Colin Kaepernick didn’t vote

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Colin Kaepernick began a national dialogue on issues of race and police brutality when he sat for the national anthem. But when it came time to have a say in America’s direction, Kaepernick punted.

Kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback who is an outspoken critic of racial injustice, confirmed to reporters on Tuesday that he didn’t vote.

In one respect, that’s not surprising: Kaepernick has been highly critical of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He didn’t think there was a real difference between the two candidates for president.

It’s more surprising that Kaepernick apparently also doesn’t much care about the difference between the two candidates for U.S. Senate in California, doesn’t think any of the state and local elections matter, and doesn’t think any of the propositions matter. Does Kaepernick really see no connection at all between any of those races and the issues he speaks out about?

If Kaepernick cares about police mistreatment of black men in America, he should care about the way America is governed. He didn’t care enough to vote.

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  1. Can’t have an opinion if you don’t educate yourself.
    Another uninformed critic with a soapbox.
    Can’t wait for his sideline sideshow to move on.

  2. Demands change in the country….but doesn’t vote for said change. Just like most of the liberals in this country, all bark, no bite.

  3. SO the freaking sissy punk,,who whines and complains while cashing 12 million dollar checks about how bad he has it….can’t get off his freaking ass and vote?

  4. “Colin Kaepernick began a national dialogue on issues of race and police brutality when he sat for the national anthem.”

    He did?
    Silly me, I thought the unarmed people being shot on camera by police started that discussion. Thanks for setting me straight, I wouldn’t know what to think if the media didn’t tell.

  5. Doesn’t respect the flag and doesn’t cherish the honor bestowed upon an American citizen to exercise a right that most people in other countries do not have. This guy is such a tool. PLEASE move on from him on this site.

  6. i hope he moves away with the other celebrities…

    i don’t think it will be hard for the 49ers to find a stiff to replace the stiff at qb

  7. If he really cared about racial injustice, he’d be out there speaking about it. Campaigning to fight against it. Using his position to gain some traction on a just cause.

    Nope. Instead, he takes a knee………..

  8. Colin Kaepernick began a national dialogue on issues of race and police brutality when he sat for the national anthem.


    No. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for over two years, the “dialogue” began when a bunch of people thought it would be a good idea to lie to cameras about the details of the Michael Brown shooting. It was covered ad nauseam by CNN, and the “debate” heated up conveniently in June for election time with the cherry-picked media propagation of the Philando Castile and Alton Sterling shootings.

    Literally anyone with a pulse, a pair of eyes, and the ablity to read is, and has been aware of the “issue”. And in these two years, nothing new of substance has been added to this “debate” to support the notion that law enforcement officers target and hunt minorities for sport. Great “dialogue”. We desperately need James Cameron to raise the bar again.

  9. Agree with all comments above. Kap, you’re a chump. Keep your opinions to yourself from now on. Can’t have an opinion if you don’t stand up and perform your civic duty to help affect change in which you’re so adamant about. Smh

  10. If you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to complain about whoever is in power.

    Time for Colin to get off his soapbox and lay down by his dish.

  11. Way to undermine your message, dude. Voting is the only real power we have to effect change.

  12. He didn’t have time to vote. And yet if given the platform, he’ll have plenty of time to complain.

  13. Whelp liberals, you had your fun. Time to find a “safe space”.

    Newsflash, nobody cares about Kap’s vote, the Redskins name, or any other lemming crusade. As of today, even LESS care.

  14. Look at Kaps family photos. The really nice suburb he grew up in. Cracks me up he is considered a voice of change. Room full of shoes and prison poses screams your hardcore….joke.

  15. Maybe he could get a few backers or better yet fund himself and run for a public office and create positive change instead of just wearing his hair blown out , pig socks and tee shirts that are suppose to make statements !

  16. Didn’t vote? Ok, that’s his right. But he lost his right to complain about anything in Our country! Have a nice life Colin. You may move now.

  17. I was down with him until this; for a guy of his current stature/ that folks are emulating it really sends the wrong message.

  18. If the Castro shirt and pig socks hadn’t already shown him for the diletante he is this certainly exposes him as an absolute fraud. Now he can feel free to be a silent one as well. Like our parents taught us, if you don’t vote, don’t b!tch.

  19. Nick was absolutely and one hundred percent correct in reserving his ‘right’ not to cast a vote of which he felt he could not do in ‘good conscience’ cast for either candidate.

    Candidly speaking (no pun intended) neither nominee was ‘worthy’ of even receiving a single vote (in my opinion). Both nominees performed shamefully in front of the nation for months and now the writer of this article has the audacity to try and shame this courageous young man for not wasting his time by casting a ballot?

