Richard Sherman calls apology from Carpenter’s wife “BS”

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A day after the wife of Bills kicker Dan Carpenter apologized for a tweet suggesting that Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman should be castrated, Sherman wasn’t much interested in Kaela Carpenter’s public apology.

It’s not surprising at all,” Sherman said when reporters asked him about her tweet on Wednesday. “This is a day in age where you’ve got Ku Klux Klan running around . . . you know, people say whatever they want and here’s very little consequence. For her to say something like that and then have a BS apology like she did, I mean, it’s just the way of the world. I don’t let it bother me. It’s something that I’m very used to. It’s just the way people are — the way people were raised.”

Sherman hit Dan Carpenter on the knee after jumping offsides late in the first half of Monday’s Bills-Seahawks game. That was just the start of a wild sequence that may have cost the Bills points and forced NFL vice president of officiating to tweet that officials didn’t properly enforce a penalty on the play. Sherman later had words with Bills coach Rex Ryan, who called the officiating “ridiculous.”

In a follow-up question Wednesday, Sherman was asked if he was saddened by Kaela Carpenter’s original response.

“It’s more disappointing than anything, but it’s also something that’s understandable,” Sherman said. “Ignorance has always been in the world. The core of this country has been built off slavery and people owning people. Anytime you understand that’s the core principles of the way a nation was built, then you’ve got to have some kind of, I guess, sympathy for it.”

In Kaela Carpenter’s online apology, she said she was making “an attempt at humor” and did not intend for her response to be racially charged.

151 responses to “Richard Sherman calls apology from Carpenter’s wife “BS”

  1. Sherman is playing the media. You hyped her comment as racist (it wasn’t), ran with it, and now he is giving as much passive-aggressive nuance as he can from your bylines.

    But hey, keep pumping the spin-machine wheels…..occasionally an actual football article shows up here….

  2. Is anyone shocked the dirtbag coward, who purposely tried to injure another player, is trying to be the victim? Sherman isn’t smart enough to realize that his deflecting and race bating actually hurts true progress towards ending systematic racism.

  3. Fixed rigged game allowing Sherman to commit a grievous penalty and then ignore it.
    Judging from Sherman’s communication skills and lack of intellect we should have sympathy for him since he may have brain damage from one too many hits to the head.

  4. A long time ago Richard Sherman took it into the gutter. Remember him getting into Michael Crabtree’s face after the NFC Championship game? What a classless move. He loves to talk trash and dwell in the sewer. Now somebody actually goes down and meets him in the sewer and he’s mad. Give me a break dude. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  5. You thought a kickers wife irritated you? Just wait and see what Brady has in store for you.

  6. Hi Richard, this is Donald. We’re sorry to inform you but your race card has been revoked. You are now banished to speak the truth.

  7. Stop ignoring the fact this country was built on the backs of oppressed people. Whether it was slaves, coal miners working in unsafe conditions and countless others. Now it’s being continued with illegal aliens being happily employed by companies that would rather pay them less than minimum wage than full wage for someone else.

    As for her original comment…I just don’t see how castration would even come to her mind. I mean there’s been plenty of more violent intentional acts on the football field, which I’m sure she’s seen. But somebody help me understand how that gets to castration? Players wives and family members really should stay out of it.

  8. What she said initially was totally inappropriate but she was trying to walk it back so Sherman was totally in control of the situation. A man of integrity would have taken the high road, but Sherman flippantly generalized and played a race card. Speaks volumes. You’ve got a lot to learn, Richard.

  9. “It’s just the way people are…the way people were raised.”
    “Ignorance has always been in the world.”

    Yeah as in raised on a farm and if Sherman wasn’t exercising his own ignorance he might understand you can take the girl out of the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. Anyone that has ever known real farm people has heard them use some, ah …unique…expressions. Everything isn’t always about something else. Even Freud accepted sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Speaking of ignorance, way to play the race card again.

    In Sherman’s world view, in spite of what we saw, we are supposed to accept his explanation of his hit on Carpenter as gospel but he gets to decide a farm girl’s explanation/apology is racist bs.

  10. Who is surprised he reacted this way? A certain group can call any other group anything they want but as soon as anyone says anything to them they don’t like, immediately it’s racism. Nothing new here.

  11. Not quite sure how Sherman manages to get to race from her comment, but he certainly doesn’t disappoint. This country is based on free speech so if she wants to not “stay out of it”, that is her prerogative. That should have been a 15 yard penalty BTW.

