Pete Carroll accuses Bills’ kicker of acting more hurt than he was

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll acknowledges that cornerback Richard Sherman could have been flagged for unnecessary roughness after he jumped offside and drilled Bills kicker Dan Carpenter on Monday night. But Carroll isn’t convinced the hit was quite as bad as Carpenter made it look.

Carroll said today on 710 ESPN Seattle that Carpenter was acting like he was hurt to make the hit look worse than it was.

He hams it up a little bit too, which makes it bad,” Carroll said.

Carroll may be right about that: Kickers often flop in an attempt to draw a roughing penalty, and Carpenter, who fell to the ground grabbing his leg, quickly got back up again when he wanted to line up for the subsequent play. It wouldn’t be surprising if Carpenter was trying to draw a flag, as players often do.

Still, the reality remains that Sherman committed a penalty for which he wasn’t called, and then the officials compounded that mistake by wrongly calling the Bills for delay of game. Carpenter missed the field goal after that sequence of events, contributing to the Seahawks’ win. Carpenter has a lot more to complain about than Carroll does.

122 responses to “Pete Carroll accuses Bills’ kicker of acting more hurt than he was

  1. The Seahawks from their coach to their players to their fans are like a cartoon villain at this point. They make it too easy to hate them.

  2. Kickers and Punters are coached to embellish it.
    Nothing new there.

    However, as soccer-like as it may be, it doesn’t change the horrific officiating and unsportsmanlike play of that game.

  3. for sure, unnecessary roughness penalty should have been the call but he was rolling around the ground like a litte ‘itch with a ‘skinded’ knee–walk it off like a man. kickers, smh.

  4. This makes Carroll like every other football fan ever; everyone always assumes — usually correctly — that the kicker is faking it.

    Deep down, all kickers are fake-flopping soccer players and not to be trusted.

  5. Pete Carroll is a punk. He always was and still is. And Richard Sherman should be suspended for that obvious foul.
    And the official who didn’t call it a penalty needs to be fired.
    That was the dirtiest play in the NFL this season and shows what a punk Richard Sherman is.
    If Sherman isn’t suspended, it’s a joke. He could have ended that kicker’s career.

  6. That’s because he DID act more hurt than he was.
    But it utterly irrelevant how he acted.
    Every Kicker, WR and QB will act that way to induce flags. Its part of the game….and NO….TB is not the only one who does this, sorry to shatter the FANTSAY of Hatriot Nation.


  7. Sherman’s hit on the kicker was legal. The whistle didn’t blow until after the blocked fg…and Sherman hit the ball first. Refs should’ve blown it dead but they let it go. Offsides was the correct call. The kicker flopping forced himself off the field for one play…his fault. Sherman’s hit on the receiver on fourth down was legal too, as Taylor ran out of the pocket. The only thing y’all can cry about is the delay of game…but why weren’t your special teams ready to kick? No sense of urgency. That’s just poor special teams play. Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin destroyed the Bills secondary. Graham was a beast.

  8. I’m a homer, but I think the officiating crew on the field got it right. What replay doesn’t replicate is the environment in the stadium, including crowd noise. Neither Sherman nor Carpenter knew the play was being blown dead. You cannot hear a whistle being blown and neither of the officials in the shot can be seen waving their hands above their head.

    If Sherman had just ploughed into Carpenter without attempting to go for the ball, then I could see a roughness penalty being warranted. But he clearly was going for the ball, and if Carpenter hadn’t attempted the kick, he wouldn’t have gotten hit, or it wouldn’t have looked nearly as severe.

  9. It doesn’t matter if Carpenter was actually hurt or not on the play, it was a blatant cheap shot well after the whistle. Carroll wouldn’t be so dismissive of that sort of play if it had been one of the Bills doing it to a member of the Seahawks.

  10. Look I’m not a fan of either team, so I don’t have a dog in the fight

    What Sherman was absolutely roughing the kicker
    He could have seriously injured Carpenter & the refs just stood there with their thumbs firmly up their backside!!

