Jake Long carted off late for Vikings

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The Jake Long experiment in Minnesota may be over.

With the Vikings driving for a potential game-winning score, Long crumpled to the ground with a left leg injury. He has been carted to the locker room.

Long, the first overall pick in the 2008 draft, joined the Vikings several weeks ago. He struggled early but his play had improved in the past two games.

11 responses to “Jake Long carted off late for Vikings

  1. Oh well. The guy is washed up anyway. After starting 5-0, they will be extremely lucky to finish 8-8 this season. That is about as pathetic as it gets. It was poor clock management yet again for Zimmer at the end of the 1st half. Call a TO, or get out of bounds, and you have more time to get a TD.

    The OL is complete crap, and that is a compliment. Go out and get some proven FA OL, draft a few, and cut Boone. The only 2 OL that should have any consideration to start next year are Berger and Fusco. Sirles should only be a swing backup, Clemmings should be waived, and Sprano should be fired as OL coach.

    During the 5 game win streak, Bradford got rid of the ball quickly. He has been holding onto the ball way to long, and with this Swiss Cheese OL, he is taking way to many sacks. If AD is not back next season, they have to pick up a good established RB. It would have been nice to get a good blocking and receiving back like Forte.

    Now all we will be able to say is What If as we watch the Lions take the division this year. This team is in absolute shambles, and it’s getting old to watch this always find a way to falter.

  2. Looked pretty bad for a guy with a history of knee problems. To bad too, Long was starting to hold his own. This is a lost season for the Vikings. It’s a shame they traded a first rounder for next years back up QB.

  3. Dang, I’m just surprised anyone is still watching pro football. The product is terrible. From the play, to the officials, the endless commercials, it’s like watching the grass grow if the grass was a stodgedy old white guy.

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