League believes Sheldon Adelson wants a path to control of the Raiders

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Sands casino owner Sheldon Adelson has accused the Raiders of wanting too much. The truth could be that Adelson is the one who is looking for more than he should.

Per a source with knowledge of the dynamics, the NFL believes that Adelson wants to acquire a path to a controlling interest in the team. Given that Adelson owns a casino, that could make the process of securing approval for the relocation from 24 total owners more difficult, since the NFL’s willingness to embrace moving a team to the gambling capital of the world may not extend to allowing ownership to transfer to a man who capitalizes on gambling.

Raiders owner Mark Davis likely has an issue with Adelson’s desire to eventually control the team, for obvious reasons. Davis steadfastly has resisted any suggestion of a stadium solution that would entail Davis no longer running the team. Indeed, multiple options for partnering up with a billionaire who would finance a new Oakland stadium exist, but the belief is that anyone who would be plunking down the cash for a venue would also want to buy controlling interest in the franchise.

Adelson’s comments from late last month, after $750 million in free money was finagled from Nevada taxpayers, suggest that the deal that would bring the Raiders to Las Vegas could crater based on the team’s demands.

They want so much,” Adelson said. “So I told my people, ‘Tell them I could live with the deal, I could live without the deal. Here’s the way it’s gonna go down. If they don’t want it, bye-bye.”

The real question is whether Adelson would say “bye-bye” over a deal that doesn’t include a path to control. The thinking is that, although Adelson will push for a path to control of the team, he eventually will relent if that’s what it takes to get a deal done.

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  1. If Chargers decline LA, Mark Davis gets the option to move to LA which he will gladly accept. Not to mention Rams are terrible and LA fan base demands wins. Raiders are a young team with a franchise QB in place. NFL probably wants Raiders in LA now.

  2. Getting in bed with the Vegas guys … well we all know that story … it never seems to work out as people expect.

    Mark “I stole Prince Valiants’ haircut” Davis should re-double his efforts on the economic potential of a Bay area Stadium for Raider Nation.

  3. Son-of-Al has to get it into his thick head that no one is going to give him a free ride on a new stadium and the only way to accomplish that is by selling a portion of the team to an investor with deep pockets.

    Having said that, it would be a pure nightmare for me as a Raider fan to see a sleaze like Adelson gain any measure of control over the Raiders. Son-of-Al should’ve taken Floyd Kephart’s deal of selling 20% of the Raiders in return for financing a new statium in Oakland. He’d do well to listen to Ronnie Lott’s group.

  4. “I’ll build your team a new stadium, with free money from the public, if you give me most of your team”

    Kind of sounds like a typical NFL owner to me.

    I’m a Patriots fan that has been liking what the Raiders have been building for a team…..this scenario would make me sick if I was a Raiders fan.

    I hope Raiders fans get the best deal – for the fans – whatever it turns out to be.

  5. Adelson is 83. Does he not have enough assets to last the rest of his life? He could be in the ground before the stadium is even built.

  6. Las Vegas Chargers?

    The Rooney kids all had shares in the Steelers and racetracks (yes, I know that several years they had to restructure their holdings for the NFL). I’m sure the NFL will have issues with Adelson until they he gives each Owner a big fat check.

  7. Shocking, just shocking! Even if Davis was to give control/majority ownership to Sheldon, it would never be approved by the League. As stated here many months ago, Vegas Raiders ain’t happening.

    BTW, nice curb stomp last night. Key injuries aside (we don’t make excuses), the final score was not indicative of the game. Raiders took the Broncos to the shed and beat them silly. Hate to say this, but it’s nice to have you back. Our games finally mean something again. Congrats on impressive win

  8. Maybe we’ve all seriously underestimated Mark Davis: he could be like Michael Corleone, flying in under the radar and making a move into Vegas and eliminating his rivals along the way.

    Or not.

  9. Here are a few obvious facts in this situation
    1) No one is getting control of the Raiders while Mark Davis has anything to say about it.
    2) The Raiders cannot continue to play in that dump of a stadium. Something has to be done.
    3) No one is going to build a stadium in Oakland. Not with taxpayer money (which is how a majority of stadiums are built for billionaire owners even though this article, by using the word “finagled” seems to infer that this method is somehow unique) or by private investment (if the stadium were going to be financed this way it would be done by now).
    4) No way the NFL wants the Raiders in LA where the Rams would be the “other team” in their own stadium

  10. If Davis and the NFL are so worried about a scumbag like Adelson getting his hooks into the Raiders, then there is a very very very simple solution. Don’t accept a single dime from Adelson, his deal, or his “public” money. Pay for your own damned stadium.

  11. Adelson is worth like 32 billion…you think any of the NFL owners care about nostalgia in Oakland with the owners son, raider nation etc? … It’s obvious his business acumen is far beyond Lloyd Christmas..

  12. Mark Davis doesn’t have any heirs.. I’m sure a deal can be worked out where once Mark passes away the Raiders become an asset in the Adelson family trust.

  13. Tommy Boy owner Mark Davis does not have enough money to build a stadium in Oak and will not have enough money to pay for relocation cost to anywhere. Time to sell the team.

  14. therealraider says:
    Nov 7, 2016 11:15 AM
    Mark Davis doesn’t have any heirs.. I’m sure a deal can be worked out where once Mark passes away the Raiders become an asset in the Adelson family trust.


    seems that would be a scary situation to be in, for Davis

  15. At the end of of the day, if Sheldon is now playing games, all Mark has to do is pick up the phone and call Jim Murren….all he pretty much has do do is just have him ok $50 million from each property they own on the strip, and maybe have the MGM Grand, City Center, and Mandalay Bay each pay 100 million = $650 million…and no need for Sheldon what so ever. however the Raiders should stay in Oakland.

    Go Raiders!!!

  16. The Raiders and NFL are so desperate to get free public money that they’ll destroy communities, good relations, and make deals with the devil (Adelson).

  17. Nevada, which is ranked 50th out of states in education, is okay with putting up 750 million dollars for a hypothetical new stadium.

    Perhaps the NFL shore up it’s image and sidestep this one.

  18. “after $750 million in free money was finagled from Nevada taxpayers,”

    Florio, Nevada taxpayers are not paying for it … it is an increase on room taxes. Unless the locals stay at the Bellagio, Caesars, MGM, etc, then it will all be from tourists. Just remember that if you ever come to Vegas. Thank you in advance for supporting our Las Vegas Raiders !!!

  19. You’re telling me he wants to take $750 million from NV taxpayers and use it buy himself an NFL team? Is that boils down to? Make America great again?

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