    Sherman should be severely fined
    And absolutely NO FINE for Rex Ryan or any other Bills coach or player who complained about the refs last night

    They were an absolute disgrace all night!!
    NFC contenders better pray that Seattle does NOT get the #1 seed
    They will get EVERY call in the playoffs

  11. Hard to say. It’s possible he was flopping, but I’ve also personally banged my knee many times in sports and sometimes the pain dissipates very quickly even though it is excruciating for the first few seconds.

  12. This narrative that the press has adopted is just wrong. The refs did NOT blow the whistle. Instead, they gave the Bills a free play. Sherman rightfully continued in order to prevent the free play. He did not rough the kicker because, by rule, it is not roughing if he touches the ball. Blame the refs for not blowing the whistle, but don’t blame Sherman. Also, someone at PFT should find the non-ESPN footage for what happened after this play, when Rob Fabio Ryan was flagged for getting in Sherman’s face and the refs just mysteriously picked that flag up without even mentioning it and ESPN didn’t even bother to show it.

  13. Carroll is right, Carpenter wasn’t hurt in the least. Really poor acting given how fast he moved after he stood up, which was almost immediately after flopping and feigning being hurt. He didn’t fool the refs.

  14. Since when did the NFL adopt the policy of penalties being based on severity of injury?

    oh – they didn’t. So then it doesn’t matter if he flopped around like a gutted fish, a late hit is a late hit.

  15. A 34 yard field goal just before the half would have made the 30-40 yard field goal at the end of the game to tie easier than needing to get the TD.

    Never seems to fail that the refs gift wrap the Seahawks wins on primetime games.

  16. He may have been acting, but it didn’t matter if he was hurt or not, Sherman committed the penalty and the dumb a s s refs failed to call it then completely bungled placement of the K ball.

  17. Sherman clearly got the ball. The kicker was an idiot for actually trying to go through with the kick. I guess he didn’t hear a whistle either.

    The ref didn’t buy the diving act either, so it all worked out in the end.

  18. Horrible officiating, a relentless stream of seemingly unending commercials, and Roger Goodell….easy to see why ratings are dropping

  19. “The line between cheating and gamesmanship is a thin and flexible one. Do we not all yearn for victory? Do we not all use our limited mortality to seek the edges of ourselves? Which is why I order BS intentional holding tactics.” — Professor Kelly

  20. maust1013 says:
    Nov 8, 2016 12:59 PM

    Would expect Carroll to be smarter when it comes to pouring gasoline on a fire…

    Why? They lead the league in complaining after being gifted a win.

  21. It was a penalty regardless of how injured the kicker was or wasn’t. Since when were penalties dealt out in relation to injury instead of a rule violation. Pete Carroll is a whiny little bitch.

  22. Anybody know when the actual whistle was blown?

    Usually if defense is offside, the offense gets a “free play”. If he makes the the kick, they decline the penalty.

    But, and correct me if i’m wrong, if the defensive player is “unabated”, they blow the play dead to protect the offensive player.

    I got no dog in this fight, but if Sherm was unabated and a whistle didn’t blow, that’s on the refs. And he was right to continue the play.

  23. Hit looked like it might have actually hurt, to be honest it wasn’t sherman roughing the kicker; it was Carpenter kicking sherman with his own knee and it looked painful, if for but nothing more than a few seconds of pain.

  24. What is getting lost in all of this is the ridiculous delay of game call because the officials forgot to reset the game clock before he made the kick after the Sherman hit. If the field goal stands nobody is really that upset. The incompetence of the officials is the real foul here.

  25. Let’s legislate new rules to protect a 250lb 6’5″ QB but allow a cheap shot on a kicker wearing minimal pads.

  26. These types of things – which happen ALL the time – are a much bigger threat to the integiry of the game than a football a few PSI light on air – which the laws of physics actually prove were never deflated in the first place

    The NFL is a joke that’s now closer to pro wrestling than an actual fair sport

  27. It was obvious that Carpenter was selling that hit; he bounced right up and kicked again. He should have been busted for faking it. And Sherman hardly “drilled” him; he barely touched him. Honestly kickers are worse than drama-queen soccer players.

