Romo reportedly willing to be a backup to Dak

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Tony Romo won’t be rocking the boat. #asexpected.

Two days after Cowboys COO Stephen Jones said publicly that Romo likely would accept a backup role, Ian Rapoport of reports that Romo will.

What option does Romo have? He can’t force his way onto the field, and it doesn’t seem to be his style to publicly or privately agitate for things to go his way. Even if he were, any effort to politick for playing time would invite harsh criticism from fans smitten with Dak and media ready to pounce on any sign of dysfunction.

Rapoport also reports it has been “difficult” for Romo to witness the emergence of Prescott, and that’s understandable. But this book has plenty of chapters remaining in it, and there’s a chance they’ll need Romo at some point before the season ends.

Jones said on Friday’s PFT Live that there likely won’t be a clear declaration as to who the starter is, and that coach Jason Garrett will have the ability to decide whether in a given situation that Romo could give the team a much-needed spark.