Browns’ all-time NFL record falls to .500 for first time

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This might be hard for young people to believe, but the Cleveland Browns were once a great franchise. So great, in fact, that they’ve had a winning record throughout the history of their franchise — until now.

With last night’s loss to the Ravens, the Browns’ all-time NFL record is 461-461-10. It’s the first time the Browns have ever been a .500 all-time team since they entered the NFL in 1950.

The Browns actually began outside the NFL, starting play in 1946 in the All-America Football Conference. That league existed for four years, and the Browns won the championship in all four of those years. The AAFC then folded, and the Browns were among the teams that moved to the NFL. In their first NFL season the Browns won the league championship. They made the league championship game in each of the next five years as well, and they had a losing record just once in their first 24 NFL seasons.

But all good things come to an end, and the Browns have been a lousy team for most of the last three decades, including both the franchise that moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens, and the new Browns, who still maintain the records of the old Browns according to the NFL’s official standings. Currently, the Browns are on a run of nine consecutive losing seasons. Last night’s loss made them a .500 team for the first time ever, and a loss next week to the Steelers would make them a losing team for the first time ever.

The new regime in Cleveland has big plans for stockpiling draft picks and young players and eventually turning things around. Cleveland fans can only dream that that approach can make the Browns great again.

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  1. The original Browns, the franchise that existed before becoming the Ravens, finished with a pretty strong overall record. This new reborn franchise has been a punch line for 15 years.

  2. Aren’t these Browns a different franchise than the one pre 1996 Browns, who are the Ravens, who still have an overall winning record?
    I get so confused…

  3. Spencer Drango letting the Raven walk into the backfield while he shadow boxes nothing was so Browns….Once again Joe Thomas was not traded cause he is over the hill, tonight proved that

    those darn analytics…as Michael Reghi said- one of worst NFL rosters ever assembled, and with as bad as Browns have been since 1999 but for a few years that is saying something…

    Sashi Brown is smarter than us, it sure is showing….hahahahahahaha

  4. It’s kind of amazing when you think about it. I mean they have been pretty consistently bad since they rejoined the league 17 years ago. It just how good they were in their initial run. I’m not a fan or anything, but it’d be fun to see them be good for a few years. The only thing better than seeing your team win is seeing a usually bad team start to win. The same teams in the playoffs every year gets old.

  5. Poor Jamie Collins must be puking in his cherios this morning about his fate for the rest of the year.

  6. As a lifelong die hard Browns fan since 67 I have seen some good football . just haven’t seen much since the rat bastard Modell moved us in 95 .

    Turn this thing around . not getting any younger or healthier here .

  7. I am not a Browns fan but I have to say I truly and honestly feel sorry for Browns fans. And I commend them for sticking with their team.

    As a Packer fan who remembers only too well the 70’s to 1992 I know a thing or two about horrible football and a badly ran team. Hang in there one day it will come together for you.

  8. Well… it was easy for the entire country to see why the Browns are 0-10.

    First play of the game, D doesn’t know the right personnel package with 12 men… time out… without a tick?

    First punt, 2 men who don’t know who should catch the ball at that place on the field?

    That team was not ready to play.

  9. If you step back and look at the bigger picture, Cleveland seems to finally know what they’re doing. After cutting Manziel and all the veterans this off season, it was obvious, this is a full-scale rebuild. All 14 picks they drafted weren’t going to be the future, rather than placeholders for the coming season and the median age is 24.

    Assuming, and that is a tall order, they draft well this year and Kessler can finally be the long lost man under center – this team might become respectable. Not to mention the $47 million they have in cap space. This was always intended to be a losing season, but in each game, the team has played hard. On top of player development and growth, they have the assets in cash and picks to make strides.

    Now, whether they use all those assets in the right places is a whole other story.

  10. They have a great tradition and the league is stronger with a competitive Browns team. A related problem is that they may be actually damaging the league’s talent pool. I do not believe that every single one of their annual high draft picks was destined to be a bust regardless of team. At a certain point they become responsible for not developing promising players.