  28. Based on these comments, not only is the NFL now soft but the responding fans are also soft. Big deal. It wasn’t the dirtiest play of the year. Stop already.

    It should’ve been a penalty. Big deal. Go watch football from the 7o’s, 80’s, 90’s. That was real football. Few flags. Violence. Now every pass incompletion is followed by a WR standing up and looking for a flag or throwing his arm up as a flag being tossed. Before, they’d lose a helmet, mouth piece & shin strap = no flag.

    Let’s quit being soft. Let’s quit overreacting. Be men, not boys.

    Face it, this game was the MOST ENTERTAINING prime time game of the Year. High scoring, incredible catches by Graham, Sherman interception and scowling at the Ryan brothers, A ref confusion at half’s end, Tyrod playing well and incredible drama down to the last play of the game to decide the winner.

    What other prime time game kept you glued to the TV? How about NONE and reason ratings are down.

  29. Sherman hit Carpenter in the right leg at which time Dan Carpenter went to the ground clutching his left knee.

    Personally, if I were reffing the play, I’d have flagged Sherman and given the Bills 15 yards and an automatic first down. Most Seahawks fans I know agree with that.

  30. Buffalo DESERVED the delay of game penalty. By Rule 5-2-10, the official must stand over the ball until the defense is given the equal opportunity to make player substitutions.

    Since Carpenter came back in, Seattle is also given time to match subs. Blame Buffalo players for not quickly coming in like in most kicking situations.

  31. You keep saying in these articles Sherman committed a roughing penalty.

    If you look on youtube there is the last replay angle that clearly shows Sherman touching the ball before he hits the kicker, so no, its not a roughing penalty per the rules.

    And the kicker also clearly flopped.

  32. Sherman continued because NO whistle blew – Carpenter flopped, hoping to draw a roughing call – WHICH they didn’t
    call..Bills trainers see Carpenter holding his knee – they run out AND by rule BECAUSE the flag was for an off-sides…So Carpenter had to come out for that one play.
    Piss poor officiating allowed Seattle to steal that win – The Bills played their guts out & once again BAD officials have helped determine the outcome of close game.

  33. Since Pete Carroll arrived, the Seahawks are the most penalized team and their opponents are the least penalized (by a wide margin) over that time period. Look it up, but it doesn’t fit the narrative so…Sorry, the Hawks have been getting jobbed by the refs for decades and we still whoop your a**. BTW, it was not a penalty last night on Sherman and he is the best CB in the game and you wish he was on your team. Bye

  34. Whether he was faking or not, does this still negate what Richard Sherman did or what the infraction really is supposed to be?

  35. All of you bandwagon hawks fans are going to be livid when Wilson gets spiked to the turf during a “legal” play. Can’t wait to come on here and see all the outrage and hot takes from the NW faithful regarding their “look at me” brandito QB

  36. The officials didn’t blow the whistle. Sherman had no idea he was offsides, because the kicker and holder acted like it was a normal (free?) play. Sherman made contact with the ball before the kicker, thus completely nullifying the “running into the kicker” penalty. Once you touch ball, there’s no penalty whatsoever. Then the kicker dove like he’d been shot, only to miraculously come to a complete recovery as soon as the penalty was announced. And everyone’s getting up in arms because the official should have made the wrong call? Not a Seahawks fan, just shaking my head at the stupidity of all of this.

  37. jayhawk777 says:
    Nov 8, 2016 1:44 PM

    Face it, this game was the MOST ENTERTAINING prime time game of the Year. High scoring, incredible catches by Graham, Sherman interception and scowling at the Ryan brothers, A ref confusion at half’s end, Tyrod playing well and incredible drama down to the last play of the game to decide the winner.

    Would have been even more entertaining with a quarter of overtime to decide the real winner…

  38. Regardless of what Sherman did, the fact remains that the zebras botched the K ball and wrongly flagged the Bills for delay of game, adding 5 yards to an already long field goal. No excuse for being that stupid.

    NFL officiating is a joke, and keeps getting worse. And the NFL is shocked to see their ratings slip. It used to be fun to watch football, now it’s torture.

  39. If Carpenter really were hurt, he would have never gotten enough distance to make the FG attempt, let alone twice.

    He was fine and he knows it.

