and flailing. So yeah he balled against one CB but he is trash and you’d be dumb to let Romo walk.. but the NFC east hopes you do and we are all on board with you starting Dak

  5. Bring back Romo so I can stop hearing about how great this 17th ranked passer is who averages 230yrs a game and a one Td is. Seriously, Tim Tebow and Jim Mora era Mike Vick were so much better.

  6. If/when Romo starts for the Cowboys again, it will be because Jerruh couldn’t help himself from messing with the great chemistry on the team that currently exists. And then that chemistry will begin to unravel and the team will begin to lose. And if by some miracle Dallas made the playoffs under Romo’s leadership, Romo will choke again when it’s all on the line. That’s all he’s ever done, and it’s all he will ever do. Dak Prescott is both the present and future of the Cowboys, and everyone with a functioning brain cell knows it–which is why Jerruh will almost certainly screw this up.

  7. Romo needs to hang it up before something serious happens. Dude is brittle.
    What is the over/under on how many games before he gets injured again? I say 1.5

  8. The receivers are going to favor a throwing quarterback over a guy who turns 8 – 10 pass plays into running plays. Receivers make their money by getting grabs. Dak is near the bottom of the league in pass attempts and touchdowns. Not good if your name is Dez Bryant.

  9. Mr Bryant knows the quarterback easier to manipulate untimely, forced throws from and his name doesn’t start with a P. Time for Cowboys to get a first and a third rounder (or something alike) for a receiver not even in the top 5 at his position anymore and, by his own account, misses team meetings. Giants fan speaking here but being honest. With the current style in which they play, Dallas is becoming a hard team not to pull for.

  10. Maybe Romo should petition Goodell to allow him to wear the red jersey in games. That is the only way he makes it through a 16 game season with out injury.

  11. Dak Prescott has a passer rating of close to 100. He has an incredible 80+ QBR. He is in total command of the offense at the line of scrimmage, doing things I’ve never seen a rookie do before – let alone a 4th rounder. He has the authority to audible, check out of plays, make adjustments at the line, etc. The entire offense has been opened up to him.

    Yes, rookie QBs have taken the league by storm before only to fall off. But none of them actually ran the offense themselves. RGIII used half-field reads and play-action. Vince Young could only really work out of the shotgun, and again, half field reads. Such QBs were extremely limited. Guys like Rick Mirer and Kaepernick also come to mind.

    Prescott, however, is totally different. The Cowboys have made no compromises for him. He’s so poised. The fact that he gets the ball to so many receivers means he’s seeing the entire field. He can go through multiple progressions and knows when to check it down. Running is a last resort.

    Believe me, he’s going to be something very special.

  12. brendafortheboyz said:

    “…but NOTHING Tony could not do behind that line and with the team currently assembled!!”

    There are only two things Romo can’t do behind that line: take a hit, and avoid one.

  13. Shouldn’t every QB at every level throw missiles in practice, not being hit and likely without pads?

    I would throw missiles at practice.

  14. Prescott wasn’t that great Sunday night, and needed to run to get out of a lot of things and he threw the game-killing INT in the 4th quarter, only to have it dropped. How quickly we forget Cowboys “fans” were calling for Romo to start next week during the 3rd quarter of that game.

  15. Throwing missiles to the defensive backs…..

    Seriously, Romo is 2-4 in the postseason…..why would Cowboys fans want this guy back?

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