Statement from Alexa Stabler-Adams and Marissa Stabler

[Editor’s note: The following statement was released by Alexa Stabler-Adams and Marissa Stabler, two of the three daughters of the late Hall of Fame quarterback Ken Stabler, in response to criticism of the Hall of Fame for not giving a gold jacket or Hall of Fame ring to the family.]

Our dad was an extremely private and humble person and we’ve always done our best to respect and honor this in both his life and in his death. We are in no way speaking on behalf of other families who have also had a loved one inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously. We are just trying to represent our father in the way he would want us to.

Dad led by example on the field and off the field. As a father, he taught us to be gracious, kind, and to never take anything for granted. He’d always say, “just keep your head down and keep working hard.”

We know the Hall of Fame ring and the jacket are two symbolic pieces of accomplishment. However, we also know Dad wouldn’t want us making a commotion over materialistic things. When he was alive he didn’t even want us to make a case for him being in the Hall of Fame, not publicly or even privately.

We so love and appreciate the passion of Dad’s loyal supporters who have fought tirelessly to get him into the Hall of Fame (there’s no nation like Raider Nation!). And we understand why they feel it is an injustice that he not be given all of the same things as a living Hall of Famer. But we also respect the Hall of Fame’s reasoning behind not awarding a ring and jacket to our father posthumously, as we know Dad would want to prevent any possible conflict among his family on who these should go to.

In September, the Hall presented his three daughters with a framed Hall of Fame crest that adorns the gold jacket. These are more than enough in our eyes and we will treasure them forever.

But what matters — what truly matters — is that Dad is finally in the Hall of Fame where he belongs and where he will continue to make memories for so many for years and years to come.

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  1. I live in Mobile, Alabama about 40 miles from Foley which is where “the Snake” is from. Our local news has covered his death and election to the HOF. His daughters and his companion, have appeared on our local news several times to speak on their Dad’s behalf. I have never been a Stabler fan (a Steeler fan) but he always played this game with everything he had. He reminds me of Pete Rose in baseball, not naturally gifted as an athlete, but he gave it his all on the field.

    While I don’t know his daughters, the have exhibited grace over his Dad’s life, death and HOF induction. On another board here on PFT, some jerks said that they wanted this stuff to sell on Ebay. What a bunch of idiots!! These girls are ALL very successful in their own behalf and are the epitome of grace. They are together and share a great love for their Dad. I think this really shines through in this statement. They are satisfied with what the HOF presented to them, which should make it even more imperative for the HOF to do right and give them what their Dad would have gotten if he had been elected while still alive. If nothing else, he would have loved it if they would donate it to his alma mater, Foley High School where he played. He gave a lot of money to their football program over the years and I know that he loved his Foley Lions. What a great thing that would be for them!!

  2. I agree with Marmac2768. Make arrangements to have the Hall of Fame symbols donated to a permanent trophy case in a public place determined by Stabler’s daughters. Roger Goodell has mishandled so many issues as commissioner, this would be an opportunity to try and make the league appear a little less hard line.

  3. Generous and gracious. I hope my children will honor my memory the way these women have honored their father’s. Kenny is smiling down on them.

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