At New Hampshire rally, Trump reads letter supposedly from Belichick

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The coach who typically says as little as possible unless asked a specific football question that tickles his fancy supposedly has chimed in on one of the most heated presidential races in recent history.

At a New Hampshire rally on Monday night, Donald Trump read a letter that he claims was received from Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

“Congratulations on a tremendous campaign,” Trump said, as he read the letter, via “You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative media, and have come out beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully tomorrow’s election results will give the opportunity to make America great again.”

A Patriots spokesman was unable to reach Belichick for confirmation as to the authenticity of the letter. It’s also possible that Belichick didn’t intend the letter to be shared publicly.

76 responses to “At New Hampshire rally, Trump reads letter supposedly from Belichick

  1. I’ll only believe it was actually from Belichick if it read, “we’re on to the White House”.

  2. That “letter” would show more emotion than the Hoodie has shown in all his years coaching. Combined. No way it’s real. Trump just looks desperate

  3. Belichick is right about the media, when is the last time they spent weeks reporting on anything negative regarding her royal highness? Does she walk on water?

  4. I guess we know who Florio is for…”supposedly”…yeah like there is no way that Belicheck would endorse Trump, someone who he and his wife are friends with.

  5. Here’s the reality. We have a Presidential candidate stumping at the 11th hour by touting a supposedly real letter from a football coach. I’ll bet it’s from some Trump supporter with the same name – but of course Trump doesn’t state it’s the New England coach. #sad…..

  6. I guess Bellyache got tired of watching Shrill pander to a bunch of minorities who would strip her limo to the bone if she left it parked in their neighborhood for more than 30 seconds unattended.

  7. Trump has accomplished his goal. His name is plastered across front lawns all over America. Just keep feeding that massive ego, you dummies.

  8. I dunno, seems doubtful a guy as strict as BB would wade in to politics in the middle of the season. I don;t think anyone is changing their mind tonight either way though.

  9. I am a pats fan and a Trump supporter,will vote for him tomorrow, but this bothers me ….tb12 and BB when it comes to interviews don’t really say anything and I’m fine with that. … when it comes to the election something tells me neither one of them wanted this out there (whether it’s true or not)’

  10. A small excerpt of the letter from Belichick to Donald Trump:

    “I have admired you for years and have a complete collection of your press notices. Actually, I think of them as unfair reviews, as unfair as mine. They do like to sling demeaning nicknames, don’t they? ‘Spygate, Deflategate’ What could be more inappropriate? It would shame me for you to read that, if I didn’t know you had suffered the same distortions in the press.”

  11. Didn’t Trump lie about receiving a letter from the NFL earlier this summer? I think I’ll wait for confirmation. This man lies as easily as most people breath.

  12. Have to agree, dude has taken a beating and kept pushing forward. Most would have curled up in their safe space. Spends 1/4 his competitor and it’s going down to the wire. Impressive run.

  13. OMG, too funny! That is most clearly a fake letter. It sounds Exactly like countless Trump speeches. “Tremendous” “remarkable” this is stuff Trump says over and over again all the time. There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump wrote that letter. It will be confirmed soon enough I bet.
    No modern presidential candidate has ever lied as much as Donald Trump. A neutral political fact checking website went through hundreds and hundreds of Trump and Clinton’s statements and found that only 14% of the time does Trump say a true statement.

    He has been to court OVER 3500 TIMES! Has been sued over 1700 times! He has over 70 new court cases just in the time he started running for President. All very easily verifiable facts, with black and white proof that they’re true. He’s been sued by NY State government for racial discrimination in his apartment complexes multiple times. He’s in court right now on legitimate RICO charges for Trump University. This guy has literally made a living ripping off working class people for decades. It’s been one scam after another aft another, and again these are all easily verifiable FACTS, with black and white proof that they are true. It’s not up for debate.

