Report: Packers expected to sign Joique Bell on Monday

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The Packers cut running back Knile Davis this week and got James Starks back at practice, but it looks like there will be further changes coming to their backfield corps.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Packers are expected to sign former Lions and Bears running back Joique Bell on Monday.

Bell played four games for the Bears this season, running three times for six yards. He was a member of the Lions for the four previous seasons and set a career high by running for 860 yards during the 2014 season.

The Packers rank 19th in the league in rushing yards per game and have had a revolving door in the backfield this season. Injuries to Starks and Eddie Lacy have led the team to trade for Davis, elevate Don Jackson from the practice squad and use wide receivers Ty Montgomery and Randall Cobb out of the backfield at points.

19 responses to “Report: Packers expected to sign Joique Bell on Monday

  1. There are 13 teams that should be very embarrassed to have less rushing yards per game than a team that has no running backs.

  2. I always been a big fan of Joique Bell.
    Never a great RB, he is a smart player with good instincts.

    If this report is true, Mike McCarthy will find ways to make good use out of him.
    With Starks close to being 100% and Lacy working his way back, Bell should be a nice stop gap option for them.

  3. Nothing too crazy here..Might be able to deliver some blows in between the tackles once the weather turns and we can’t throw it 50 times a game.

  4. Ya that will work. the guy is a fumbler. He will break your heart. Hey Ted, next year cut all your backs and just go with 10 receivers, you moron.
    He had a couple of decent prospects that he cut, went to two running backs and one Full back, a position most teams dont even have anymore.

  5. You need a healthy running back but I don’t see Bell getting used that much. This team will be throwing the ball 40 – 45 times a game until Lacy comes back, if he comes back.
    You need to mix a run in there occasionally to keep the safeties on their toes and off the TE and Slot receiver.
    Look for some Jet Sweeps too.

  6. added depth is always a good thing. bell has been a decent back. starks will be back, and ty can also fill in. i am guessing lacy is still a long way out.

    passing game is starting to pick up so the arrow is pointing up right now. i like it.


  7. Another future looser going to the packers. You can’t run if there are two or three defenders waiting for you. A offense that is predictable, linemen that cant maintain their blocks are just a few of reasons the running game doesn’t work. Also a game plan that features Run on first down, Run on second down, throw for one yard less than you need to get a first down doesn’t fool anyone.

  8. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Don Jackson actually has to offer. He’s getting what, 4 carries a game, mostly those stupid draw plays that Mike loves so much and that rarely fool anyone? How is he, or any RB for that matter, supposed to build up a rhythm that way?

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