  12. Just another Safe Space victim-monger!

    We all know how smart he is because he tells us the time, I wonder if he will see the irony when Brady figuratively castrates him Sunday night!

  13. When you find yourself in an argument with the wife of a kicker, it’s time to step back, realize this isn’t a good use of anyone’s time and move on.

  14. Too many people attaching too much importance to another person. Why let another command so much hate out of you?

    Chill out and watch games. If you get so angry pick a different hobby.

  15. And yet yesterday he sent out:

    @KaelaCarpenter 😂😂😂😂😂 Thank you! Have a great day

    — Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) November 8, 2016

    Guess today he decided to play the race card work to prevent a fine

  16. His comments are certainly more racially offensive than hers…when he wants to see a real racist, he should look in the first mirror he comes across. But, we get it Richie, everyone’s a racist that doesn’t agree with your position.

  17. Just when I thought Sherman was taking the high road and laugh it off he has to open his mouth and throw out an illegitimate race card. I could of swore Sherman had a Stanford education, can’t tell from his ranting. Was her comment dumb-probably, was it racist-not even remotely…

  18. btw he wasn’t pulling a race card at all, if you use some common sense you would realize that. He is talking about people being ignorant as a whole, not just a race, or someone being racist. So stupid that this has to be pointed out.

  19. Man, people are really upset today… it’s like I woke up and the whole country changed… did I miss something?

  20. The comments section of this site and the very predictable likes-to-dislikes really lets me know how different those fly-over states are from the actually desirable and semi-cultured coastal states. It’s weird to love football so much and have so little in common with what seems like the overwhelming majority of football fans.

    It was clearly a tasteless and thoughtless remark by the kicker’s wife with a very obvious line that anyone with half a brain could draw straight to racism.

    It’s a shame that so many people refuse to believe racism even exists.

    Oh, well.

    Go hawks.

  21. kettles08 says:
    Nov 9, 2016 8:25 PM
    That was a racially charged insult from her?
    I’m not attacking you but her comments could very well have been racially charged given the history of this nation that a lot of you would love to just sweep under a rug.

    Some egregious things happened to black males in the not so long ago past and Mrs. Carpenter should have been more sensitive to that issue.

    Willful ignorance is nothing to be proud of.

  22. Definitely not a Seahawks fan, but loved Sherman’s responses. Kicker’s idiot wife sounds off by suggesting violence over a play where kicker cost his team by faking an injury. Castration? When’s the last time you’ve heard anyone suggesting a football player be castrated?
    The kicker isn’t even a real football player. Carpenter faking an injury like that, he should be playing soccer. He’d fit right in.

  23. This country was built on slavery? Really?
    You need to go back to college. Or better yet, go back to high school.
    Do you know how many men (Of all race) died for this country?

    Because there was black slaves, this gives you a pass?
    What about the the white and Chinese slaves that where brought to this country to work on railroads?

    I don’t condone slavery, by I also know that America is past slavery and the KKK.
    The only reason why black people think that racism is around each corner, is because every time something is said negative towards a black person, its racist. (Don’t get me wrong, racism still exists) JS

    Example: “Richard, you act like an animal on the field”. (Racism)
    Example: “JJ Watt, you act like an animal on the field”. (OK)
    You know why? because he was brought up to judge everyone’s negative comments toward blacks as racist.

    Next time you have a negative comment towards a white person Richard, I’ll take it as racist. Or does that only apply towards blacks?

  24. It’s a shame that it always has to turn into this because I honestly believe that if Richard Sherman was white, Dan Carpenter’s wife would have said the EXACT same thing on Twitter. Calling him an “animal” was in reference to her perception of how he plays dirty on the field. And she’s not the first person to think Sherman is a dirty player whether she is right or not. But the most disgusting part to me is what people turn it into.

  25. His answer was BS! He didn’t REMOTELY do a good acting job on that play. He claimed to be blocking the kick but he threw himself shoulder first, as if making a tackle. I always thought players dove with outstretched hands in order to block a kick or punt. Classless play but biased fans will support their guy.

  26. I’m a seahawks fan first. I want to apologize for the stupendous comments that Sherman responded with. Im so sick of the race card getting thrown around all the time.

  27. Summed it up perfectly Mr Sherman. Res Ipsa Loquitor. What’s humorous is how the recipient of the attack.. is expected to alleviate the suffering of the attacker. ALA Tiger and Fuzzy..

