Spanos: No discussion of stadium plans until after season

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In a letter to Chargers season ticket holders on Tuesday night following the defeat of a ballot measure to finance a new stadium in San Diego, owner Dean Spanos said that no decision about next steps would be “made in haste.”

One step available to the Chargers is to join the Rams at their forthcoming stadium in Inglewood. They were granted a one-year option to make that move when the league approved the Rams’ move earlier this year.

Spanos released another statement via the team on Wednesday and said that the team would be focused on football for the rest of the season before turning their attention to where the team will play football in the future.

“First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who worked so hard throughout this campaign,” Spanos said. “From the Chamber of Commerce to the Building Trades and organized labor, from the fan groups to the volunteers who helped us collect more than 110,000 signatures and knock on more than 50,000 doors. Every member of the Chargers organization will be forever grateful for your tremendous help and steadfast support.

“This has been a long campaign, and I’m sure we all want to put aside stadium talk for a while and focus on the rest of the Chargers’ season. Our team, with its mix of veteran leaders and young stars, has played some of the most exciting football in the NFL so far, and I can’t wait to see how we do throughout the rest of the season. Our players have shown great heart and resilience in the NFL’s toughest division. I’m eager – as I’m sure you all are – to give the stadium debate a rest and enjoy some Chargers football.

“So I’m going to put aside any discussion of our possible next steps until after the season, to allow everyone to focus on football and to give my family and me time to think carefully about what is best for the future of our franchise. Over the coming weeks you may hear news about steps that we must take to preserve all of our options. But please know that I don’t intend to make any decisions until after the regular season ends and that, in the meantime, I hope to enjoy with you one great Chargers game after another.”

The ballot measure in San Diego failed to reach both the two-third threshold needed to pass and even a simple majority of the voters, which suggests that finding a solution that leads to a new stadium in the city is going to be very difficult.

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  1. As a close friend of the organization I cannot even begin to stress the amount of impatience that charger fans have with Mr. Spanos and his ways of keeping a fan base proud and content

  2. Dear Dean,

    While you may take steps to “preserve your options,” I suggest you take this step: Live within your means. Build a stadium that is within your financial wherewithal and keep it in San Diego.

    I’m sure you can build a nice 30 K seat stadium for $500 M and fill it with Charger fans rather than fans of the visiting team.


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  3. The Chargers asked SD for a $1 billion stadium downtown and prime real estate that is already occupied right on the San Diego Bay. SD said no.

    The Chargers tried to move to LA but the NFL granted it to the Rams but offered the Chargers a bad deal to lease from the same stadium.

    So the very intelligent Spanos family decided to try the first route again, but $1.8 billion this time. $1,800,000,000!

    SD has offered numerous times to move forward with a new stadium at the current site in Mission Valley, but the Chargers have turned it down.

    This is why we are where we are.

  4. Pay for your own damned workplace, you greedy cheapskate.

    PS, no one wants you here in LA either.

  5. Way to go San Diego Citizens, you said no to corporate welfare. You said no to a billion dollar stadium for a league that won’t even insist their employees show respect for the United States Flag. You said no to footing the bill for millionaires to spend 2000 per game in a luxury box.

    If only every major city in America would have the guts to say no, we’d all be better off.

    End Welfare for the Wealthy !

  6. The economics of SD make it very hard for the taxpayers to foot the bill for a building that gets used 10x per year for its stated purpose.

    But, Spanos is in the Owner fraternity and would feel like a fool paying for his own building when none of his colleagues had to.

    He’s also running out of relocation options. Where’s he gonna look? St Louis? Portland? San Antonio?

    There are no good options but to wait it out, unfortunately. If not for NFL revenue sharing, the Chargers would have folded a long time ago.

  7. This will be the new normal for billionaire owners acting like paupers panhandling/begging tax payers to fund their stadiums. Tax payers telling them to go F themselves.