    How can you believe that suddenly this guy is now looking out for the people he’s spent his life screwing over and ripping off? He is literally the least charitable Billionaire on the planet (look it up!). It’s not even the first time he’s run for president. (It used to be a big joke, I mess those days). He clearly didn’t have the people’s best interests at heart the last times he ran for president, because he continued to screw over working class people afterwards. So again, why would this time be any different? He isn’t even going to get rid of any of his businesses even if elected! That is unprecedented conflict of interests! He has done what’s best for him and only him his entire life, you don’t think he will continue to do that if elected president?

    I get that people want a change. I do too. But man, you guys couldn’t be more wrong about putting your faith in this guy. There is so, so much undeniable black and white evidence staring you in the face, proving without a shadow of a doubt that Trump only cares about Trump. How can anyone possibly ignore it?

    The last thing I’ll say is, Do You Relly think this guy has the temperament to be president of the United States? No way. He can’t even take criticism by some random person on Twitter. Just think about how he’d deal with other countries leaders. We would literally be in some new feud with another country every other week! We’d end up cut off from half the world. He’d put trade boycotts and tariffs on any country that didn’t do exactly what he says or wants. Or even if they just disagreed with him.

    Please, listen to the countless scientists that have come forward and said what a disaster he would be for the environment and global warming. Please listen to the countless Scholars, World leaders, ex White House officials and others who have come out and warned against Trump. There’s is a reason that unprecedented numbers of public figures have come out against this guy, and it’s definitely NOT because they think he will make America too great! Shoot, he was the first candidate in history not to be endorsed by a single US newspaper. There’s a reason why…

    Please, use your brains and heads when voting tomorrow (or on Nov. 28th if your a Teump supporter, remember what he said!). Don’t vote with emotion. Don’t believe conspiracy theory nonsense. Look at the actual, provable facts. It is very easy to check information these days. There are great sites like Snopes and PolitiFact that fact check everything for you, and they provide links to all the information they use to fact check with, so you can verify the validity for yourself. We have more information available at our fingertips than ever. Use it wisely!

  14. I doubt Belichick would just so happen to speak exactly like Trump on this occasion despite the fact that he never has in any press conference before. And Trump claimed Brady said he’d voted for him and Brady says he hasn’t voted yet. He’s such a lying boob about the most petty of things.

  15. “Tom Brady—great guy, great friend of mine, great champion, unbelievable winner,” Trump began. “He called today, and he said, ‘Donald, I support you, you’re my friend, and I voted for you.’”

    “‘If you want to say it you can say it,’” Trump said Brady told him about announcing the endorsement.

    Really. Really, Tom???

  16. Brady and Belichick didn’t do this in an ostentatious way. They simply sent messages to Trump saying good luck and they they voted or were voting for him. Now the complainers want to nitpick it to death.

  17. If true, one more reason to NOT be a follower if the NFL religion where coaches hold church every Sunday.

  18. Dear God, that was sad. In another case of Trump talking randomly, making it up as he went along, he gave us another great moment, and I bet he doesn’t even realize it:

    “He said, but do me a favor. Don’t read that letter. Let me send one that’s a little bit different. So, I figured he was going to take all the good things out, right? Like most gutless people do. Gutless.”

    Donald, you do realize that, since you expressed concern that Belichick was going to take the positive parts out, “because that’s what gutless people do,” you are saying you thought Belichick was gutless?

  19. “Brady and Belichick didn’t do this in an ostentatious way. They simply sent messages to Trump saying good luck and they they voted or were voting for him. Now the complainers want to nitpick it to death.”

    It’s nitpicking to bring up the fact that Tom Brady says Trump lied?

  20. Things that are more believable than the suggestion that that Trump fanboy letter was written by Bill Belichick:

    – Trump will actually follow through and sue the woman that accused him of sexual assault

    – Trump will build the wall & have the Mexicans ay for it.

    – Trump is actually ahead in all the polls.

    – Trump donated millions to charity.

    – Trump paid more in taxes than his cleaning lady.

    – That’s Trump’s real hair

  21. Bill is already a proven cheat and liar. Disgrace to our city and state.
    If he really wrote Trump, Bill is the biggest dbag ever.

    And we Bostonians are morons for supporting Bill.


