Jeff Fisher says Jared Goff is still No. 2

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Jared Goff will start when he’s ready to start. He’s still not ready to start, apparently.

“He’s number two and he’s a play away from playing,” coach Jeff Fisher told reporters on Monday regarding the first overall pick in the draft. “He’s ready, he’s preparing, and doing well.”

He’s ready to play if needed, but he’s not ready to start.

Fisher, in a roundabout way, confirmed the PFT report from Sunday night that Goff believes he’s ready to start.

“He’s pushing [to play],” Fisher said. “Yeah, he’s pushing. He’s anxious and confident.”

Goff is likely anxious in part due to the fact that the notion that he’s not ready is an adverse reflection on him. With plenty of other rookie quarterbacks ready to play and playing well, the fact that Goff isn’t playing surely is causing some to think he’s the problem.

The Rams host the Dolphins on Sunday. If starter Case Keenum struggles (i.e., if he plays like he has most of the year), the “we want Goff!” chants will surely return.

19 responses to “Jeff Fisher says Jared Goff is still No. 2

  1. This is the poorest job of handling of a #1 pick QB I have ever seen, anywhere in the NFL. Absolutely incompetent. Fisher is developing nothing but doubt, frustration, anger and lack of confidence in that young man. The LA owner needs to step into the middle of this situation IMO. And tell Fisher to start this kid for the rest of the year, or move on. LA deserves a coach with a clue about how to build a winning culture and motivate those young talented players.

  2. Your season is over. Just start Goff. If the Rams haven’t fired Fisher yet, they aren’t going to. Wins and loses don’t matter. Start him.

  3. I am reading all these comments and you guys are right.
    Analyzing his coaching career how does he still have a job?
    He’s got a great defense and his offense is not bad, Goff can get that ball down the field. Keenum how many games have you given him already this is the Pros bitch not College.

  4. I see………that’s Fisher’s MO. He keeps telling ownership to “hold on and wait, you’ll see” an buying more time to hold onto his job. All the while another 7-9 season awaits them.
    Is that a stretch? For a guy that mocked the Skins for the RG3 trade, it’s looking like he’s doing the same thing to save the skin off his back.

  5. Not only did you not play your #1 pick you let other professional teams play there rookie quarter backs and succeed. Now you put more pressure on your #1 pick to fail and took away his confidence just so you can save your jobs!

  6. Not starting him this year basically let’s jeff keep his job through next year for sure. He’s only thinking of himself Rams Fans don’t you just love it?

  7. Man, how bad can Goff be if he can’t get in the game with Keenum as first string QB?
    The Rams are a disaster. With this front office in charge, the eventual home opener will be less of a Hollywood blockbuster and more like a Friday the 13th part 11 sequel that no one will want to see.

  8. I look at bit this way: If Keenum sucks, but Goff “isn’t ready”, then Jeff 7-9 Fisher has an excuse for another crappy season. So he is ruining a potentially very good QB to cover his incompetent backside. Bad coach, worse person.

  9. Look at it from Fishers point of view. If he delays starting Goff, and Goff is a bust, he has all of 2017.
    If he starts him now and he’s a bust, he may get fired after the season.

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