    The real loser in all of this is not Hillary R. Clinton, it’s these so called “United” States of America…

  20. Hey Kraper, You need to leave soon, I will buy you a condo on mars and you can visit some of your friends and here they are: these people are leaving because …
    Amy Schumer Spain
    Jon Stewart Another planet
    Chelsea Handler Spain
    Al Sharpton out of here
    Eddie Griffin Africa
    Spike Lee Brooklyn
    Cher Jupiter
    George Lopez – Mexico
    Barbra Streisand Canada
    Whoopi Goldberg – Unknown
    Miley Cyrus Unknown but is very serious
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Supreme Court Justice – What, New Zealand
    Amy Schumer – Spain

  21. by not voting he voted for a return to 1896;

    if he didn’t like the way things were before yesterday, wait til he gets a load of tomorrow;

  22. And see, that’s the EXACT issue I have with Kaepernick – he’s a hypocrite. I respect his right to not vote – despite what political fanatics may say, it’s your right to NOT vote as much as it is to vote – so I’ve got no issue with that. However, if you don’t vote, then you’ve got no right complaining about the political climate of the country, because you had the opportunity to change it and you did nothing.

    Point being, start standing at the National Anthem and honor the men and women that protect your freedom to “protest”, you hypocrite.

  23. Just like some people being interviewed this morning complaining about election results – When asked who they voted for, EVEN the reporter was amazed how many said –
    ” oh – I didn’t vote”….. you don’t vote – then DON’T complain about political issues! My candidate lost & I may not agree with everything the party does – I’ll keep voting because that’s how I feel change WILL happen.

  24. If you think something is wrong the get involved…

    Complaining while doing nothing is just being whiny for the sake of being whiny

  25. Of course he didn’t vote. Voting does nothing to keep him from getting cut, which likely started this spectacle. That’s not to say it’s not an issue to be addressed, it just means Kap’s intentions were more selfish than anything else.

  26. This guy could have used his fame and star power to make positive changes for whatever cause he believed in. Instead he comes off like a pouting child that got his favorite toy taken away. It would be nice if the media would stop covering this story as Colin and his “stand” does absolutely nothing for anyone

  27. I actually feel bad for him. He’s the worst kind of dumb—that being he’s dumb and doesn’t know it. People who think like him are the ones who put the country in the place its in. Ironically, morons like Kaepernick create Donald Trump.

  28. It was always my opinion: “If you don’t vote, you have no right to bitch and complain.”

  29. Can’t allow yourself to get caught in that Matrix…what was honestly good about the two main candidates??…it’s so many glaring negatives, it wipes out any positives they’ve done…I don’t need to go over the negatives because we’re all well aware of them…people ask why I chose not to vote and this is why…I refuse to pick the “lesser of two evils”….refuse to do so….you’re not gonna show me two heaping piles of crap and expect me to get excited because one heaping pile of crap has a little sugar sprinkled on top with a cherry…and even if you vote outside of the box, what hope is in that?…it’s the two main candidates and that’s basically it…if you don’t allow yourself to feel so emotionally invested in it, it’ll be ok…with all the rigs and politricks, it was going to be what it was going to be anyway…neither of those two candidates own your mind, you do…neither of them put air in your lungs, determine what kind of person you are, put food on your table or help you take care of you and yours…to those who took the time to vote I salute you…sometimes people think just because their opinion differs from someone else’s, they have to trash their opinion or decision…never that…if you voted good for you…it’s just not for me…

  30. Either way his kneeling for the anthem helped Trump win the election. I believe this is just one example of things people are tired of.

  31. I didnt vote either. It was not for the same reasons as him (if he even has a reason). I just didnt care who won because I didnt actually support either candidate.

  32. Hypocrite Kaepernick…..set the example and be a leader of change if you talk such a good game….No voting shows your true colors and Im not talking bout the color of your skin………..

  33. “Does Kaepernick really see no connection at all between any of those races and the issues he speaks out about?”
    I’m sure He sees the connection….
    Hence the reason He didn’t waste His time.
    Its backlash time in America and and this backward moving train is in full steam ahead.

  34. He’s a hypocrite, but he certainly continues to get the attention he wants. Talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

  35. Like voting does anything. It’s just garbage in, garbage out. Politics, and probably most of all the presidency is as much a tradition as Thanksgiving. The meaning has no merit anymore and it doesn’t do anything for the average citizen. All it does is further the agendas of corporate America.

    Anyone who still thinks the government can (or more importantly, WILL) do anything to change your life for the better, is getting played hard.

