Cody Kessler says he’s motivated by Thursday night benching

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Browns quarterback Cody Kessler was benched on Thursday night, but he’s not down about it.

Kessler said on Friday that he’s fired up and eager to prove he can be the man to lead the Browns, even if coach Hue Jackson had a quick hook with him during Thursday night’s loss to the Ravens.

“Yeah, it motivates you to want to be better,” he said, via “It motivates you to keep working hard for that to happen. For me, it was ‘if I’m in there I’m going to do everything I can, work as hard as I can and if I come out, I’m going to be the best teammate I can and support the guys.’ It just motivates me to continue to work harder and be that much better.”

Jackson’s decision to bench Kessler during the game was surprising because Kessler hadn’t been playing too badly, completing 11 of 18 passes for 91 yards, with one touchdown and no interceptions. Josh McCown was terrible in Kessler’s place, completing six of 13 passes for 59 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions.

Kessler has been confirmed as the Browns’ starter next week. It’s still possible that Robert Griffin III could return to the lineup late in the season, but from all indications Kessler is the man. And he sounds confident in himself, even if Jackson didn’t show much confidence in him.

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  1. Hue lacks the patience to be a head coach at this level. Browns we’re still in the game. Kessler played alright for a road game on a Thursday night considering the team hasn’t won a game. What was he going to get from McCown? 50-50 completion % at best? Especially after all the talk leading up that Kessler was now the guy for the season. Just a reactionary move by an emotional man.

  2. Part of me thinks he was already working on reasons why RGIII will become the starter later in the year……just ZERO reason to go back to McCown…….and that’s not comment on McCown…..he is a back-up QB but has been a true stand-up guy in Cleveland the last couple years.

  3. Cody, epic fail. If being benched is the sole motivation for you doing your job to the best of your abilities, wow! Enjoy your pay checks, dude. They may soon becoming to an end.

  4. That wasn’t the first game where they looked ‘good’ in the 1st half, and fell apart in the 2nd.

    I don’t get it.

  5. I thought it was the right move. Kessler is limited and can only throw outs and slants. They have explosive skill position guys that were being g neutralized by his weak arm. I was thinking if they want their one win for the year the need to put the n McCown now. Unfortunately he looked ill prepared and didn’t protect the ball.

  6. I think the Browns just LOVE to get that number one overall draft pick! After watching the first half of that game, with a young QB playing pretty well (remember, there were a couple of drops in there), they bench him and bring in an old man?? Josh McCown is not in the future for the Browns, Kessler could be with some experience. Go ahead and stick with him the rest of the year. So what if you lose the rest of the way. You ain’t going anywhere this season, so give the kid some reps and get some experience.

    As for RGIII, put him in when he comes back, but keep Kessler warm. RGIII will be hurt again very soon, so Kessler can go in then and get some more experience. I swear, I think that Griffin is made of glass, he is ALWAYS getting hurt.

  7. The bloom is off the Hue Jackson rose. I am convinced that the only reason that people weren’t blaming Jackson for the Browns start was that before Thursday night, most of the country hadn’t seen them play.

    Two time outs in the first 5 minutes. A bizarre punt formation that confused everyone- even the two punt returners. Complete disinterest in the defensive side of the ball- several times they cut to Jackson while the Browns were on defense and he wasn’t even wearing his head set. Zero half time adjustments except for a QB change that reeked of desperation and panic.

    Yes- the Browns have less talent than many teams. But they are actually playing BELOW their talent level, something I would have thought impossible.

  8. In a perfect world Cody would have said: “Anyone ever associated with USC knows Hue is incompetent”.

    Hue can’t even put together a coherent sentence. If it looks, sounds, and acts like an idiot, it’s probably an idiot.

  9. so he wasn’t motivated before ????

    sounds like a loser who should of went undrafted…only in Believeland do they make him a 3rd rd pick, who can’t throw the ball 20 yards down field

  10. 1. Adjustments….if your leading or at least competitive, and after halftime the wheels fall off, it’s coaching, not players.

    2. How telling is it that your rookie QB needs motivation, as if just being a starting QB in the NFL isn’t enough.

    3. Enough rhetoric about the draft pick, plain and simple the Browns coaching staff as a whole can’t make adjustments, can’t coach rookies, and can’t motivate, none of them care about the draft.

  11. Rookie qb has a winless team up at the half and they bench him. No wonder the browns are the laughingstock of the league. Hue Jackson is not a good hc. He wasn’t any good in Oakland and he’s proving to be worse in Cleveland

  12. I’m convinced that even if the Browns had drafted Carson Wentz, he would have suffered a serious injury by now and they still would have started 6 different QBs this season. Because they’re the Browns.

  13. Jackson made the right call. Kessler wasn’t pushing the ball the field. Ravens figured this out and made the browns go 3 and out first drive after the half. It has been the same story every week just about. If Kessler wants to be the guy, he needs to throw down field, it’s that simple.

  14. The Browns need to start Terrelle Pryor at QB and move Kessler to TE. Nothing to lose here, the “trail of tears” continues. Kessler was our QB at USC, he’s “serviceable” at best and can grind it out with the proper tools around him , that’s about it………….

  15. Hue is trying anything to just get a win with a team that is unmotivated and banged up and just not very good in general. We need O-line bad! I hope they address that first thing in the draft

  16. I’m no hue Jackson or Browns fan, but McCown has had the Ravens’ number the past couple years. If the Browns were desperate for a win — and they were — I can understand the move. That said, I still dislike hue for stabbing Tom Cable in the back in Oakland.

  17. I expect RGIII to play and win a couple of games to bump them out of the #1 pick and help ensure he is the starter next season only to get hurt and then play late in the year and win a couple of games to bump them out the the #1 pick and help ensure he is the starter………….

  18. Hue Jackson’s move was all about him. He pulled Kessler and put in McCown so he would look like it was a great move if they won. Instead he looks like a meathead and is losing the team.

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