Cody Kessler will start for Browns

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The Browns held off on making a public declaration of their plans at quarterback against the Cowboys this week, but they announced their call on Friday.

Rookie Cody Kessler will be back in the starting lineup after missing last Sunday’s loss to the Jets while recovering from a concussion. Josh McCown got the start in his first appearance since breaking his collarbone and opening the spot for Kessler in the first place, and went 25-of-49 for 341 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Kessler made five starts before getting hurt against the Bengals in Week Seven. The Browns lost all five of those games, including a 33-13 loss to the Patriots that saw Kessler leave early with rib and chest injuries.

Kessler has done some things well when he wasn’t injured. He heads into this Sunday having completed nearly 67 percent of his passes and averaging over seven yards per attempt, which are things the Browns can try to build on over the second half of the season as they decide what future Kessler might have with the organization. At 37, McCown doesn’t have one which likely made the decision easier for Hue Jackson and company.

25 responses to “Cody Kessler will start for Browns

  1. Good, be could be an up and coming star for the Browns. Get him his reps and ignore the win loss record at the end of the season. He’s definitely got something when I watch him play

  2. For the love of God could Cleveland just find a decent quarterback to go forward with

    It is beyond obnoxious that it is the same story every year for them

  3. Browns are 48 million under the cap and have zero depth for their few good players.

    Haslam is a con man who stole millions of dollars from his PilotFlyingJ customers and no doubt used some of that money to buy the team.

    He is now conning Cleveland fans of every penny they spend on the team knowing full well he has zero intention of ever fielding a competitive team.

    He bought the team solely as a business investment and cares nothing about winning, only keeping the money machine going with a little bit of lip service to the fans.

    I feel sorry for the Cleveland fans they are stuck with this awful ownership.

  4. Nice to have McCown, who has played well (all things considered) for the Browns, know that Kessler has a shot to be part of the Browns future and steps out of his way to back him up and mentor him. I’ve never heard him complain about playing time. Classy guy.

  5. Probably a smart move. Kessler hasn’t been too bad this season considering their other issues.

    Get him more experience and see what he has. That is how Prescott got his shot and that has turned out quite well so far.

  6. Missing Mo and Church…. If we don’t get a pass rush going on that awful OLine, we’re in trouble.

    Kessler has been pretty good

    Our offense should be able to keep Kessler off the field though. Gonna be closer than expected

  7. harrisonhits2 says:
    Nov 4, 2016 12:32 PM
    He is now conning Cleveland fans of every penny they spend on the team knowing full well he has zero intention of ever fielding a competitive team.

    This is one time only a fool would want them to be competitive. Unless SF wins another game the Browns can’t afford to win one. Weren’t you paying attention when Indy did this twice?

  8. boss81hogg says:
    Nov 4, 2016 2:26 PM
    Browns are going to beat the Cowboys. I’m calling it

    You won’t come back to own that take when it turns out to be false. I’m calling that.

  9. Give Kessler a few weeks with Pryor, Coleman, Barnidge, Hawkins and Duke out of the backfield, and I guarantee you’ll see a totally different offence. Lots of potential there.

  10. Cleveland can absolutely compete in this game. I’m a die hard Cowboy fan who sees through the whole Prescott charade. Love the kid and he is the future but right now he can’t hold a healthy Romo’s jock. He regresses a little bit more every week and with the Cowboy’s secondary cut in half with injuries it’s got to be elliott and a cloud of dust. ” Dawg Fight” coming up !

  11. If the Browns think they have something in Kessler, they may actually have something going here. they have a TON of guesses (draft picks) in the upcoming draft, and somebody will want that #1 if they think one of those QB’s are special. Hopefully they just keep playing hard and see what this kid has.

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