Rams breaking ground next week on new stadium

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The Rams will begin playing in their new Inglewood stadium in 2019. The official construction process begins very soon.

Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times report that ground will be broken on the project next week. The excavation process will generate a large, 100-foot hole into which the $2.6-billion venue will be built.

The second season played in the stadium will culminate in the first L.A. Super Bowl since the Rams and Raiders left more than 20 years ago. It likely will become a regular stop for the NFL’s championship game.

The Rams will play at the L.A. Coliseum through 2018, sharing space with USC on a field that already looks very rough given the total number of games played there.

9 responses to “Rams breaking ground next week on new stadium

  1. Take note, Raiders and Chargers. Yes, you CAN pay for your own damned stadium. The area around the Oakland Coliseum is ripe for development opportunity. San Diego too. The public will NOT give you a free workplace. You are wealthy enough in a league wealthy enough and certainly have the collateral to build the stadium YOU want.

  2. And they’ll still be awful.

    The team that bilked the Redskins out of those draft choices shouldn’t be the basket case they are now.

    Fire Fisher.



  3. well, that answers the question of how they satisfied the FAA who wasn’t going to allow them to build a monster venue that a plane might mistake the lights for a runway.
    “100′ hole in the ground” …

  4. This is great news. The stadium will be an amazing palace. There will be Super Bowls and mega concerts there. Las Vegas needs to start construction on their stadium.

  5. Shouldn’t they figure out who is moving in with them ? New stadium does not = winning team and organization. Same owner = same losing. Check other franchises he owns. I will tell you what new stadium = Higher prices in every category to fans that want to attend a game. If you enjoy getting out to a NFL game and have plenty of money to throw away , with no return for your time and effort , this will be your place.

  6. Why all the negative posts? After all Kroenke is footing the bill. California liberals are dead set against using taxpayer dollars to fund stadiums. If Katie Perry or Taylor Swift play at the new Inglewood stadium, Kroenke gets the revenue.

    It’s Kroenke and it’s Los Angeles (well technically Inglewood)
    . The new stadium will be a site to behold. Las Vegas will be getting an awesome stadium, too.

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