Adam Gase: I’m never going to go away from Jay Ajayi

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Jay Ajayi didn’t make history against the Jets on Sunday.

Ajayi’s streak of 200-yard rushing games ended at two, but it’s clear that his place at the center of the Dolphins offense will continue indefinitely. The Dolphins stuck with Ajayi after a first half that saw him run for a 20-yard touchdown and for six yards on his other nine carries, which was a choice that paid off handsomely.

Ajayi ran 14 times for 85 yards in the second half, including runs of nine, 16 and 20 yards on the Dolphins’ final drive to run out the clock. Everyone knew what was coming and the Jets came into Sunday with the league’s stingiest run defense, but Ajayi got the job done. That makes him much more essential to coach Adam Gase now than he was when Ajayi was left home for the team’s opening game.

“He knows exactly how I want to call the game,” Gase said, via the Palm Beach Post. “I’m never going to go away from him.”

The mixture of a healthy offensive line and Ajayi as the workhorse in the backfield has paved the way for three straight wins that have breathed new life into the Dolphins season. If the ride continues in San Diego and Los Angeles the next two weeks, the Dolphins may be able to make a playoff run that seemed unthinkable after a 30-17 home loss to the Titans in Week Five.

16 responses to “Adam Gase: I’m never going to go away from Jay Ajayi

  1. Interesting turn around. Now the Fins are winning in games they normally get squished. What does this all mean. Well hope at this stage that’s all. Just make it interesting through to Christmas and not implode. Gase could have something going here so the future could be bright. Just want a team that competes. We might have the Cook now it’s about the ingredients Mr Tannenbaum.

  2. The Dolphins finished the game. Ajayi ran it down their throats in the last drive, and Tannehill took a knee to end it. That is the difference between previous Fins teams and Gase’s Fins team.

    Other than that, there aren’t any of the usual comments from the peanut gallery about the Dolphins being bad.

  3. The way Gase is using his entire roster where they specifically excel at, is impressive. He isn’t forcing his roster to change into his image of what he wants. He’s taking his roster and maximizing all of their talents to try to achieve it.

    Of course he is creating a culture all his own their in Miami and there will be no mistaking it when it’s all said and done.

    He is a very intelligent and crafty leader. His accountability, honesty and choice of staff will all continue to benefit this franchise.

    I’m also cautiously optimistic, but have a better feeling about this coach than anyone since Shula retired. (was never a huge JJ fan)

    One week at a time, that’s how I’m going through this season. I used to look ahead and figure who we’d beat and who we’d probably lose to. Now, it’s just on to the next opponent.

  4. This is the most physical Dolphins team I’ve seen in a long time. The Jets were the #1 rush defense in the NFL and the Dolphins were still successful at running the ball. It’s refreshing to see.

    Let’s not forget Ajayi was a big time running back in college. He fell to the 5th round because teams were scared of his knee holding up long term. Dolphins look like they got a steal.

  5. As a life long Dolphins fan, my skepticism is fading. This is very scary for me. I guess I’ll wait to see how the rest of the season goes before I start making Ricky Williams comparisons, but the running style is insane. He always breaks the first tackle, then he high steps for 4-60 more yards before falling forwards for extra yards.

  6. If you beat the teams you “should” beat i.e. Browns, Jets, and split the games you “should” lose i.e. NE , Steelers, Bills then you end up in the playoffs. Anything can happen in the playoffs considering injuries and weather. Just ask the Giants and Steelers. Super Bowl winners multiple times by just squeaking in and having a good run game and tough front four on defense. We are a long way off but let’s see what happens against the Chargers and Rams – teams we “should” beat.

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