    Here’s something Bills fans have every right to be mad about:

    Why is your defensive “mastermind” of a headcoach allowing offenses to waltz over the Bills?

  40. I like when someone writes….’no dog in the fight, not a fan of either team but……Sherman should be severely fined and Bills coaches and players absolved of all complaining after the game and given a pass because the officialting was horrible.’

    Anybody else think maybe Seattle had a chip on their shoulder after getting totally hosed out of a win in New Orleans the prior weekend from even worse officiating???


    The referees allow Seattle to commit pass interference on virtually every play, and particularly in the 4th quarter. Seahawks play dirty and then whine when someone points it out. But until the NFL decides to do something about the refs (another labor union), this mysterious attraction between the refs and Seattle will go on

  42. I hate the Bills, but I’m glad there was no ACL injury on that play. That tool just dove to Carpenter’s knee, he was not even looking where he was going to hit.

    … and tbone4444, no he’s not and I absolutely don’t want Sherman in my team.

  43. I don’t get why people are saying this is a penalty. I get it, you all hate the Seahawks. The play is NOT DEAD on a flag. It’s dead when they blow the whistle. And they didn’t do that until after he made contact. I don’t care what that buffoon Blandino says. They got it right. If a guy rushes the QB but is offsides they will blow the play dead if he has a free run at the QB, they didn’t do that here. He also blocked the kick so no “running into the kicker.” And if Carpenter hadn’t faked injury he wouldn’t have had to sit out the next play.

    -Not a Seahawks fan in the least.

  44. And yes people, Sherman touched the ball while the holder still had it on the ground, but IT IS STILL ROUGHING. And here is why:

    The rules clearly states “No defensive player may run into or rough a kicker who kicks from behind the line unless such contact: is incidental to and occurs after the defender has touched the kick in flight.” Look it up. The ball was NOT IN FLIGHT as the kicker had not even touched it yet. Stop trying to rationalize what was clearly a blown call. The rules also state “Note: When in doubt, it is a foul for roughing the kicker.” I’m not making this up. NFL Rule Book 2016: Rule 12, Section 2, Article 10.

    Even outside of the semantics of the rule, just follow the spirit of the rule and watch the play: we’re talking about a play where a guy jumped offsides and smashed into the kicker. That is a personal foul. End of story. There is a reason the head official was tweeting during that game that it should have been called.

  45. There’s a certain bias when it comes to your own team and certain questionable plays. I think the ref should’ve blown the play dead no question about it! Move them up five yards and kick. BUT they didn’t and allowed the play to continue. Sherman touched the ball you can look up any angle and see his fingers bent against the ball. Then hit Carpenter. You can cream a player after the defense touches ball. There’s nothing the Bills can do about it…..I don’t appreciate how Sherman acts on the field most of time. He shouldn’t have stared down rex and rubbed it in his face when he INT the ball. It was unattested pic that he definitely should’ve caught (which he did). Go back to the bench and celebrate with your team.

  46. tsk tsk…you’re all pretty self-righteous when it comes to blaming the Seahawks, but you can’t take the truth of a flopping kicker. Seems to me it was the same way when the Falcons got more no-calls than the Seahawks did. Stay classy, trolls.

  47. First of all he stated that the kicker “Hams it up a bit” thats hardly coming out outraged making some outrageous statement. But most everyone on here doesnt care about that. He didnt elaborate on the topic further but hes also CORRECT! The kicker grabbed THE WRONG DAMN LEG!!! Do I have a problem with it? NO I dont every kicker does it hes only stating that it makes it seem worse and peoples feel like he was trying to hurt him bc the KICKER MADE IT SEEM LIKE HIS LIFE WAS IN DANGER!

  48. When your player purposefully rams his helmet into a kickers knee, its allowed. Also Carroll, try have your knee rammed when you’re making a kick, its not pleasant.

  49. Maybe Pete should take a look at his punters under inflated K Balls??? Pretty sure you can squeeze a properly inflated ball like that. Google the photos people…

  50. Yeah, he embellished. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was roughed. Richard Sherman knew full well what he was doing. He was literally the only player moving during that whole ordeal. It was bush league move, the Bills were shafted. Pete Carroll is an idiot.