  36. You don’t have to vote for either one. Their were other candidates, or write your own in. Plus their are sens, reps, govs, judges, school district of your schools, and amendments that effect everybody in your state that needed to be voted for. Your vote does matter in more ways than just the presidency

  37. I didn’t vote either.Trump is no different than the rest of the president or candidates that ran for president.Systematic white supremacy is still here to opress blacks like it has for so many years nothing will change.

  38. What a butt head…he needs to concentrate on playing football and keep his mouth shut and stand up for the country that made him able to protest in the first place..not to mention a millionaire too!

  39. I am glad the article pointed out how he failed to vote on all the issues and not just the presidential election. That in itself proves he doesn’t get it.

  40. A complete repudiation of liberal policies, and the Clinton, Obama agendas.

    The mainstream media is dead and gone. And they deserve this. They did this.

    They lied to you and about you for decades.

    And America has spoken, and it’s beautiful.

  41. Several of the posts in this comments section are from people who say they did not vote.

    Saying you did not vote and then giving some BS reason for not voting is just that BS.

    There are more than 230 million eligible voters in the US, so far roughly 125 million votes have been counted. Once they are all in let’s say that number goes to even 140 million. That would leave over 90 million eligible voters who did not vote.

    Neither of the major party candidates will have come anywhere near that many votes.

    So quit making excuses to cover up your uneducated laziness and go out and vote for the differences that you are asking for!

  42. Colin, I’ve supported you, and your stance, but this is not cool. My grandparents also endured bigotry that you and I could never imagine, but still cast their vote even “if it didn’t matter.”

    As others have mentioned, you no longer have a right to complain.

  43. jjackwagon says:
    Nov 9, 2016 9:08 AM
    Didn’t vote? Then he has no right to complain.
    ___________________________ That’s like saying women can’t fight or complain about rape if they’ve never experienced it.

  44. In hindsight – the DNC probably should have focused on solutions rather than demonizing a very large voting bloc and blaming them for all of societies woes the past 8 years…..

  45. lol…..ignorance?
    the very definition of ignorance is voting to “make america great again”….

    and striking a ballot for a reality host who, without mentioning a single blueprint, got you to fall for it.

    the only thing this man did is con the ignorant.

  46. byHim4u says:
    Nov 9, 2016 7:36 AM
    Nick was absolutely and one hundred percent correct in reserving his ‘right’ not to cast a vote of which he felt he could not do in ‘good conscience’ cast for either candidate.

    There were more than 2 candidates on the ballot in addition to a write in space. BTW, no one is required to select someone for every office on the ballot, choosing none of the above also makes a statement all it’s own. In addition to selecting a US senator there were referendum questions that impact the subjects supposedly near and dear to his heart including criminal sentencing, the legalization of pot, schools, transparency of legislative bills, firearms…

    Couch it in whatever terms you like but as a self selected citizen advocate for social change he failed the most basic obligation of that citizenship and destroyed his voice as a credible one.

  47. “I want change! But I won’t vote for it. You guys can do all the work for me. And if it doesn’t work out in my favor, I’ll just keep protesting. Because that makes sense to me.”

    what a dope.

  48. Alot of people have said they’re leaving the country if Trump wins, Beyonce & her husband have said such things……. Hopefully they’re true to their word.

  49. There’s more than just those two candidates on the ballot. Not liking either candidate is NOT a reason to vote. There’s also state and local positions to vote for.

    If you don’t exercise your right to vote then don’t complain about whats being done politically.

  50. This guy is a fraud. I didn’t agree with knelling for the anthem but I understood his reasons. But since he has gotten the attention his as done nothing constructive with it. He is clearly in such a position of influence starting for an NFL team and he is literally pouting it away. Its a shame that he has so many young black youth knelling for the anthem but won’t take the time to go and vote. What kinda example is he trying to set? Everyone suffering from any kinda oppression is not a wealthy NFL player! Change can not be brought forth with only a riots, protest or words you need to have action. Simply voting is an action black people fought for and he choose to just throw it away. So he should just keep kneeling because clearly he doesn’t stand for anything anyway!!!

  51. He has a right not to vote
    He has a right to complain
    We have a right to ignore him
    This is what we fight for as Americans

    This is not unlike his career, you get out of it what you put into it. Need a place to go Kap? Try Oblivion

  52. This makes all of his complaints null and void. He made this huge spectacle about racial oppression, and then he doesn’t even vote? What a stupid hypocrite. His credibility is ZERO.

  53. I’ll guarantee his National Anthem antics were fuel to some of the Trump voter’s fires – may have been just enough to put them either over the top or to get off their buts and go to the polls because they thought Trump might make a change.