  28. “Ignorance has always been in the world. The core of this country has been built off slavery and people owning people. Anytime you understand that’s the core principles of the way a nation was built, then you’ve got to have some kind of, I guess, sympathy for it.”


    The most ignorant person in this entire story is Sherman himself. Does he not know that slavery has been outlawed for over 150 years?? The “core principles” of this nation and what it has been built on is freedom. Many years ago, this country went through a terrible Civil War where much blood, WHITE blood was spilled to help free the slaves. It came as a terrible sacrifice. He is “toeing the line” that has already been crossed. He chooses to live in the past and dwell on things that he has never suffered for. His Great Grandfather, maybe, but he has a chance to live in a country that celebrates diversity. The fact that he can put on a football uniform and play a game where he can receive accolades for his talent and get paid millions to do it, shows great strides in racial relations. Mrs. Carpenter struck out at a man who was trying to injure and possibly end the career of her husband and she apologized for PERCEIVED racism. He sees the PERCEIVED racism because that is what he wants to see. He sees a WHITE person making a dumb statement, so, his RACIST viewpoint is that she is talking in a PERCEIVED racist way.

    He can say what he wants. The only racist involved in this incident is Richard Sherman.

  29. What is BS is that it is automatically racial because he is black. I grew up on a farm and used this tool to castrate white bulls, black bulls, and whatever color the damn bull was. It was colorblind castration of bulls. No matter the color of the bull the balls would eventually turn blue and fall off. Now the animal rights freaks should get their panties in a wad too!

  30. Pot calling the kettle black. Ehhhh ill be here all week folks remember to tip your waitress.

  31. Everything anyone says anymore is racially charged…I love Sherman and the man that he is, and not being black I’m sure I’m not sensitive enough to all of these issues, but you reporters that continually try to make all of this into something that it may not be, need to stop this BS. Give Carpenters wife a break and suggest she had a knee jerk reaction to her husbands injury and if the players were switched and Sherman had been injured I wouldn’t have blamed his significant other for anything she may say…everyone needs to just chill.

  32. Now, why would a woman – who is involved with football players – use a picture of a bander in a tweet? Testosterone is what got her husband into pro football.
    Then maybe she likes the kind of weasels who fake their injury (Carpenter grabbed the wrong leg)

  33. I just don’t understand why all these black people keep bringing up race even when all these white people keep telling them it’s not about that.

  34. But Dick thinks the BLM is the only ones that have a right, to do what they do! Burning, Looting and Murdering!! What an ugly POS, he defines the word ugly!!

  35. Nfl players are alienating the people who pay the people who pay their check. Out of touch. I am no longer a fan

  36. I don’t know Sherman and I don’t know any of you racists making a lot of the comments here, but I can tell you one thing, if I had to pick between Sherman or a racist to teach a classroom of grade schoolers for a year, it would be the easiest decision of my life.

  37. I usually like Richard Sherman. I’m afraid he’s far off base here however. His response to her initial tweet was perfect. He’s got to realize that kickers come and go. He came very close to severely injuring this woman’s husband on what looked like a borderline intentional and very risky play. A little contrition for his part in the incident would be nice. What she said wasn’t nice, but what he did wasn’t either. I haven’t heard him even drop a “my bad” for almost ending a guys season. He managed to make the woman looking to clip some balls look like the good guy.

  38. Wow look at all of the intolerant “free speech” aka on these normally friendly message boards – I guess the days of “political correctness” aka tolerance are yesteryear

  39. Never in my 25 years of watching the NFL have I seen a defender run into a kicker the way Sherman did the other day. It was beyond messed up..

  40. Why is this idiot talking about race, what she said has nothing to do with race. Maybe he should apologize for taking a cheapshot at a defenseless kickers knee, what a scumbag

  41. Good statement Sherman, starting to like this guy more and more…anyone who can upset a comment section this good has my support….lol…reading people defend a kickers wife for saying dumb stuff is priceless lol

  42. Maybe it had more to do with him trying to take away her meal ticket and not race. Just a thought.

  43. Sad right now…that everytime something goes wrong in this world….people using the race card.

    When people make mistakes…or do something wrong…they validate it using the race card,

    In Miami….watch 15 million illegals…all start to protest and riot vs Trump….It’ll be the race card. Won’t have anything to do with wanting to live without working.

    For someone who supposedly has an IQ…Sherman is one dumb man.

