Russell Wilson: There’s “no chance” he was sitting out due to injury

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been playing all year due to a sprained ankle and, thereafter, a sprained knee. And he clearly hasn’t been the same guy because of it.

So how bad was it? Bad enough that the team considered sitting him out — but not bad enough to force him off the field.

“[T]hey tried to talk to me about the idea of not playing,” Wilson said, via Sheil Kapadia of “There was no chance. I was playing. There was no chance I wasn’t playing. That was kind of my thought process.”

As coach Pete Carroll explained it, the team believed that if he was taken out at all, he’d have to be out until he completely healed.

“Had we sat him down,” Carroll said, “we would have had to sit him down for about five weeks for him to recover from everything, had we said, ‘Let’s wait for him to feel good.’ We’re at that point right now. Five or six weeks or whatever that is.”

But giving the guy a week or two off to heal early in the season doesn’t mean he couldn’t have come back before he was 100 percent. No matter what Wilson or Carroll would say about the player’s current health, Wilson hasn’t looked like his usual self — presumably due to the lack of mobility arising from his multiple injuries. Even now, it would make sense to give him a game or two off in the hopes that he’ll be the guy he was last year (and previously) for the stretch run and the postseason.

As it stands, whatever gains he makes during the week are undermined by playing a full game of football. So whether it’s two steps forward and one step back or some other more complex formula, Wilson has yet to fully recover, probably because he has kept playing.

The problem is that the only alternative to Wilson is undrafted rookie Trevone Boykin. With no veteran quarterback other than Wilson on the roster, an impaired franchise quarterback is better than a healthy but far less accomplished and talented player.

So why not bring in Mike Vick for a couple of weeks and let Wilson focus fully on getting healthy? The reasons for not doing it don’t matter; the Seahawks have no plans to sit Wilson, and he has no plans to comply.

Barring new injuries or significant aggravation to his current ones.

22 responses to “Russell Wilson: There’s “no chance” he was sitting out due to injury

  1. Sounds like the perfect recipe for getting stuck with a fill-in QB down the line when you need Wilson more than ever.

  2. How does that work….you can play….or sit 5 weeks. I guess I would choose to play as well. Even though he has been borderline bad….atleast he’s not in jeopardy of being Tony Romo’d if Boykin went on a hot streak.

  3. I don’t get this at all

    Sometimes you have to protect the player from themselves.

    This seems like the situation. He could have sat vs Jets and then had a bye week to recover.

    The Seahawks OL is not good. The more he plays the more he gets hit–and he isn’t 100% so he can’t avoid the hits he normally could.

    Sorry, but the head coach and the team doctor should be able to convince their hyper competitive QB if its in his best interest. Or if it is not safe for him to play.

    And yeah, they need a real backup and not an undrafted rookie.

    But the Backup qb situation really shouldn’t affect the decision for him to play medically speaking.

    “Sorry Russell, normally you wouldn’t play if we had flynn or an experienced backup like Tarvaris Jackson. But since we opted to go with gotta suit up. Ok, stop crying. No, do NOT call your wife..”

  4. He’s a fighter. Both ankle braces are off and the knee brace is half the size of the one he wore two weeks ago. Dude has guts, and his teammates know it. DangerRuss is coming back soon.

  5. The coaching staff can also protect him by calling quicker pass plays, these long seven step drop pass plays are what’s killing him because the O-line is so bad

  6. Wilson wasn’t even sacked last week. They are throwing quick. Nothing but 3 yard catch and runs. He either throws it quick or away and trots off the field 3 and out.

  7. Defrintion of a warrior? Dude. He is going to get his pancreas ripped out Monday night. Russel Wilson and Pete Carroll are the two biggest story tellers on the planet dude

  8. A fragile blowhard, who is already making excuses for his next failure. It’s very fitting that a Seahawk can’t run when he needs to.

  9. The coaching staff can also protect him by calling quicker pass plays, these long seven step drop pass plays are what’s killing him because the O-line is so bad
    he can’t see over them…. so he has to drop back a bit to hopefully see around them.

  10. mongo3401 says:
    Nov 5, 2016 10:19 PM
    One would think Buffalo is going to throw all they have at him Monday night.

    As Brady just showed…..”all they have” wasn’t much…..

  11. Stupid macho response from Wilson. Sitting for a few weeks would likely have gotten him healed up, or much closer. Would they rather have a 70% Wilson for 16 weeks, or a 95% Wilson for 11-12 weeks after he healed up? 70% Wilson is nothing special, and certainly won’t advance them through the playoffs (if they get there).

  12. nhpats
    While I am not a NE fan TB is most certainly the best of all time. So, comparing Wilson to Brady is like comparing a Hyundai to a Bentley

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