Walt Anderson explains, Dean Blandino says Walt Anderson is wrong

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Obviously coaches and players had strong feelings about last night’s (latest) officiating snafu, and it was enough to make NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino tweet out that they were wrong.

Referee Walt Anderson said in the postgame pool report that because they were in the process of blowing the play dead for Richard Sherman being offsides, they didn’t think the contact on Dan Carpenter warranted an unnecessary roughness penalty.

“We were shutting the play down, that would be my call,” Anderson said. “I just didn’t feel like the actions and the contact, because we were shutting the play down, warranted a foul. . . .

“We didn’t end up having a kick, so one of the things we’re just looking for is does the player have a chance to realize that we’re shutting the play down from that standpoint and whether or not he has an opportunity to avoid any type of contact once he realizes that we’re getting the play shut down. I know it was loud out there for everybody. That’s probably what took us a little bit of time to get everything shut down. But that’s what we’re looking at. Does the contact rise to the level where we feel like it was clearly avoidable, and rose to the level of a personal foul.”

Anderson admitted that he erred in not resetting the play clock, attributing that to the switch between regular balls and kicking balls.

And during his appearance on the NFL Network postgame show, Blandino made it clear that both were errors.

“The referee didn’t think that the contact was severe enough,” Blandino said. “He felt that players were coming together and he just didn’t think it was a foul. We looked at it and it is a foul. It is no different than a defender coming offside and hitting a quarterback after the whistle blew, so it should have been unnecessary roughness. . . .

“Again, the referee in looking at it was coming in to kill the play and didn’t think the contact was enough for unnecessary roughness. Obviously when you look at the tape, that is not the case.”

And that lends credence to the notion that more plays should be able to be reviewed by Blandino or someone in his department during the play of the game. He said the sequence would be reviewed, but the league has another mess on its hands, and needs to take steps to make sure another of their prime time games isn’t remembered more for their mistakes than the play on the field.

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  1. .
    Adding up the comments from Blandino, Rex Ryan, Walt Anderson et al. it’s apparent that someone from Buffalo needs to be suspended. Plus, the Bills should be docked some draft picks. It’s the only logical outcome people!

  2. The “after the fact” critque does nothing for the team that is the victim of the blown call….just ask Detroit….and the others who suffered in Seattle.

  3. And that lends credence to the notion that more plays should be able to be reviewed by Blandino or someone in his department during the play of the game.

    LOL…and you’ll be there to spin that as well…

  4. Watching these guys try to cover their rears is pathetic. They blew it not once, but twice, and they aren’t even man enough to admit it. How these guys keep their jobs when blatant mistakes directly influence the outcome of the game is beyond me.

    What happened to player safety? Carpenter got lit up in primetime and they all just pretended it didn’t happen. I’m never one to believe games are rigged but man, how can you explain that sequence of officiating? Just completely botched from top to bottom and the refs who did it are pretending they somehow called that correctly. Unbelievable.

  5. How is it the NFL is so poor that it can’t afford:
    Extra Cameras on the end zone
    Pay the Ref’s full time pay, so they can only be Ref’s (i.e watch tape, get an understanding of the rules during the season…aka GET BETTER)
    A Jacket and Ring for deceased Hall Of Famer NOK
    A field ready to play on THE FIRST ACTUAL preseason GAME (only had 6 plus months to be ready)
    Safer equipment, or at least equipment that has been tested to be safer
    Pay for the tape release on, oh I don’t know, an elevator assault or any other tape releases that TMZ seem to get before the NFL
    Who’s running this show??

    Oh yeah…Nevermind

  6. That whole sequence was a debacle. Probably assures that Walt Anderson is the ref for the Super Bowl. smh

  7. Didnt watch the game and damn glad i didnt waste 3 hours of my life to see another referee debacle.

  8. Walt Anderson said ‘they were in the process of whistling the play dead??!!

    Ridiculous excuse. That is the whole point, that they waited too long to whistle the play dead. Sherman was hitting the kicker at the same time they whistled the play dead. Way too much time passed before they whistled it dead.

    For every kicking situation there is the possibility of an offside, so there should always be one or two refs watching whether there is one so they can immediately whistle it dead. Were they taking a nap?

    Coaches teach their players to continue with their play until the whistle, so that is what Sherman was doing.

  9. Sherman is deservedly going to get fined.
    Does his action make the game more fun?
    I don’t think so.

  10. excuse me if im wrong but I feel as though kickers should be the most protected players on the field.. Does it change the outcome? IDK but 15 yards and an automatic first down do change the potential dynamics for how things get played out.

  11. Isn’t it interesting that Walt Anderson is always wrong? Wasn’t he wrong in which gauge he used to check footballs? Seems like the league has a vendetta against him.

  12. May be that there is a lack of respect by many of the officials for Blandino since he has never referee’d a game in his life.

  13. Just another case of the officials always looking to screw the Seahawks, right Seattle fans? Ive never seen a collection of fans who see the officiating so differently than the fans of the other 31 teams who watched the same game. These comments sections are littered with “the officials always screw the seahawks” comments, which is laughable

  14. The way the officials are messing up this year, there may not be any who grade high enough to work the playoffs.

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Anderson and his crew are suspended for one game for not calling the roughing the kicker foul and forcing the Bills into a delay of game penalty during that sequences.

  16. The more egregious mistake was not resetting the play clock after the blown call. Everyone in the stadium expected it to be reset, Carpenter makes the 49-yard field goal, but they stop the play for delay of game. How can you penalize a team for delay of game when it was the official’s error? Carpenter misses from 54 and the Bills have to go for a touchdown at the end of the game instead of kicking a tying field goal. This is sickening.

  17. The force required to kick a 50+ yard field goal is incredible. Sherman knew he was really offside, and didn’t try to tip the ball, he crashed into his kicking leg. Some scrub guy should just take off when Sherman isn’t looking and dive for a knee, see how he feels then.

  18. a) Sherman hit the guy’s plant leg, not his kicking leg. Good job not knowing what you’re talking about.

    b) Some guy *did* dive for Sherm’s knee. Funny how you didn’t know about that either. Well, not so much funny as predictable. You sheep believe what they tell you and don’t bother to find out anything for yourselves.

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