Kubiak not changing quarterbacks, but says Siemian “has to get better”

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The Broncos won’t be making a quarterback change, coach Gary Kubiak told reporters Monday.

First-year starter Trevor Siemian has struggled in recent weeks, and first-round pick Paxton Lynch is waiting in the wings. But Kubiak said the team is sticking with Siemian.

“I feel really good about what Trevor is doing,” Kubiak said. “But Trevor is like any other player. He has to get better.”

Siemian was 18-of-37 passing in Sunday night’s loss at the Raiders, his third straight game completing under 60 percent of his passes. He threw two touchdown passes and one interception and was sacked twice.

The Broncos were outgained by nearly 100 yards and the Raiders had the ball for 41:28. Kubiak said the offense “needs to find a way to stay on the damn football field.”

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  1. I don’t know what the broncos were doing last night the first 3 plays were passes and 8 of their first 12 were passes. I never even played football but I know that’s how you lose games especially when your QB is below average

  2. Looked like the defense couldn’t get the Raiders off of the field anyway, so what does it matter?

    Besides, I heard that the Broncos didn’t need much of a quarterback in order to win.

  3. Who is Kubiack supposed to switch to? Paxton Lynch? Siemian is the only qb on the Broncos roster that is even passable right now and I say this as a Broncos hater. The Broncos need to get a new offensive coordinator and a new offensive line because Siemian while he is struggling isn’t getting much help.

  4. It wouldn’t make any difference who was the QB for the donkeys. Bring back Horseteeth in his prime, bring back Manning and his huge pumpkin, bring back buttfumble, Teblow or throw in Lynch. The Raiders controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides, controlled the clock and ragdolled the donkeys defense. The Raiders are back and the donkeys can retake their rightful place at the bottom of the division.

  5. It’s so easy to dump on the kid but the fact is they couldn’t run the ball at all.

    They need to protect him by running the football, mix in some play action passes and throw the odd deep ball.

  6. How much is Siemian and how much is the scheme? They’re clearly in ultra-conservative, “don’t do anything that could result in a turnover” mode. If you remember last season it was much the same: Peyton was old and beat up but they weren’t any better (or more exciting) with Osweiler under center.

    They don’t throw deep very often– likely because those are riskier throws and sacks are more likely on longer-developing plays. That makes them very predictable and keeps Demaryus Thomas from being a major factor despite him being the one receiver they have capable of changing a game on his own. It also results in 8 guys standing in the box to stuff the run.

  7. Siemian’s 18/37 for 283 2/1 would have been among Denver’s top performances last year. Just sayin’

  8. 3 of their next 7 games are in the division, and another game is against the Patriots, so he had better get better soon.

  9. jag1959 says:

    Siemian’s 18/37 for 283 2/1 would have been among Denver’s top performances last year. Just sayin’

    You didn’t watch the game. Box score analysis doesn’t work. Just sayin’


    …on top of the AFC WEST.

    While I love my team’s mantra of ‘Just Win, Baby!’, there IS a special satisfaction of watching an old-school beat-down where they simply impose their will from start to finish…especially against those obnoxious Donkey fans.

    I think Marquette is STILL playing ‘giddy-up’….

  11. Come on, what other option does Kubiak actually have? In his only start, Paxton Lynch played more like Kelly Lynch against Atlanta’s 30th-ranked defense.

  12. Siemian was under pressure on 60% of his throws due to the OL’s inability to block. The team couldn’t run the ball to save their lives. Sanders was a finger tip away from scoring a TD on a nice 40-yard pass from Siemian only to let it hit the ground. Siemian’s only INT was at the end of the game on 4th down when it was already over. Not to mention the Broncos seem to commit a penalty on every other play and that the whole team is banged up right now.

    It would take a very special QB to overcome all these deficiencies. Siemian isn’t playing great, but considering the circumstances, I find it hard to blame him for his two losses.