  22. No way! There’s no way BB is associating with someone like Donald Trump…..or Hillary Clinton for that matter. I’m pretty sure he’s as disgusted as the rest of us are that with all the great minds and people in this country, these two morons are the best we can come up with.

  23. Pretty amazing how everything other people write about trump end up with the same sentence structure, thought pattern, and message of something Trump himself would say.

    It’s almost as if he wrote it and lied, but that would just be too pathetic right?

  24. Allegedly? Supposedly? What a pathetic display of trolldom!!! If exposed in the morning as a lie, he automatically loses New Hampshire, and thousands upon thousands of votes in every state. He would gain ZERO from lying about this, and if by any chance this election was going to be close, a lie like this would guarantee a loss. What DOES make sense is that with Goodell supporting and being supported by far leftists like Obama and Clinton, this is tantamount to them giving Goodell a big, giant middle finger.

  25. Obviously there are a lot of liberal fools on here. Hope you survive 4 years of the lying old hag Hillary if she wins. She’s got to be the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. BB sent the letter or he’d be denying it already. .

  26. I can’t stand Trump and I don’t like the Patriots but there’s no way this is true. It is really quite sad in its desperation, and terrifying in its implications of the character of a man who might be POTUS.

  27. 75% chance it’s a lie. Look at the language. Classic Trump. Or John Baron. Maybe his doctor wrote it, in a hurry? Maybe he frames it along side of his “Man of the year” award from Michigan received 5 years ago?

  28. Been a Pats fan since 1970.
    If this is true, I’m out. Turning the television off on Sundays.

  29. I don’t know how Belicheck speaks, but that letter sounds like part of a Trump speech.

  30. This is such a clumsy, blatant lie that it’s insulting to one’s intelligence. I can buy Belichick voting for Trump. I don’t buy Belichick writing him a gushing love letter in distinctly Trumpian language.

    If Trump’s followers really understood what a low opinion he has of them, with the ridiculous untruths he spouts every thirty seconds … okay, they’d probably still vote for him. Because, you know, Hillary’s a criminal. The crime? They’re not sure yet. But they’ll pin something on her for sure.

  31. Tammy, give us a break! First, you keep your manbro’s hat in your locker for all to see. Then you tell us you are not endorsing him. Now, you tell us what a great guy your man bro Donny is and you have voted for him. Make up your mind Tammy! You can’t have it both ways! Typical Pats protocol. If theit lips are moving, they are lying.

  32. Reality check for all the naive and impressionable young Pats fans that believe the letter was a hoax. If true, do you know how many criminal voting laws have been violated? How deep the tortious liability would be to Bill, the Pats, the nfl? So where’s the lawsuit? Where is the anouncement from Bill denying the letter? Tick tock my little pretties. Mommy has your milk and cookies ready. God, you are cute and entertaining!

  33. This:
    “Amazing that Belechick used the word “tremendous” twice in one paragraph. Hm, who could the real author possibly be?”

  34. “You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative media, and have come out beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable.”

    That part was from a letter that Belichick wrote … to Tom Brady.

  35. Those Who Believe that the “Bill Belichick Letter” is Real……or That a Cautious Tom Actually Said That…….are REALLY Among the “Gullible Poorly Educated” that The Donald “Loves”….!

  36. Even as a Dolphins Fan I have the utmost respect for Belichick, but No way in the world did this guy send a letter with those words. I do believe he is a Trump Supporter, but this is a typical Trump ” embellishment”. Trump does not know when he is lying, exaggerating, or telling the truth. It is all the same to him and especially when his flock of rural seniors, non college educated males and dare I say Deplorables gobble up every word he says as Facts. Im glad his terror will come to an end today.

  37. No way that is a real letter or BB gets into anything political. It sounded completely made up when he read it, using words that BB wouldn’t even use.

    Trump is desperate and creepy to boot.

  38. Trump is lying through his teeth as usual, with everything that comes out of his mouth. Someone who lies this much must be a complete psychopath. Belichick is a known supporter of liberal causes and would never write a letter in support of a crazy person clearly having some mental issues.

  39. Strange that most of the thumbs up lean liberal on a late night article. Could it be because conservative folks have to wake up for work in the morning?

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