Early returns show Chargers stadium measure is failing miserably

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With 15 percent of the vote counted — all from absentee voters — the proposal to publicly fund a new stadium in San Diego is on track to fail miserably.

As noted by Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Chargers are losing 61 percent to 39.

If it holds, it’s the kind of blowout that could cause the Chargers to scrap an effort to try it again in 2017, via a new measure that would include the cooperation and endorsement of popular Mayor Kevin Faulconer. It also could prompt the Chargers to take a serious look at moving to Los Angeles, an option the team holds until January 15.

To date, it has been believed that the Chargers won’t move, even if the effort to get taxpayer money fails. A decisive defeat could cause that assessment to change.

However, that would require the Chargers to do business with the Rams, something that the San Diego franchise hasn’t previously seemed to be inclined to do. If not L.A., where would the Chargers go?

Their current lease at dilapidated and outdate Qualcomm Stadium runs through 2020. Whatever the plan may be until then, it will be critical to have a solid plan beyond it.

36 responses to “Early returns show Chargers stadium measure is failing miserably

  1. Hey, this isn’t the first time Spanos has failed in politics. Remember when he backed an actor for governor, got him into office, and then when he left the state was in a severe budget crisis?

    That fact pattern kind of reminds me of a more current one.

  2. I would expect absentee ballot voters to be disproportionately against a stadium since it is something that is only a benefit to people that are living in the area.

  3. They could do something crazy like build their own stadium with their own money or perhaps even pay to refurbish Qualcomm out of their own pockets. Insane, I know.

  4. The corrupt power brokers took the vote away from the people of Minneapolis. If they had not done so, the people would have rejected a new stadium for the billionaire owners.

  5. What a disgrace. The people in California are a bunch of liberal weenies. Putting this to a public vote was a terrible idea. People don’t understand the concept of an investment. I guess San Diego residents must really love tourists.

    Dean Spanos will probably move the team, with Los Angeles being the most likely choice. San Diego isn’t an NFL city anymore. The referendum just proved that. Have fun being a Padre only town.

    San Diego Chargers 1961-2016 RIP

  6. As a life long San Diego native I’ve been waiting for the Spanos family to leave for nearly 10 years now.

    What they want in San Diego they will not get because they do not deserve it.

    Keep in mind, they would be called the Los Angeles Chargers RIGHT NOW, if Stan Kroenke didn’t walk into the owners meeting and put his Walmart stamped balls right on the table for everybody to recognize who owned LA.

    We’re not stupid here in San Diego, if the Spanos family ever wanted a stadium in this city, it would have been negotiated 10 years ago when it was needed then. San Diego does need a new stadium, it just shouldn’t go to a crook.

  7. San Diegans are still paying for the upgrades to the Q in the 90s that the league promised would bring Superbowls for decades. Goodell then said the city would never get another until a new stadium was built after only 2. Add that to the Chargers being owned by a family that couldn’t care less about San Diego, and you get a proposition that never had a chance.

  8. Good – let the owners pay for their own sandboxes!

    I used to live in SD and their are lots of better areas to target for public dollars. Besides if the Chargers leave, there are lots of great leisure activities in that spot of the country.

  9. That’s what happens when you leave it up to the voters. Not everyone supports welfare for billionaires. Las Vegas bypassed those pesky voters and passed the taxes for their stadium.

  10. Good for them. There’s absolutely NO reason that billionaires should be asking for public funding to build a stadium for a SPORT that rakes in billions every year.

  11. California is broke plain and simple. Of course you’re not going to get funded for a stadium. So long San Diego

  12. How is this vote failing? The plan is to tax tourists to keep their NFL team. Who is opposed to that? Other people (who are not you) pay for an NFL team for you (who is you) to enjoy. This is exactly what Homer had in mind when he said “can’t somebody else do it?” Only in this case it’s tourists paying for the stadium, not garbage men.

  13. Good for San Diego. If tax money is going to be used to subsidize a billionaire, then it shouldn’t happen unless the public says so. And it appears the public is saying “no” very loudly.

  14. I used to live in SD and I have a ton of friends in SD. However, everyone that lives there lives in a TINY house. Therefore, I always have to get a hotel room when I visit. So even if you have SD ties, that hotel tax screws you and your family. Everyone expected NO on C. Downtown is not the solution. Keep it in Mission Valley.

  15. Come on Chargers, borrow the money and build your own stadium. Then you can gouge your fans however you want with PSL and the like. And you get to keep all the revenue yourself. Then San Diego only has to pay to build the roads/water/sewer and other infrastructure to support your stadium.

  16. Here’s a novel idea: Why doesn’t the Spanos family spend their OWN money (See Kraft, Robert on how that works) on a centralized location? They could build it near this huge lot of land right at I-15, I-8, and I-805 and there might even be a trolley station outside. You know what? I know just the place. Right next to Qualcomm Stadium!

  17. Billionaires are a different breed. It’s their world. No way he plays 2nd fiddle to the LA crowd.

    He will find a way in SD or find a new market of his own.


    Spanos is buddy buddies with those Vegas politicians. He should have jumped when he had the chance.

  18. Alex Spanos should have a sit-down with Robert Kraft .He knows a thing or two about building stadiums the old fashioned way.

  19. San Antonio or Salt Lake is the Chargers only hope for a Home Field Advantage and loyal fans.

    I mean nobody follows the Chargers in L.A.

    They would be equal to the Tampa Rays or the Clippers.

  20. mdintino1420 says:
    Nov 9, 2016 12:01 AM
    What a disgrace. The people in California are a bunch of liberal weenies. Putting this to a public vote was a terrible idea. People don’t understand the concept of an investment. I guess San Diego residents must really love tourists.

    So the conservative thing to do is to spend taxpayer dollars to line the pocket of a billionaire? I don’t think you understand American politics very well.

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