Report: “Heightened tension” in Cleveland, as you get when you’re 0-10

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When Browns coach Hue Jackson was asked last week about the future of defensive coordinator Ray Horton, he headed off the discussion and any like it.

But the interesting part will be whether Jackson is able to protect a guy he hand-picked for the job, amid the inevitable uncertainty that comes with being 0-10.

According to Jason La Canfora of, Horton’s status and Jackson’s decision to bench rookie quarterback Cody Kessler last week have led to “heightened tension” within the Browns organization.

There’s also mention that owner Jimmy Haslam and his wife Dee have become increasingly hands-on with the operation, including a number of non-football departments reporting directly to them.

“You basically have a husband and wife in charge of various areas they don’t really understand — football, coaching, scouting, analytics, ticketing, marketing,” a team source told La Canfora. “And that’s the way they want it.”

Of course, any sense of uncertainty in the Browns organization is created by Haslam himself, since he’s done nothing to create the kind of stability people were hoping for there, considering his background as a partial owner of the Steelers.

He changes coaches and General Managers the way many people change the oil in their cars, and there hasn’t been a rebate in sight for Cleveland fans who have actually been able to enjoy success in other sports.

43 responses to “Report: “Heightened tension” in Cleveland, as you get when you’re 0-10

  1. Last time I checked the owners don’t draft and they certainly don’t coach. Hue Jackson is an absolute bum. Outcoached in every game this year. This team isn’t prepared for kickoff. They have no idea where to lineup, can’t tackle, timeouts out of timeouts. It’s an embarrassment.

    Jackson in in way over his head, that much is obvious.

  2. I’m no Browns fan but these type of discussions are non-value add……the Browns are in complete rebuild mode and roughly 35% are rookies…..they do have pockets of talent and it seems they did draft pretty well for 2016…..Haslam needs to sit back and chill out…get through the 2017 season and then evaluate the progress.

    The Cubs blew it up and did a 5 year rebuild…..that worked out pretty well.

  3. The Browns WONT go 0-16… as a Steelers fan i have watched them lose to lesser opponents and this looks like one of those trap teams.. Beating Pitt for Cleveland will be their SB for the year…

  4. The Browns front office screwed up when they let Mack and Schwartz walk…..especially Schwartz because he really wanted to stay in cleveland… build an offensive line and the whole offense gets better.

  5. Well the front office created this mess.

    They are the ones delusional enough to think that if you get rid of most of the talent on your team, you are supposed to win MORE games then the previous year. (Sashi’s if we only win four games we’ll be very disappointed comment).

    They were the ones who reportedly told their players they were going to be aggressive in free agency, and instead not only did they not, they let their own guys walk, and cut a bunch more.

    Maybe the coaches are some of the problem, but you can’t coach with crap in the NFL. The front office gave them these guys to coach.

    They are the ones who signed a leadership devoid QB who was injury prone AFTER getting rid of an All-Pro center and quality right tackle. Great plan. (subsequently the line is in such disarray they’ve gone through all these QB’s).

    They are the ones that traded down, passing on a potential QBOF for extra picks, and the proceeded to pick a bunch of receivers. They then basically jettisoned their other receivers. Their best receiver was what their coach Hue Jackson recommended, a converted QB.

    The front office are the ones who came to power based on a theory that they could out metric the NFL. Well moneyball didn’t win in Baseball when advanced metrics weren’t really used, but now the NFL has them as well so what’s the competitive advantage? What’s the advantage to being a bigger true believer? It is just being extreme form of willingly blinding oneself and that won’t work out well (as we’re seeing).

    Perhaps if he gets the #1 pick every year and trades down for a bunch of picks… they’ll eventually get enough talent to field a team, but that’s not some grand plan, that’s one strategy in Madden Franchise mode football.

    Either way to put this on Jackson is a bit much, it’s the front office that put Jackson here.

  6. Don’t worry Cleveland. You have 2 left with Pittsburgh and Mike Tomlin will find a way to lose 1 of them.

  7. “There’s also mention that owner Jimmy Haslam and his wife Dee have become increasingly hands-on with the operation, including a number of non-football departments reporting directly to them.”

    So Haslam is concocting more schemes to con the Browns fan out of money the same way he did his PilotFlyingJ customers, got it.

    The Browns are almost 48 mil under the cap. Haslam has no intention of ever putting a winning product on the field or competing for a Super Bowl. His only concern is giving the fans enough lip service so he can keep conning them of their money.

    The Cleveland fans should just stop going to the games and wasting their money. Since games can’t be blacked out anymore lets see how the NFL likes seeing a stadium on tv with about 100 home fans and 3 or 4 thousand visiting team fans.

  8. Hue Jackson is a good coach but the Browns have sent him into a gunfight with a water gun. The browns r underestimating what it will take to turn around the browns. They have no clue. Hiring a baseball guy ti fix a football team???

  9. If the browns have a brain, they would have drafted Derek Carr and odell Beckham junior. I bet they have a win this season if they had.

  10. zakkwyldeslespaul says:
    Nov 13, 2016 10:51 AM
    Don’t worry Cleveland. You have 2 left with Pittsburgh and Mike Tomlin will find a way to lose 1 of them.

    Don’t be ridiculous!