  54. Most likely Colin doesn’t think any of these California referendum/ propositions are important items …..regardless of who you do or do not vote for…these issues are important.

    You want to take a knee to protest violence against black men during a time to honor our flag…yet you don’t exercise you’re your right to voice your opinion??

    Taking a knee isn’t Brave… those that stood and fought for the right to have a vote is brave.

    Thumbs up if you think these items were important and Colin should have voted on.

    Proposition 51 · $9 Billion Bond for modernizing K-12, charter, vocational schools and community colleges

    Proposition 52 · Extends existing fee on hospitals to fund coverage for Medi-Cal, uninsured patients, and children’s health

    Proposition 55 · Extends income tax on earnings over $250,000 to fund schools and healthcare
    Proposition 57 · Allows parole consideration for nonviolent felons and allows juvenile court judges to decide whether juveniles will be prosecuted as adults

    Proposition 58 · Allows schools to establish non English-only education programs

    Proposition 61 · Prohibits California from buying prescription drugs at a higher price than paid by the US Department of Veterans Affairs

    Proposition 62 · Repeals the death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole

    Proposition 64 · Legalizes marijuana for use by adults 21 and over

  55. broncosnative says:
    Nov 9, 2016 5:54 AM
    I didn’t vote either in fact, there are more Americans who doesn’t vote than those who does.

    True. But nobody cares about you or them. You weren’t on the radio and on TV protesting and speaking on injustice and complaining about the country. He was. So, if you can speak and protest you should make your voice heard and vote for change. There are local elections as well and those matter more to communities than the presidental election. At the end of the day, he’s done all of this for attention not to make the country a better place.

  56. “Colin Kaepernick began a national dialogue on issues of race and police brutality when he sat for the national anthem.”

    Uh, no. The Trayvon Martin shooting began the “dialogue.”

    As for this guy, I’ve tried to defend his right to protest by kneeling for the anthem, because it’s a whole lot better than the riots by professional nomadic protesters that tried to destroy my city in September. But this I can’t defend.

    He only didn’t vote because he doesn’t like Clinton or Trump. Never mind that there were 2 other Presidential candidates on the ballot, and all the other issues cited in the article here. That’s where the media committed its crime. “It’s all about the Democrat & Republican running for President. Nothing else matters. No voice for other parties. You MUST vote for 1 of these, no matter how evil they are.”

    We’ll be at this again in 2 years. Do some research, people. And please stop listening to the talking heads that demand that you bow and worship the golden idols called “Democrat” and “Republican.”

  57. If you’re not going to take part in the process you don’t have the right to complain. Any credibility he had is lost forever and he’s too dumb to even realize it.

  58. It’s kind of funny – you’d think that being a starter in the NFL would automatically make him one of the 32 best QBs in the league. Just saying.

  59. Yep he punked out and dropped the ball. I thought he actually ‘got it’ but he clearly does not.

    Start a movement then don’t even vote for anything on the ballot? Forget the knee…go take a seat fool.

  60. I am tired of hearing about Colin Kaepernick. This guy is not going to stop his “protests” until his NFL career is over, when he fades into obscurity.

    Sure, he has a right to speak out against whatever he wants, but this is getting old. Kneeling for the national anthem every week is not going to change anything… Doing it every week will just make people forget about it eventually because it’s old news.

  61. He’s a cry baby just like all the liberals in this country. He stands for nothing he just wants attention. He could not break the starting line up so he sought attention another way. But the comments about uneducated white guys putting Trump in office as one commenter pointed out is played out. There was way to many voters that were educated that wanted change.

  62. Kaepernick started this whole thing for self promotion, so I’m not surprised that he didn’t vote.

    Had he been good enough to win the starting job last year with Tomsula, or in the spring/summer with Chip Kelly (whose offense he is allegedly “perfect” for), he never would have knelt. He never mentioned his protest during all of summer camp, or media interviews. He also didn’t protest in the first two games of the preseason. Then, when the starters are about to play in game 3, he decides to kneel for the anthem. He’s not the first person to protest the anthem, so we all knew there would be backlash. Since he had lost his starting job, and there was talk of cutting him outright, he had to find a way to say, “Look at me.”

    This guy is a clown.

  63. Another great leader for his chosen cause(s). Whine, pout, stomp feet; point, accuse, disparage. Then watch, do nothing, complain of unfairness when things don’t magically change. Rinse and repeat.

  64. @ Rdog says:
    Nov 9, 2016 11:16 AM
    Sure, he has a right to speak out against whatever he wants, but this is getting old. Kneeling for the national anthem every week is not going to change anything… Doing it every week will just make people forget about it eventually because it’s old news.