    It will only get harder and harder to get taxpayer money as time goes on. Of course, the occasional Las Vegas type situation with a city looking to steal a team and an owner drooling over free money while stabbing his loyal fans in the back who drove the owners franchise value up astronomically.

    Hogs get slaughtered

  8. I guess Spanos can cozy up to the devil reincarnate Adelson up in Vegas. There’s always suckers willing to increase taxes to give free public money to multi billionaires in a league worth tens of billions. We in California are having none of that and give you the finger.

    The Chargers already have a stadium. If you’re going to a game because of the stadium instead of watching the team, then you’re doing it wrong. It’s all about marketing instead of whining that your stadium is old. So what. Pony up your own money to fix your own workplace.

  9. As a former Charger fan I am so glad the city of
    San Diego voted this down. It was nothing more than corporate welfare. If its such a good deal to put a stadium there, pay for it yourself and reap all the profits you can. Raise the price of beer at a game from 10.00 t0 12.00 and you will recoup your loan costs in the first year alone.
    Call your bank and get a loan like the rest of America does when you want to expand your business. If you need help on this, Call Robert Kraft for some pointers.
    Or just take you ball and leave.

  10. It’s amazing that so many people not from San Diego feel free to comment on something that is none of their business.

    They made it my business by trying to tax hotels. That where us out of towners stay while in San Diego for business or pleasure.

  11. The people who voted NO are ignorant morons. There was SO MUCH to gain with a YES VOTE. The liberal weenies of California do not understand the concept of investment. The new stadium would have been used by the Aztecs, too. As far as I’m concerned, Oakland and San Diego are not NFL cities anymore. The Raiders and Chargers need to move badly.

    BTW, the reason Spanos doesn’t want to talk about the stadium is so he can look at relocation options without being questioned. The handwriting is on the wall. THEY ARE MOVING. He made a deal last winter with Kroenke in case the vote would fail.

  12. If the Chargers move to Los Angeles, Spanos shoul rebrand the team. “Chargers” isn’t very marketable in Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles Dragons or Cobras would be cool.

  13. Based on Spanos’ comments he doesn’t have much faith in the Chargers going deep in the playoffs. He has to decide by mid January to become a tenant in Inglewood.

    If a football stadium with 10 guaranteed dates would be such a financial windfall for the city of San Diego, why would Spanos share? If Spanos moves to LA, the Raiders will move to San Diego for 2017.

  14. Hey, Spanos…. a couple of things.
    1) Stockton is a craphole. You’re memorialized in what is, essentially, a third world county.
    2) You thought you shanked your erstwhile buddy Mark Davis. Kinda looks like he won after all.
    3) Have fun dealing with that crocodile Kroenke, with his wife’s billions. Good luck.

  15. Why don’t they want a stadium at the current site? Bob Kraft tried for a dome in Boston (no way, they said) then he turned down a free stadium in Hartford (whew!) and ultimately built his new home right next to the old one. The state helped out a little with road work etc, but ultimately it was financed by Kraft, and by doubling ticket prices and parking fees. Even though it can be a major pain in the butt getting in and out of there via Route 1, it was worth it, and it’s a great place for tailgating which is something I don’t imagine would be possible in the actual city of Boston. It’s too bad the NFL doesn’t have some type of self funded loan/financing system to help out their own teams instead of always porking communities that love their team but just can’t afford to hand over billions for a new stadium every 25 years or so. Hope they find a way to stay home!

  16. By voting against the stadium and expanded convention center, citizens of San Diego proved that they no longer deserve an NFL team. I am now 100% in favor of Dean Spanos moving the team the hell out of town. The people who voted no are so ignorant, they can’t see beyond the tips of their noses. So what if people would have paid a little more for hotel stays???? SO WHAT????? We could have preserved our culture and modernized the city’s infrastructure. A great economic opportunity was flushed down the drain.

    If I was Spanos, I’d be reserving a moving trunk now.

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