  13. I guess that you cannot win only with defense after all. For all the hate that Manning has gathered throughout the years, he provided something intangible that went beyond his QB skills (or lack of them like last season).

  14. If anything the Donkeys need to take a close look at that run dee. UGLY. Donald Penn said that we literally ran the same run play 10X in a row and Denver simply couldnt stop them. Sad!

  15. jag1959 says:
    Nov 7, 2016 3:49 PM
    Siemian’s 18/37 for 283 2/1 would have been among Denver’s top performances last year. Just sayin’


    I’m pretty sure their top performances were winning the SB and Manning outplaying Brady on the road to the SB.

  16. pastabelly says:
    Nov 7, 2016 4:12 PM

    I hate the way this organization does things like this in public. Is it necessary or even helpful to do that to a young quarterback?

    It’s not like he went all Bruce Arians on the kid.

  17. citizenstrange says:
    Nov 7, 2016 3:56 PM

    That said ….. his stats were still a lot better than Big Ben’s.

    That’s not saying much.

  18. Everybody has to get better. Field position was atrocious due to Bibbs foolishly running out kickoffs. The O-line’s inability to run block their way out of a paperback. How can anyone expect Siemian to effectively quarterback a play action offense without the ability to run the ball.

    Defensively, the Raidres six man line just ran over Crick, and without Wolfe for a few weeks Wade needs to do some serious scheming.

    Elway should have made a deal for the Jets Richardson, that would have solidified the d-line and limited the ridiculous long runs.

  19. theghostofaldavis says:
    Nov 7, 2016 3:52 PM
    especially against those obnoxious Donkey fans.


    Yea, because Raider fans have a great reputation of being dignified, humble and respectable. They arent known at all for causing parking lot fights and arrests

    *eye roll*

  20. tjacks7 says:
    Nov 7, 2016 3:52 PM
    You didn’t watch the game. Box score analysis doesn’t work. Just sayin’

    I did watch the game. Denver was unable to run the ball, allowed 218 on the ground, held to 18:32 TOP and gave up 30 points. Hard to lay that on Siemian.

  21. I originally thought that the AFC West would put three teams into the playoffs this year. Now I am not so sure.
    I don’t see Denver finishing better than 8-8 or 9-7. That might be good enough but I doubt it.

  22. The Broncos had more than QB problems last night. Couldn’t stop the run,and had no running game themselves to speak of. Passing game was horrible. They do not look like the SB champs by any stretch. I love it.

  23. @td30: Every single fanbase has unsavory elements.

    Don’t start painting with a broad brush just because Raider fan may have stolen your lunch money.

    We’re not all bad, we’re just everywhere.


  24. this is why ratings go down.

    coaches pretending that players so clearly bad, are still the answer.

    bottom line: the broncos should have a pass catching TE by now; an heir to Demaryius thomas by now; a quality WR 3 to keep pressure off of emanuel sanders, and pax Lynch on the field.

    they will continue to have none of these things, and they will continute to lie that siemien is competent.

    meanwhile the raiders just provided a blueprint of how to beat an aqib talib-less denver D, and shutdown von miller, relatively speaking.

    oh but the team’s great, and they’ll continue to play an injured rookie running back, because he’s fine too.

  25. Denver’s QB is not bad. Give the kid a chance to mature with more game experience. He’ll be fine and could develop into a good quarterback. He’s proven he can throw deep. The raiders scare the hell out of me, though. Balanced attack with a strong running game. A defense that can create pressure. See you in January, Raiders Nation

    Patriots Fans

  26. Maybe that old guy last year had something to do with it after all. How about that? That and the refs were calling a ton of lame penalties

  27. Pretty sure he doesn’t run the ball which I saw Denver do none of last night. CJ Anderson being out might just break their season. Not saying Siemian is an elite qb he’s a little worse Alex Smith and there’s nothing wrong with that but he can’t be expected to do it by himself. In the one start Paxton Lynch got he wasn’t very effective so he doesn’t have much of a choice.