  44. Remember the movie “Demolition Man” in which Spartan got a ticket every time he cursed?

    We need one that dispenses citations whenever chumps use the race card. That should bankrupt guys like Sherman in about a week.

  45. Everyone knows i have no love for the Patriots but for 3 1/2 hours sunday night i’m gonna watch Brady torture this jerk

  46. Richard Sherman is typical of many blacks in pro sports today. They always bring up racism as their crutch for everything they do wrong.
    The fact is, he went after that kickers knees, and it should have been a penalty. It was ridiculous that it wasn’t called and the kicker should hold a press conference and say he is calling the commissioner to tell him so, as Cam Newton did. But I forgot, the Commissioner took Newton’s call because Newton is also using race as the reason he’s not getting calls, so the Commissioner had to speak to him. He’d tell his secretary to tell this kicker to shut up and play.

  47. i thumbs down your comment says:
    Nov 9, 2016 8:32 PM
    Sherm, you’re not being judged by the color of your skin but by the content of your character.

    Not everything’s about race


    You hit the nail on the head. Great response!

  48. Someday, this AVERAGE corner will be promoted for enshrinement in the HOF on how great he was to the game.That conversation will be sickening!

  49. I used to be the biggest football fan. I watched for 9 straight hours every sunday. I’ve watched maybe 3 games all year. The NFL has jumped the shark for me and is damn near unwatchable.

  50. How long until one of these players complains that people “own” him in fantasy football and it’s racist etc

  51. She might not be racist. None of us really know.

    But saying somebody should be castrated for a personal foul is pretty stupid. it was an ignorant statement, if you can’t admit that your naive or in denial. Or both.

  52. …and considering the number of comments here, it proves Sherman knows how to draw attention to himself, which is is main priority.

  53. All these comments and just ONE person actually found her initial comments disturbing. She didn’t say “someone should go at his legs”, not even “his teammates should retaliate”, or “he should be fined and suspended”. NO, she said he should have his manhood cut off. Who says that? Are some of you guys glassed so rose-colored that you can’t see the ethnic connotations in that statement?

    Smh, this is our new America…

  54. rocbills says:
    Nov 9, 2016 8:37 PM
    What a lowlife this guy is
    Lol how is he a lowlife? This man went to Stanford and graduated and is one of the highest paid corners in the game. Last time i checked Sherman is rich well educated black man. Her remarks were predictable i thought it was fitting that the first thing that came to her mind was his private parts.

  55. Sherman will say and do anything to distract from his declining level of play on the field. The Seahawks defense made Tyrod Taykor look like Steve Young. Richard is having a hard time accepting that the Seahawks window closed a few years back when Malcom Butker ended their 1-year dynasty…..and they haven’t been quite right since. In fact, without the refs throwing the Seahawks games, the Hawks would not have even sniffed the playoffs last season…..and likely this season as well….
    Brady and the Pats are going to do inseparable things to you this Sunday Richard. Better hide the children.

  56. Wow. Just wow. This dude is seriously out of touch.
    HE dives into a Kicker’s knee in an obvious attempt to hurt his plant leg.
    This is AFTER the play is dead.
    HE makes a lame excuse that the kicker should NOT have been trying to kick it since it was blown dead.
    HE claims he didn’t know the whistle blew.
    And then he tries to make it sound like the NFL and the USA is “Mississippi Burning” or something.

    How is HE the victim here?

    Talking about “how people are raised…”!

    Looking at you Mama and Papa Sherman….

  57. I thought he was supposed to be the intelligent Stanford grad! His ignorance is overwhelming. First the two unnecessary attempts to injure during the game. Then the ‘rabid dog’ interview after the game who he barked out his answers. Now his insinuating Mrs. Carpenter is a racist, KKK member and bringing up slavery once again.
    He is definitely the racist jerk here.

  58. KKK…..really?!?!?!?!?!

    Why is it that Sherman can say anything he wants about anyone and its ok but if someone says something about him its racial?? Dude grow up!!! This had absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with you taking a cheap shot at her husband.

  59. Oh good, this is still a story. I was afraid two adults who’d come to a misunderstanding had resolved their minor dispute and put it behind them.

  60. I see how it escalated to castration, when you take a mans testicals he losses that need to be the strutting rooster..Sherman is a drama queen and plays to the media..
    Love the farm girl.

  61. This is a day in age where you’ve got Ku Klux Klan running around.

    Really richard where are they? I go a lot of places and I really don’t see them running around. Where they running around at Stanford where you received your free 100K a year education? Are they waiting for you outside of the locker room. stop the nonsense and hate speak.

