NFL fines Josh Norman $25,000 for criticizing officiating

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After Washington cornerback Josh Norman said of field judge Brad Freeman, “You suck,” PFT sought confirmation as to the NFL’s procedure of fining players only if they question the integrity of an official.

“That’s the approach,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said via email. “I can’t recall the last time a player was fined.”

He can now reset his mental clock to zero; the NFL has fined Norman $25,000 for his comments about Freeman, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

“Who is official 88? I’ve gotta know,” Norman said after the 27-27 tie between Washington and Cincinnati at Wembley Stadium. “You suck. I’m just putting it out there. We play a physical game, they know that. We come here international game, it all goes out the window. . . . He needs to be reprimanded.”

Per the source, Norman is appealing the fine.

Although the NFL routinely discloses on request information regarding fines imposed for on-field misconduct, the NFL does not provide on-the-record information regarding fines arising from post-game behavior.

22 responses to “NFL fines Josh Norman $25,000 for criticizing officiating

  1. You know how I am going to fine the NFL for ruining my favorite sport.

    I won’t watch any NFL games this weekend.


    Millions will be doing the same.

  2. Lots of players and coaches have criticized the officials this week. Have they all been fined or has Norman been singled out?

    I suspect that Goodell has been inconsistent and playing favorites again.

    The solution is to fire this clown and restore integrity back to the NFL!

  3. ricko1112 says:
    Nov 5, 2016 8:29 PM
    Lots of players and coaches have criticized the officials this week. Have they all been fined or has Norman been singled out?

    Calling out the official by number may have pushed it over the top. Although now I am wondering if fines for coaches actually gets reported

  4. I’m sorry to the .0000028% of Americans employed as sports officials, but everyone else’s job has been affected by cameras, computers, and machines for the last 40 years.

    The “human element” of sport should be the competitors.

  5. Yet Cam Newton gets a meeting with the Commissioner. The most inconsistent league on the planet.

  6. It will turn out to be far more expensive than the 25k when we now witness the glut of calls that go against him after he broke a serious cardinal sin of calling out a ref personally.

  7. Rog Goodell can discipline anyone in the league at anytime for any reason. The reason doesn’t have to be legitimate or fair. It can even be completely fabricated. Its intolerable to see this kind of behavior from an American institution like the NFL, especially when it constantly preaches “integrity.” The league office no longer even bothers to keep up the pretense of fairness or impartiality. We’ve all come to expect the league to be grasping, arbitrary and disingenuous, which is exactly what it has become. I kinda hate it now.

  8. donttrollonme says:
    Nov 5, 2016 8:19 PM
    You know how I am going to fine the NFL for ruining my favorite sport.

    I won’t watch any NFL games this weekend.


    Millions will be doing the same.


    I say you are a Liar…. wont get any pity party from me…or millions of others….

  9. Is this not the textbook definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face?

    I’m a Giants fan, and yes Norman is a primadonna- but he was complaining about the lack of consistency of the official in that game, not necessarily his own play.

    EVERY TEAM (except maybe the Patriots, 11/12 inflated footballs? lmao) has had a player or coach call out the officiating recently, and it is obvious there is a problem that is only getting bigger.

    If the NFL is going to put out three prime-time games weekly, the piss-poor refereeing is going to certainly be under more scrutiny. So far the viewers agree anyway.

  10. Tell the truth, get a $25000 fine. Be a serial liar, make 44 million…Restore Integrity, fire Goodell.

  11. This is interesting, ref’s aren’t perfect everyone knows, but are people happy with where this is going. Players who get up and trash them, even if they got it right like they did with Norman. now tell me, how are things really going to get better, if players were held to a standard where mistakes can’t be made the next time a guy drops a TD pass right in his hands I want someone to get on TV and say his number and tell him he sucks! So will players in post game interviews chewing out ref’s (because they lost most likely) start happening every week that will make the game better. My thought is right now on some of this goes back to the saying, the inmates are running the asyulm. Which is a metaphor really do you really think players are the best people to run the league. I for one make me less interested in watching when i have to hear millionaires bitch and moan every single week about how they were wronged

  12. Raj can’t catch a break. Just finished wading through the garble of Nearly Normal Newton and has to go through it again with Nearly Normal Norman. They don’t pay him enough.

  13. If anyone watched the game and Norman’s full interview, then you would understand the background. He wasn’t complaining about the calls on him, but rather the inconsistency of calls across the entire game – like the obvious face mask on Crowder running into the end zone that wasn’t called (watch the replay, almost ripped his head off).

    Or the call on Pierre Garçon for offensive PI in overtime … barely touched the defender. But they called 4 hands to the face on Norman for grazing the helmet of AJ Green.

    Washington had 16 penalities and the dirties team in football had 7. And #36 for Cincinnati is a head hunter looking to hurt people. Helmet to helmet hit on DJax that wasn’t called.

  14. Wake up NFL you are losing your power. You say you care about fans that have complained by the actions of refs for the last few year and ignored them, now the players are yelling louder and louder, sooner or later that will count.

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