Browns sticking with Kessler as starter Thursday night

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Browns Coach Hue Jackson told reporters Monday that he’s sticking with rookie quarterback Cody Kessler as the team’s starter for Thursday night’s game at Baltimore.

We’re not going to play musical chairs,” Jackson said.

More accurately, Jackson is hoping that game stops with the six players who have taken snaps for the 0-9 Browns this season. Kessler returned from a one-game absence due to a concussion to start Sunday vs. the Cowboys.

Jackson said he saw some positives from Kessler, a third-round pick and the third starter of the season, in the Browns’ 35-10 loss to the Cowboys but not enough of them and said the quarterback’s job is to get the team a win.

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  1. It sucks Kesslers audition for starting QB next year has to be on a very poor team. I agree with Hue sticking with him, I want them to just win one damn game. If they take a QB next year this cycle will just continue. The seahawks did it right, built a team before getting a QB had T-Jax and Flynn as stopgaps, they are just lucky Wilson fell into their laps and was ready to go day 1 so they could defer the bridge years.

  2. The Browns have many, many problems. Kessler isn’t one of them. For once, it’s not the QB holding this team back. It’s everyone else.

  3. Every once in a while I remember that RG3 is actually on this team and just chuckle for a second.

  4. Kessler can play! I’m a fan. He’s smart, tough and plays with a lot of moxie. Would be nice if he could put them on his back and lead them to a win or two to prove he can be the guy long-term.

  5. 0-16 this year. Keep Hue Jackson but fire Ray Horton. The defense’s fundamentals are terrible and the 3-4 scheme is dead. Kessler is showing promise but needs an O-line in front of him. I don’t see the need to draft a QB at #1. Don’t get cute and trade the first overall pick unless it’s an offer we can’t refuse and we get picks and a proven stud WR or shutdown corner. Use the pick and take the best player on the board regardless of position…O-line included. We need to improve the lines and secondary. These are not “sexy picks” but this is where the team will improve the most with good selections.

  6. I agree . Stick with Kessler he has shown enough to warrant starting the rest of what most of us knew would be a reboot ?? hell I forgot we have had so many since 99 .

    The defense is HORRIBLE .

    Unless the kid can play safety keep him at QB the rest of the season .

    Just hoping for a couple wins this year .

  7. The Browns might have actually found a QB. They have a ton of picks next year to build on.

  8. I feel bad for Kessler. The kid is handed a dumpster fire and we all know The Browns will take DeShone Kizer with the first pick in the draft. Hopefully Kessler shows enough promise the second half of the season to make himself trade bait.

  9. I don’t think they go QB in the first round next year. Kessler has shown enough to give him more time. They need a better o-line and defensive backs. A pass rusher or DB and a o-lineman with the first round picks will go a long way to making this team better. As I understand it, next year is fairly deep at QB, so another one in the second round might not be a surprise, but Kessler is playing well for a bad team. He gets the rest of the year, if he can stay healthy, and next year, too.

  10. a1b24312 says:
    Nov 7, 2016 2:59 PM
    Aside from Montana, how many ND QBs have made it in the NFL?

    Thought so.


    Lamonica & Theisman , believe those names should ring a bell?

  11. I try to be rational when it comes to criticizing other teams, but what the heck happened to all the draft picks from this year? Are any of them panning out? It seemed like the Browns had 30 picks or something crazy like that.

  12. Kessler can’t put them on his back since he’s mostly on his all the time. This next draft should be about core needs. OL, OL, OL – loud enough? They need a real center and a right tackle minimum. They need quality DB’s. They need legitimate pass rushers. There is no way to evaluate the WR’s this year since he has no time to throw down field. I hear griping about he can’t throw long. How can he? He doesn’t have time to let the long routes develop. Kinda like saying a guy can’t swim when the pool is empty. Not gonna happen. If the line continues like it has been, they will have to add a paramedic squad to the team for the QB injuries.

  13. I know exactly what they’ll do next draft. There’s no franchise QB next year (unless they see a rough diamond in the later rounds). They’ll trade down again, pick up another #1 next year and go heavily defense and OL this year. They’ll keep punting and picking up extra first rounders year after year until they (A.) find a franchise 1st round QB, or (B.) get fired. It’s actually a pretty smart strategy if they survive long enough to execute it.

    I Like Kessler but he’s purely a good backup. Tough kid, plays well enough, but simply doesn’t have the arm velocity to be a franchise guy.

  14. “I try to be rational when it comes to criticizing other teams, but what the heck happened to all the draft picks from this year? Are any of them panning out? It seemed like the Browns had 30 picks or something crazy like that.”

    Actually several of them are panning out nicely. It’s just that the team is the 2nd youngest in the NFL, new coaching staff, and they culled many of the vet leaders to make room and give experience to rooks.

  15. The offense isn’t the problem. Draft a few more stud defense players to go with the 6-7 young guys that are looking tough and this team will be a contender in no time. And yeah, I think Horton needs to go.

  16. Ravens frequently struggle when the other team inserts an unknown or undistinguished QB, so Browns could make this a closer one than it should be.

  17. The kid has the right tools and Jackson is a good at grooming QBs, so it makes sense to keep both. It’s going to take time to build a good roster – look at the Raiders. Blowing up the whole coaching staff is not gonna help anyone.

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