  51. Lol at you fake drama queens. Watch the replay. No whistle…Carpenter goes for the kick still..Sherm gets a hand on the ball before ever making contact with the kicker. Fake outrage by all of you. Carpenter faked being hurt. Hooked Gruden like a big mouth bass and hooked the clowncar full of PFT trolls. Seahawks win which they played hard for and earned.

  52. hawksfansince77 says:
    Nov 8, 2016 1:03 PM
    He flopped….then up and running 2 minutes later. Carpenter got OWNED by Sherman!
    You’re a Seahawks fan and clearly subjective which is fine but you, me and the rest of the NFL fans/media know that what Sherman did was indeed a missed roughing the kicker penalty. If the teams were reversed in this scenario, would you be saying the same thing?

  53. regardless of the flop.. that was still a penalty and the hawks won that game because of that bad call. those 3 point became crucial at the end of the game. take your gift and shut your trap.. be graceful

  54. First of all, what a bunch of incompetent refs. But at the end of the day Carpenter’s gutless antics probably cost the Bills 3 pts and maybe even the game. Karma is a bitch.

  55. Does anyone realize that Carpenter probably jumped back up quickly so that the medical stuff didn’t look at him?

    There was 0:03 seconds on the clock and the Bills had 0 timeouts left. He probably knew they would have been charged an injury timeout if he didn’t get up.

  56. Carroll is such a smug SOB. He acts like this every time the Seahawks end up on the beneficial side of a controversial call (which is every time they are involved in one). It is easy to dislike this team.

  57. If Sherman was simply trying to block the kick then why did he not just go for the ball? Instead he turned himself and barreled into the kicker’s leg. Why?

  58. Check Sherman’s instagram account for a picture of him very clearly touching the football.
    No roughing.

  59. dohczeppelin – thank you I’ve been waiting for someone to make this insane technical remark. People like you are the reason football is dying. A matter of .003 of a second you are claiming makes intent? The heart of the rule is for when you RUN INTO THE KICKER AND MISS THE BALL! Not just bc the ball is on the kicking Block about to be kicked. THATS NOT the intent of the rule clarification!

    Its people like you who force the NFL to continue to REDEFINE COMMON SENSE by adding verbage to the rule book. Common sense says the delay of game was crap but understood by substitution rules. However TIMING is also common sense. You cant forget that Kicking punting snapping and blocking those are all about TIMING! Sherman wastes one step in hesitation and it makes him run into the kicker. Why did he hesitate bc he anticipated an offsides penalty but when the play wasn’t blown dead he now IS REQUIRED to block the kick which he did.

    Unfortunately you know how to read the rule book but don’t understand its application. THAT SNIP BIT WAS meant mainly for PUNTING!!! Of course its a blocked kick if you hit the ball off the kicking T as the player is swinging his leg. The constant need to complain and redefine all the rules is whats making the NFL harder to watch. its to the point that the only way I see the nfl surviving this trend is by not allowing games to be replayed at home. People nerd out sit on the couch (Myself included) and review most every play. However only when its blatantly obvious do I even shrug or text a buddy yet most of you on here rush to the board to complain like everything that doesn’t go your way is a conspiracy.

    THE NFL is out to paint the Seahawks as villains PERIOD just last week blown calls basically made the playing field so UNEVEN I felt like the hawks with the lead at halftime would have been better suited to have just forfeited the game and gone home. I mean the SAINTS ran some of the most obvious pick plays I have ever seen in my life and not one was called and it was the only reason the Saints were in the game. Every long down and distance the ref either threw a phanton flag to extend it for the Saints or allowed blatant offensive PI. Also for the 1,000,000th time the last play of the Seattle ATL game should have been offsetting penalties and should have forced ATL into another 4th down HailMARY pass. Julio Literally grabbed Shermans face mask and tossed him out of the way at the LOS. thats completely illegal and yet all we here about is Sherman recovering and grabbing his hand. now all plays need to be reviewable bc the refs gave the Seahawks the game. COME ON lets not ignore offsetting penalties bc it doesn’t fit you colluded vision of the game.