  11. The Ravens are the Browns because the history, the REAL history of the Browns includes them turning their backs on the the city that supported them for many decades. The NFL will tell you otherwise but these are the facts and most people know them. The present day Browns are a recent franchise and like many young franchises they have yet to find an identity that they can thrive under. The record of the REAL “Browns” team is still a winning one.

  12. Just because they have the same name as the franchise that moved to Baltimore, doesn’t make them the same franchise. Cleveland has had two separate franchises whose historical records shouldn’t be combined.

  13. PLEASE

  14. i understand they wanna put every team on TNF, but the Browns have no business being on primetime TV. and the NFL wonders why ratings are down.

  15. diveleft says:
    Nov 11, 2016 10:17 AM

    Just because they have the same name as the franchise that moved to Baltimore, doesn’t make them the same franchise. Cleveland has had two separate franchises whose historical records shouldn’t be combined.
    Part of the arrangement for the original team to move to Baltimore was that the NFL would no longer recognize their history & records, and would assign it to some new franchise who would make Cleveland their home. (This was alluded to in the article).

    However, since all of the people involved with the old Browns are in Baltimore, and none of the new Browns had any relationship with the old Browns (except Jim Brown as a player), it’s completely ridiculous to try to connect the current Browns expansion-team franchise with the old AAFL team. Apples & oranges, and everyone knows it. (Even the oud Dawg Po).

  16. Newsflash: the new Browns franchise is not the same as the old Browns franchise. That one is in Baltimore and changed its name. Try living in the world of truth.

  17. Was speaking to a Browns fan here in Maryland today and he asked if the city of Baltimore/state of Maryland would please, please take this franchise also. Lol.

  18. It boggles the mind how consistently bad they’ve been since 1999. They trade away the talent, and keep the scrubs (for the most part).

    -Browns fan, but I want out.

  19. I’m old enough to remember when the Patriots were where the Browns are now. The two biggest things that turned that franchise around were first, a change in ownership and secondly, bringing in a first-class head coach with a deep staff. The change in the level of professionalism in Foxboro was immediate and palpable. I still think Parcells is an arrogant, self-aggrandizing douche, but he is also a leader of men, and the coaching staff he brought with him changed the trajectory of the franchise.

    Was Drew Bledsoe head-and-shoulders better than Rick Mirer or his other contemporaries on his own merit? The coaching and environment of the Parcell-era Patriots were a big factor in his development, IMHO.

    The league needs to step in and nudge Haslam to the door and bring in an non-slapdick ownership group. That group then needs to flush the entire organization – scouting, player personnel, coaching, the whole enchilada. Then bring in a name-brand coach with a coaching staff that is all on the same page. Then, don’t draft for headlines, fercrissake.

    It’s not unlike what Pegula and the Bills have been working toward, and Cleveland is in an even more advantageous situation being in the AFCN.

  20. Browns fans, you have my respect as one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL. Stick with them and they’ll turn the tide eventually. Just look at the cubs, patience pays off…

  21. The Cleveland Browns still have tradition, and more success than the vast majority of other NFL franchises. However, it’s disingenuous for any Browns fan to disown the inevitable lifetime losing record. It’s like saying Cleveland should celebrate the success of the Ravens. Hogwash. Once a team moves, it’s a different entity, just like the LA Rams will always be different than the St. Louis Rams.

    Once the Browns returned with the name, logo, and history, they had an opportunity to win again. Had that occurred, you better believe the same folks disowning the current Browns would be singing a different tune.

  22. The “new” Browns and “old” Browns records should not be combined. They are different franchises. The “old” Browns record should be part of the Ravens records as they are the same franchise.

  23. How to turn it around:

    1. Owner wises up and hires excellent “football smart” leaders and keeps his nose out of it.
    2. Rename the team to Cleveland Bulldogs.
    3. Put mascot on helmet.
    4. Work HARD.

    # 2 & 3 may seem trivial but sometimes image is everything.

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