Dez Bryant played a day after his father died

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Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had one of the biggest plays in Sunday’s victory over the Steelers when he reeled in a 50-yard strike from Dak Prescott for a touchdown in the third quarter of the game.

After he scored, Bryant pointed to the sky, appeared to blow a kiss and then dropped to one knee in what may have been a reference to the death of his father on Saturday night. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Cowboys radio sideline reporter Kristi Scales of 105.3 The Fan about MacArthur Hatton’s passing before the game started.

“Of course, [Bryant’s] very sad. And you only have one of those,” Jones said. “But he was getting the kind of support you would think. He’s loved in that locker room. And, so, there was a lot of sensitivity and love being expressed to him. I’ll say this. If he wanted to be at some place in his life, I bet it would be right in the middle of that locker room to be dealing with that.”

Our condolences to Bryant on his loss.

15 responses to “Dez Bryant played a day after his father died

  1. “Distant”, “non-existent”, and “virtually no relationship” are the words and phrases used to describe Dez Bryant’s relationship with his father.

    So… it might not have been too hard to play today.

  2. Dean Blandino gonna announce that Dez should have been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct/ excessive celebration etc., and Rog Goodell gonna be sure and make an example of him with a big fine. Losing your dad is no excuse for Tarnishing the Shield, right Rog?

  3. You know what…whether your parent was the best or some where in the middle or not that great….It HURTS to lose them. Quit the hateful stuff here. I have Dez’s back. Dez has exceded what we thought he might be. Keep coming on Dez. Dez is a hero in my book!!!!

  4. lol haters

    89 GAMES PLAYED, 64 TDs – THAT’S 0.71 TDs PER GAME.



  5. Fans that don’t know football just focus on the # of passes caught, times thrown at, etc.

    The fact is just by being out there and forcing the defense to roll double coverage to him, that’s why Witten & Beasley & other Cowboy receivers are often so wide open over the middle.

    This was made obvious last week when the Browns rolled the coverage to Dez in the end zone and left Beasley wide open for an easy catch from Dak.

  6. So proud of Dez, he made his father proud yesterday and for years before that.

    Great man who has overcome and battled adversity since his youth. He’s the heartbeat of the Cowboys. R.I.P to his father and Go Cowboys

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