  60. Funny, how like almost no one here posting actually knows the rules of the game. You can never rough the kicker if contact is made prior to the kick, he partially blocked the kick by touching the ball prior to it being kicked, it is neither roughing or running into the kicker. It is really, really quite simple. Bottom line, is they got a do over, ball moved 5 yards forward and then 5 yards backwards and the kick was made from the exact same spot and it was missed, and had zero bearing on the outcome of the game.

  61. Is there a team in sports that gets more to break their way with the officiating? Jesus.

  62. As much as I hate Ryan I really thought he handled this whole things as well as you can, not to mention that his team played their collective arse off and gave Seattle everything they could handle in a game most thought would be a blowout.

    Agree with the comments above that Carroll was gifted another terrible call at home and has the stones to be talking about the Bills the next AM.

  63. .

    I was laughing so hard when he acted like his leg was broke. Did he play soccer before or something?

    That performance deserved and Oscar, UNTIL he started yelling at the trainer to leave him alone that he was faking it and get off the field

  64. Whats carrots opinion of Baldwin flopping on a ball that was overthrown by 15 yards in the end zone but the bills were still called for a PI?
    It turned what should have been a 2nd and 25 from the 30 to a 1st and goal from the 1.

  65. It was obvious he was faking.

    One minute he had a torn ACL and a broken leg.

    Next minute he’s up kicking a 50 yarder.

    If Sherman should have stopped due to the whistle, maybe the kicker should have also. Had he stopped there would have been no collision.


  66. Sherman jumped incredibly offside, and drilled the kicker. You’re not even supposed to hit the kicker unless there’s some kind of botched snap or trick play and he’s running. And Sherman just ran right into him on purpose.

    But Carroll has always seemed really shady, so why wouldn’t he blame the guy who got fouled?

  67. If Sherman should have stopped due to the whistle, maybe the kicker should have also. Had he stopped there would have been no collision.


    There was no whistle, it was offside and a live play.

  68. Funny, people here saying they know the rule book are contradicting the director of officiating who clearly stated Sherman should have been flagged. Who do I believe? Internet wannabes or the real thing? Yeah.

  69. Players should play up to and thru the whistle. No whistle, no stopping on the play. Simple as that. Now to address the “unnecessary roughness” cry….the rule states if you tip, or touch the ball before hitting the kicker, no roughness has occurred. He clearly had no whistle and even more clearly he got ball before the got the kicker. Learn the rules, then whine.

  70. Or, I’ll d all of you rules “guru’s” one better. From the official NFL rulebook.

    It is not a foul if the player contacts the ball IN FLIGHT. The had not even been kicked, and Sherman took it Carpenter. It is in black and white, the official NFL rules. Embellished or not, IT WAS A FOUL. IT IS IN THE RULEBOOK.

    No defensive player may run into or rough a kicker who kicks from behind the line unless such contact:

    is incidental to and occurs after the defender has touched the kick in flight
    is caused by the kicker’s own motions
    occurs during a quick kick or a rugby-style kick
    occurs during or after a run behind the line
    occurs after the kicker recovers a loose ball on the ground
    occurs because a defender is pushed or blocked (causing a change of direction) into the kicker
    is the result of a foul by an opponent
    Item 1. Roughing the kicker. It is a foul for roughing the kicker if a defensive player:

    contacts the plant leg of the kicker while his kicking leg is still in the air
    slides into or contacts the kicker when both of the kicker’s feet are on the ground. It is not a foul if the contact is not severe, or if the kicker returns both feet to the ground prior to the contact and falls over a defender on the ground
    Note: When in doubt, it is a foul for roughing the kicker.

    There you have it. How about YOU learn the rules. This is why nobody respects Seahawks fans, it’s the same plague that is New England fans.

  72. It is not a foul if the contact is not severe,

    From the same rules rabidbillsfan.
    Carpenter’s flop and (over)acting job grabbing the wrong leg may have cost him the penalty. By attempting to make it appear worse than it was the referees might have ignored the melodrama. It certainly seems that way. Unfortunately the Bills medical staff bought it, which turned out to be significant.