    The kneeling is practice for when he is cut by the 9ers and has to resort to begging for a new job from a gm.

  65. Voting is just one aspect of the process. I know it’s hard during an NFL season to do much outside of that job, that being said he went around cheerleading impressionable young kids to encourage an anti-american message. I’m not sure how that brings the country together just creates more enemies of the state instead of solutions.

  66. This was always more about a creating a smokescreen to protect the guaranteed portion of his contract.

  67. That’s bc hes a petulant child seeking attention. The fact that he didn’t vote at least for Sheriff proves he is completely ignorant and uneducated on the subject he claims to be standing up for or he doesn’t really care to make any difference if it’s not bringing attention to him.

    He knows claiming he didn’t vote will get him more attention so he didn’t vote.

    End of Story.

  68. Kaepernick lost me with this. You can literally vote for anyone you want and you just sit and pout. People have died for the right you just threw away. Making a difference requires action. The issues you bring up have merit, but you are obviously in over your head as to how to approach them. Alienating everyone while you enjoy one of the most privileged lifestyles in the history of mankind is not the way to go.

  69. I didn’t vote because I did not care for either candidate and there were no Whig Party candidates running. I also think a competency test should be taken and passed to have the right to vote. Too many people vote based on who their friends like and other dumb reasons. My vote is nullified by people who know very little about government and politics.

  70. Trump won the election with the support of less than 1/4 of qualified voters, Squidward. If you’re waiting for ISIS to field a candidate, it’ll be awhile.

  71. Still, if you don’t vote you will always cast your empty vote to the one who wins. That is how it works. So, technically he voted for Trump.

  72. Boy he showed us! Lol. What a dolt. His teammates didn’t vote for him either, or he’d be riding the pine.

  73. Again Kaepernick shows his complete ignorance. A no vote is a vote for Trump. After falling to the bottom of the list of quarterbacks he figured out a way to get back in the news. Just like Trumps failing companies losing billions (that’s why he wouldn’t turn over his tax returns) he figured out a way to get his face back into the media. Kaepernick is an embarrassment to his family, his country and last and least important the NFL.

  74. I guarantee he has no idea who was running for state senate and didn’t have a clue about any of the local propositions he could have voted or for against. He has probably never voted in his life.
    He is just an entitled, clueless, loser.

  75. Dude lost his right to complain.

    Thing is, I fully support his right to do what he is doing with the anthem. No problem at all.

    But by staying home on election day, he’s just another whiner and needs to ess tee eff yu.

  76. I just lost all respect for Colin Kaepernick.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

  77. That’s okay, the Democrats are still blaming the 2% who voted 3rd party. Not the 47% who didn’t vote.

  78. “vote or shut up. period”

    “dude lost his right to complain”

    new york and new jersey, among others, did not vote in this country’s vote for independence.

    there is political and social value to not voting, some self apparent, some not so much, though obviously it escapes your ignorant clown hyena brain.

    so maybe it is more accurate to say that kaepernick has lost his responsibility to be blamed.

    we need to teach our kids political science at a young age, so they know how to navigate society.

  79. Half the country didn’t vote. And half of the half that did elected an unfit, unqualified, racist. Colin, you didn’t miss a thing!

  80. lucky9design says:
    Nov 11, 2016 7:08 AM
    “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” Thomas Jefferson
    So if the “majority” wins why are the Republican’s celebrating a win, as they lost the popular vote. So much for a majority.

  81. we’re surprised that the idiot railing against oppression then wore a shirt with Fidel Castro on it didn’t vote? Kapernick thinks he’s smarter than he really is in regards to these societal issues but when you hear him speak, there’s not one complete coherent original though but rather segments of cliches sloppily put together.

  82. why bother to vote if at the highest levels of government there is corruption? it runs from the top down. it also doesnt change the fact that elitists are running the country. there’s a small group of people that own and control everything, including the media(NBC). voting won’t change that. there’s billions of people starving on the planet, meanwhile there’s people on it that have more money than 90% of us would have in 10 lifetimes. there’s something fundamentally wrong with that.

  83. For a meager $450 CK could renounce his citizenship and then we’d all feel a lot better. He won’t need it in Canada anyway.

  84. lucky9design says:
    Nov 11, 2016 7:08 AM
    So if the “majority” wins why are the Republican’s celebrating a win, as they lost the popular vote. So much for a majority.

    It’s immaterial. No candidate was trying to get the most votes in the country. Each candidate was trying to put together enough state wins to get to 270 in the electoral college.

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