  28. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Nov 7, 2016 4:15 PM
    I’m pretty sure their top performances were winning the SB and Manning outplaying Brady on the road to the SB.

    Does 17/32 for 176 or 13/23 for 141 sound like a top performance? Denver’s D was unbelievable last year, among the best of the SB era and they deserve the credit they earned. We know it’s hard for a troll to understand but the guys on the other side of the ball get paid too. As a Giants fan that watched a D play out of their minds to take 2 SB’s from a couple of the best offenses the league had ever seen only to hear they were ‘fluke’ wins out of the neophytes there are few things more comical than supposed football fans that don’t understand there are 3 phases to the game.
    If you feel the need to troll at least put some effort into it.

  29. dudeicle says:
    Nov 7, 2016 5:04 PM

    Maybe that old guy last year had something to do with it after all. How about that?

    Yep. It’s well known around the league that Manning was just gifted a second Super Bowl win so that he could ride off into the sunset and not have to face any scrutiny for his obvious HGH use.

  30. Raiders fans who don’t live in Oakland are like Cowboys fans who don’t live in Texas, they are coming out of the woodwork now that they’re winning. Finally getting to wear that jersey they got for Christmas fifteen years ago.

  31. Demaryius Thomas is the only reason I can think of to doubt John Elway. He’ll make five lousy plays for every good play. The guy just flat out can’t play football anymore. It’s a wasted play every time they look his direction. He can’t separate and he drops a million passes. I can’t Siemian or anyone else as long as Thomas is on the field. It’s like playing with ten men against eleven.

  32. I don’t mind the broncos but their fans kind of deserve a reality check.. they were so excited to be rid of manning.. and they are still going around telling everyone that siemien is good lol ofcourse he’s not good, he wasn’t even good in college.. all bc he’s a bronco dosent magically make him good

  33. proteus914 says:
    Nov 7, 2016 5:42 PM

    Raiders won the superbowl in November!
    Not really. Just another regular season win. Get used to it.

  34. Oh pulease haters. Siemian is not that bad. Give him a C offensive line and maybe, just maybe, he will turn into a passable, serviceable, journey man QB. He is not the problem. Denver’s offensive line is just horred in all phases. Their defense against the run is even worse. Call it whatever you want, Super Bowl hangover, but Denver has a big challenge to even make the playoffs this year let alone win one game there.

    Denver has one of the best records in the NFL. They have won 5 straight AFC West Crowns, appeared in two of the last three Super Bowls (winning one). No team can sustain this level of success forever. Ask the old Packers, the Steelers, and many more. Despite a good core of players, Denver is in cycle down this year. They will be back, sooner than later, just not this year. The jealous hate of the haters is music to my ears. Hey haters, do you even have a team? How they doing?

  35. First and for most, if any of you guys really watched the game Siemain actually out played Carr. Go back and see the stats. However we do need to shake things up. As a Denver fan I think we need to produce some offense because you can keep the defense on the field all day. They would easily wear down. There are still a lot of football to be played. People are acting as if the Raiders won the super bowl. We definitely need to go out and get a free agent running back!!

  36. As a Patriots fan I think Kubiak decision is right on the money. I also hope this young QB doesn’t get killed because of his offensive line and this decision !

  37. 6-3 could be worse, every team has holes. Raiders played good this week and got spanked the same way two weeks ago by the Chiefs. People act like there is only nine weeks of football. Still a long way to go.

  38. The Chiefs are licking their chops waiting to play Denver after watching a team they curb stomped in their own house a few weeks ago manhandle the Donks. Justin Houston will be back so will Spencer Ware, it will be a replay of the disaster of the home defeat that made Megahead leave in shame last year.

  39. Umm, Megahead retired with a Lombardi under his arm. The Queefs, as usual, we’re no place to be found. Maybe someday KC will win the AFC West. Maybe. In the meantime, thanks for being our bee yotch the last five years.

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