  73. I like Pete Carroll so much that I think every Cleveland Dog Pile player should get one chance each to kick him in the face.

    This sounds harsh but I doubt any of the Dog Piles are man enough to kick hard enough to inflict any pain.

  74. wasn’t – This is why FOOTBALL is dying because of people like you who don’t understand why there are certain rules and immediately run to the over complicated rulebook and don’t understand how the rules are to be applied and what to ignore so as to you make the wrong decision.


    What if the Bills were rushing the Patriots trying to block a FG and they get to the the ball very quickly they hit the ball off the T just before the kicker can get to it and in the process run into the kicker? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY saying that you think it should result in a personal foul and NOT A BLOCKED KICK? Basically by the way your interpreting the rules thats what you’d expect.

    HOWEVER that is NOT the intent of the rules! And YOU and so many other people on here who are playing victim or hate the seahawks KNOW THIS!

    This is why the job of a ref is IMPOSSIBLE!!! The rule book is too specific and it cant be applied with common sense. You cant research a rulebook and write it into such great detail and expect it to apply in some kind of blanket coverage for every single scenario. The way that rule is written basically elimated blocking FGs unless they are already in the air. WE ALL KNOW THATS COMPLETE BS!

    WE ALL know that if a team or player was to block the ball on the T and subsequently run into the kicker that it was A GREAT BLOCK. But technically how the rules are written we can now go back and say its not a clean play and that even though the intent of the rule is to give some examples of when contact is permissable you cant give the 1,000,000,000 potential scenarios where it may be permissible into a rulebook bc it would totally convolute the whole rule which by the way its written it ALREADY IS.

    I just want you to know its people like you who are RUINING FOOTBALL by going into rulebooks to ignore COMMON DAMN SENSE. The next time the Bills block a FG before its kicked and run into kicker in process I HOPE AND PRAY they award the offense 15 yards and automatic first down and your player is called dirty BC of the whole thing stinks to high HELL and feels like a WITCH hunt!

    THIS IS WHY this scenario is completely stupid! And pretending to be smarter than verbiage on here bc you read the rule everyone make sense when you realize the RULES BOOK IS TOO COMPLICATED AND CANNOT BE APPLIED WITH COMMON SENSE! Sorry Dude the delay of game was BS, But lets not forget the kicker jumped down on the ground and GRABBED THE WRONG LEG! he was pulling some soccer BS and once he didn’t see a penalty he was up swinging his leg like it wasn’t anything.

    unfortunately the kick was moved back from that but AT LEAST he had a try. Why wasn’t you complaining about the rule that if a player needs medical attention he has to come out of the game. Maybe he shouldn’t have kicked it and Sherman would have never touched him.

    YOU cant hold a double standard which your trying to do. If the whistle had been blown and it was quiet and everyone stopped I guarantee he would have been penalized but It simply wasn’t and thats why both the kicker and the guy responsible for the block continued on through the play and it looked so awful MAINLY bc those plays are Bang bang and any miss timed action usually results in an ugly looking kick or fumble or block.

    TAKE THAT L and go home your seasons over see you in the playoffs..

  75. How can you block a kick that hasn’t been kicked?

    The fact that the only reason that he could hit the ball on the ground was that he was egregiously offsides should factor into the penalty.

  76. ohczeppelin says:
    Nov 8, 2016 1:11 PM

    Hard to say. It’s possible he was flopping, but I’ve also personally banged my knee many times in sports and sometimes the pain dissipates very quickly even though it is excruciating for the first few seconds.

    Quick question, when this happens to you, do you usually then grab the OPPOSITE knee and roll around in pain?…..

  77. Went for the ball. Ball was tipped. Kicker open game. Learn the game people. Doesn’t matter who you root for on this one, facts are facts.

  78. So, the kicker writhed in pain until the timeout was called, then when the team needed him off the field so they could spike the ball he jumped up and sprinted off the field. Later, he sprinted back on the field and kicked a field goal attempt. How injured was he? Come on. BE REAL!!!

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