  62. Ms. Carpenter would have to have been brought up on Mars not to be aware of the historical connection between black men and castration. She walked her comment back as humor but thethe “LuckyImNotThere” hash tag in the tweet suggests that humor was the last thing on her mind at the time. By all appearances she is an ignorant racist.

  63. It’s official…I have to root for Brady this Sunday…

    I can’t believe I just typed that…I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  64. So Sherman gets to make a racist and blatantly false comment about the “Ku Klux Klan running around” and no one calls him on it, but Carpenter’s wife makes a comment that is NOT racist and that’s where the media runs?

    This isn’t the 1950s. The Klan is not “running around” anymore.

    Sherman’s a little female dog.

  65. “I don’t let it bother me.”

    But he’s still talking and talking and talking about it. He knows he did something very stupid but he don’t even want to admit it to himself.

    He’s a tool…

  66. Sherman is a reason I never watch Seahawks games. He cries racism if someone questions him. He is a worthless punk, you kick him Tom Brady, Steve Smith and Vontaze Burfict out of the NFL and it is a better league.

  67. Hey Dick, you know what else is BS? YOU diving at a guys legs when you knew the play was whistled dead.

    You should’ve been ejected.

  68. The trophy wife shot her mouth off and is now back-pedaling…what else is new. You’d think Carpenter himself would have said something by now, but I suspect she used that equipment on him a long time ago…

  69. I’m 100% satisfied that every comment on here is ripping Sherman. We’re done with you idiots playing the race card. Do us all a favor and go do some research about slavery before you talk about this country being “built” on slavery. Ignorant piece of trash. Oooops. Called a black guy ignorant. Now I’m a racist.

  70. In my mind never did I hear race come into it. She was understandably upset. She apologized. Be a bigger man and accept it. What a tool.

  71. Unbelievable that people make this a race issue. My parents grew up during the Jim Crow era and at no point in their story telling did my Dad tell me that he was scared of being castrated. It’s poor attempt at saying she hates Sherman, but it’s not a race thing at all.

  72. steelerfanjo says:
    Nov 10, 2016 8:55 AM

    Sherman is a reason I never watch Seahawks games. He cries racism if someone questions him. He is a worthless punk, you kick him Tom Brady, Steve Smith and Vontaze Burfict out of the NFL and it is a better league.


    I think you lose a little credibility when you ask for an AFC rival and two division rivals to lose players. Sherman is a punk and needs to grow up but isn’t where I’d start removing players.

  73. Sherman and Kapernick should get together, they deserve each other.
    Grow up both of you, and quit with the race card all the time.
    You are part of the problem in this country. Everyone needs to get on, but that’s never going to happen here. while you all march, and sit and muck around. and loot.

  74. annes22 says:
    Nov 10, 2016 10:12 AM
    Sherman and Kapernick should get together, they deserve each other.
    Grow up both of you, and quit with the race card all the time.
    You are part of the problem in this country. Everyone needs to get on, but that’s never going to happen here. while you all march, and sit and muck around. and loot.
    lol…….embolden fools…..

  75. If her intention was not to be racist, then she was not racist.

    Sherman is in the wrong 100 percent. Now because our society is broken with SJW idiocy somehow the person who commits the crime against Carpenter, now gets a free pass against his wife.

    This is how broken America is.

    We just watched my democratic party be racist against anyone that didn’t believe their propaganda for the past year. We see people beating up Trump supporters all along. We see sad faces scared because they believed the propaganda about him but couldn’t see how Bush/Obama/Clinton actually were doing those horrible things and they were ‘just fine’. Talk about idiots.

    Now we get morons like Sherman getting free passes for being a scumbag. Seriously America needs to get it’s head out of its butt.

    It’s not the Ku Klux Klan you need to be worried about Sherman… it’s the SJW’s going nuts because fascist Hillary didn’t get in power and they are now scared about Trump. Well guess what Sherman, these same SJW’s (many of them paid fascists) can turn on you too.

    But hey it’s cool to be racist against white people, so much so, that they won’t even allow you to say it exists. Which guarantees its rise.

    So this stuff doesn’t exist… but a woman mad about her husbands livelihood (and perhaps children’s college education money gone if his career is ruined) because Sherman is a scumbag cheater who skates on everything. She’s the racist.

