Cam Newton not complaining about officiating, this week

Getty Images

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took plenty of shots in yesterday’s win over the Rams, the kind you take when you play the Rams.

But a week after complaining that he wasn’t protected properly by officials, he avoided the topic this week.

I’m not worried about that,” Newton said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “Just trying to find ways to win the football game. . . .

“I’m just happy we won the football game. “It’s always fun to win.”

While they weren’t as blatantly obvious as Calais Campbell’s dive at the knees last week which triggered his response, Newton did take a pounding, and Mark Barron and Aaron Donald each got him with their helmets. Neither were as blatant as the Week One shots to the head in Denver, but Donald’s flying leap had an off-the-top-rope wrestling vibe.

“I’m going to watch the tape,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “As I go through the game, I’m trying to watch for what’s happening. I’m for the most part satisfied. We’ll see what it looks like on tape, but I thought the officiating did a good job.”

Which is a nice thing to say after lobbing a grenade in their foxhole last week, forcing the league to admit mistakes and the fact they’re not enforcing their rules consistently.