Percy Harvin: Everything is running right in return to football

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Thursday marked the first day of practice for the Bills ahead of their Monday night game in Seattle and it marked the return of wide receiver Percy Harvin to the football field for the first time in more than a year.

Coach Rex Ryan said that Harvin didn’t do a tremendous amount in his first practice since returning to the team, but the wideout said it was a good first step back after a long layoff.

“Coach came to me a couple times — my feet were moving faster than my body wanted to move,” Harvin said, via the Buffalo News. “So it was just great to get back out there and catch some balls, smell that turf, smell that locker room again, those are some things you miss. … All the guys accepted me with warm welcome. Definitely got some rust, as expected. But it felt good. All my body parts checked out. So everything is running right. Just gotta continue to get repetitions and I should be fine.”

Ryan added that it “would be great” if Harvin is ready to play on Monday night, although neither he nor Harvin was committing to anything beyond continuing to chip away at the rust in practice the next two days.

17 responses to “Percy Harvin: Everything is running right in return to football

  1. I get why Harvin wants to play again, he’s probably broke, but why would Rex want to deal with him? He’ll be gone again by Christmas.

  2. As a Bills fan I will say its going to take more than Percy Harvin to push the Bills over the Hawks Monday night especially when our 100 million dollar fat D tackle only likes to play a few games a year….

  3. Its all great until defensive players start hitting him. Then it won’t last very long.

  4. Harvin is back for a payday. He probably blew all the money he made already.
    Rex Ryan, the most over-rated HC in the NFL this side of Jeff Fisher and Marvin Lewis, is desperate now that he’s had to “kiss Tom Brady’s ring” yet again.
    Ryan and Harvin will both be out of work again very soon. You can bank on it.

  5. That extra day before the game is too much time. I suspect he’ll get in an argument with someone on the team, get all pouty, then come up with a phantom injury that will either keep him from playing altogether or make him pull himself out after 2-3 plays.

  6. Migraines are serious IF one truly has them – but ask any Dr. and they will tell you it’s similar to whiplash patients :
    Hard enough to prove but much harder to dispel, and I’m not saying Percy doesn’t suffer from them – but it’d be easy to skate through a contract if his head & heart really isn’t in the game. When he’s 100% he’s a great WR while ON the field – uh…not so much in the locker room though!

  7. Great news for Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop and Ganja Goodness down by the CLink. Percy getting paid this week and he can square up what he owes and do some shopping Monday afternoon.:)

  8. May as well bring Harvin back. They are short on receivers and he’s as good as anybody they have.

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