  11. Owners need to do what they are good at; making money, not evaluating talent. I thought Haslam would do that at first then came the Johnny Football pick. Jackson benching Kessler was uncalled for. I hope they get 1 win, no team deserves to go 0-16. Is this team really one of the worst ever? I didnt even think that Lions team was worth a 0-16 season.

  12. When I look back at the Patriot owners of the past, Billy Sullivan, Victor Kiam, and James Orthwein, you can see what bad owners do to a franchise. Then along comes Bob Kraft, pays $180m for the team when it was worth about two thirds that price, played in a dump of a stadium that was built for $7m. Yep seven million dollars. Since he bought the team, they are the winningest franchise in the NFL, have the most division titles, most playoff wins, most Super Bowl wins. And he built a new stadium, and whole complex with no public money.
    My long winded point is, when you have lousy owners, you have a lousy team. See Cleveland, Detroit, Sandy Eggo.

  13. Look, Hue Jackson may or may not be the guy. The “moneyball” approach may or may not work. However, ANY plan the Browns coaches/ front office try is GUARANTEED TO FAIL if Haslam won’t allow the people he hired to do their jobs and leave them alone for at least a couple years while whatever strategies the adopt play out. Bill Belichick would fail under Haslam’s ownership, and he’s probably the GOAT. If Haslam cleans house again this year, Cleveland should bulldoze the team HQ and turn it into a landfill or sewer pond.

  14. the owner is involved more in non football areas, as long as it doesn’t involve the football side, who cares? so Lacanfora, who is your source? thats right, you have never had a real source, you are a hack imo, thats why you keep getting bounced around, should be working for the timbucktou times soon
    by the way, when did he become a beat writer for the browns? I ask because i beleive 95% of his stories are the same crap any one could make up about a struggling franchise.
    write a real story some day with real sources and real facts, then get back to us

  15. This cBS Hack of a ambulance chaser has had a hard on for the Browns since they canned his ” buddy ” Lombardi .

    If they do go 0- 16 there is a parade planned ..face palm .

    Lifelong die hard Browns fan since 67 ..

    sigh, not getting any younger or healthier here .

  16. I believe the heightened tension has little to do with the 0-10 record- no one expected the Browns to do much winning this year.

    I think the problem runs deeper- the one decision management made that virtually everyone agreed with was hiring Jackson. It was taken as a sign that they finally were serious about getting the right guy and would give him all the time he needed to put a winning team together.

    And then Thursday night happened. That was one of the most poorly coached games I have ever witnessed. I won’t run through all of the boneheaded gaffes again- everyone knows what I am talking about.

    But I think the realization that they are most likely at least one more coaching change from competing is causing at least some of the tension.

  17. Hue Jackson knows he can’t be fired. He has the benefit of the race card and screamin a smith’s and jemele hills phone numbers to call them up so they can rant and rave for weeks on end how racist the organization is for firing him.

  18. Haslam is laughing all the way to the bank. He gets constant sellouts while being in the bottom six in spending every year he has owned the team. Great profit margin. Brilliant businessman bamboozling the Browns fan base who clearly know nothing about football. Except they have Jim Brown who was instrumental in his guidance to Manziel and Gordon to turn them around… oh wait… neither play anymore? Clueless Browns fans

  19. I feel bad for Hue, I think he’s an amazing coach who’s well respected and gets the most out of his players.

    Only problem is his opportunities have been confined to two incredibly horrific head coaching situations in which any of the great Bill’s (Walsh, Parcels, Belichick) would falter as well

  20. Pay attention Hawkwind, Mike Tomlin’s record against sub 500 teams says it’s not a ridiculous assumption at all.

  21. I really didn’t understand the benching of Kessler. He was playing very well and made a big time throw on the touchdown pass to a 3rd string TE…

    …oh wait, it’s the Browns. Nevermind. I understand now.

  22. Mistake by the Lake!

    My fave memory of Hughey is, when he was the HC of the Raiders, the day Oakland hired Reggie McKenzie as GM, Hughey was flying around the Raiders compound prison yard flaling his arms shouting “Im in control, Im in control!” He was canned a couple of days later. Good times!

  23. The large number of high round draft picks they have in the 2017 draft will create a bonanza for the other teams as the Browns continue to draft future car salesman.

  24. With the first pick in the NFL draft, the Browns trade their pick for 10 million dollars in cash and a 6th rounder.

  25. If Haslam can’t resist grabbing the axe, he had better go no further than firing Ray Horton.

    I don’t see how ANY head coach EVER could do anything with this pathetic roster. Hue Jackson has shown some mistakes in his coaching but should by all means be guaranteed all of 2017 ( I’d say even 2018) to prove himself.

  26. The Browns are an abortion, and it’s starts with their goofball owner and his ding-a-ling wife, who obviously know nothing about running a football team. It shows when they hired two Ivy league non-football guys, who know nothing about picking NFL players. Just because you’re Ivy league, does not make you football smart. So what do you expect! Nobody in coaching could win under this regime. The entire organization, starting with the ownership, needs to be blown up.

  27. I remember when Ray Horton’s name would always come up as the next guy who should get a chance (I guess whenever teams are done recycling the .500 Jeff Fishers of the world) as a head coach. Was that all hype? Is he terrible as a coordinator? Or is it something else.. like not having any talent to work with?

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