    She didn’t owe you an apology. You owe HER and her husband one. Psycho America is where the perp gets the apology from the victim and their family.

  76. Sad, but with comments like that and continued use of the word racism and slavery when discussing a logical reaction from a wife who depends on her husbands ability to kick for her livelihood is incredible. Sherman is a punk and if he was white he would still be a punk. When his football days are over, any network that hires this guy will regret it. People are tired of this crap.

  77. He should actually be suspended, not castrated. Him calling people ignorant is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black. No pun intended.

  78. Ease up with the SJW garbage… her Sherman tweet was racist because she suggested castration, a common remedy for blacks who stepped out of line in the Jim Crow era. She could have called him a cheap shot artist or any number of things and I would have agreed. Instead she chose the image of a black man being castrated using a crude farm implement. Even included a picture for us. Blowing this off as SJW suggests that you need to take a long look in the mirror.

  79. For someone who went to Stanford he doesn’t seem too smart.

    At the peak of black slavery in the South, only 6 percent of Southern whites owned slaves. If you include the white people in the North, it means that only 1.4 percent of white Americans owned black slaves at the HEIGHT of slavery.

    An estimated 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000 black slaves in the year 1860. One study concluded that 28 percent of free blacks owned slaves, which is a far higher percentage than that of free whites who owned slaves.

    So Richard, you wanna retract your statement?

  80. ” I simply just don’t understand how everybody could have taken my comments racially. My brothers and fathers and sisters and cousins and uncles talk like that back on the farm all the time. It is no big deal.”

  81. It’s always racist for white people to have any kind of opinion on anything. Just shut up and pay your taxes!

  82. Just pay your fine and shut your trap. Cheap Shot Sherman, Besides you have to own a pair to have them cut off!!

  83. Best CB in the game…hands down. Probably the smartest player in the game. Clearly wasn’t a penalty…no whistle and clearly was going for the ball….but keep going with your racist narratives…scary smart black man….hmmm

  84. I think Richard Sherman sounds like a really intelligent thoughtful man. On the football field he seems like a complete jerk.

    I find most people in real life are much better in person than they are on social media.

  85. Florida International tight end Jonnu Smith, the team’s second-leading receiver and a possible 2017 NFL draft pick, will not play another game for the Panthers after his girlfriend dumped a pot of boiling water on him in his dorm room. Smith suffered severe burns to his head, neck, back, shoulder and arm, according to an arrest affidavit.

    What’s the tool needed to reduce estrogen rage?

  86. He went for the ball. He didn’t jump offsides then intentionally try to injure another player. This is her accusation, and that’s ridiculous. Yes, there should have been an unnecessary roughness or running into the kicker flag, but there wasn’t. The play clock should have been reset correctly, and it was not. These actions are not under Richards control, so to vilify him for them shows your ignorance.

    Wifey overreacted on social media to a hit on hubby, and then unfortunately she chose punishment that was used on blacks during Jim Crow. Are you really surprised at the reactions?

  87. Racism happens in this country. It is a stupid, horrible thing. However, so many people (like Sherman) cry the racism wolf too many times.

    HE is the one created the racial divide, not Carpenter’s wife.

  88. Whites don’t get the “castration” is code for “lynched.”

    A White person can’t say “lynched” without being called out as a racist. Their are all sorts of code words whites use nowadays for express their racist views. You think blacks are stupid, and don’t see through your game.

    And the idiot who claimed the KKK no longer exists today obviously never heard of the Arian Nation, and skin heads?…same racist ideology as the KKK.

    Good on Sherman for pointing out the obvious. This isn’t 1816…you can’t expect to be called out on your racist code words in 2016.

  89. The ignorance of commenter’s raises it’s head again.


    During slavery, post slavery and the Jim Crow era Black males were routinely castrated as a form of punishment. It was a means of instilling the worse kind of fear in Black males.

    This is common knowledge to most blacks today. White commenter’s need to study their history much?

    Richard Sherman knew this fact. Why didn’t you? Or are you in denial? How convenient.

  90. Not just Sherman, but the Seahawks defense are known for their cheapshotting and attempts to injure opposing players, and then giving interviews that make them sound like decent people.
    Case in Point: Chancellor’s diving knee-hit to Brady with his helmet, and 20 minutes later he’s all “Praise God” …..really….

  91. well the KKK just got their man elected President (THEIR words, not mine), so when a racist white supremacist terrorist organization says the new POTUUS “reflects our values”…well, Sherman has a point

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