Vikings will again look at kicking options this week

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Last week was the shot across the bow. This week, it will a cannonball to the hull.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer told reporters on Monday that the team will again look at their options at the kicking position, a week after six kickers tried out for the job that stayed with Blair Walsh. But Walsh, on full and fair notice of the tenuous nature of his employment, missed another extra point on Sunday. That’s four missed extra points for the season.

So, this time, Walsh is gone. If he isn’t, it will be only because this week’s football tree-outs include Moe, Larry, and Curly.

There’s a chance there will be no new tryouts. The Vikings may simply pull the trigger on whoever they deemed to be the best of the six guys who showed up last week.

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  1. I think it is a little unfair that they would select a photograph from a typical Viking practice session, from the year prior to the arrival of Walsh.

  2. stellarperformance says:
    Nov 14, 2016 4:11 PM
    I think it is a little unfair that they would select a photograph from a typical Viking practice session, from the year prior to the arrival of Walsh.


    Vikings fan here, hard to argue with that…

  3. There are a lot of goose steppers around right now; one of them must be able to kick straight.

  4. It gives me no joy to say that Walsh had better be gone before sunday.

    He’s a really good guy and has the talent to be an amazing kicker, but his head is so messed up he may never be successful again. If the Vikings had scored on that final drive, a Blair Walsh extra point would’ve decided the game.

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. After last year’s playoff choke job, you just knew the guy’s psyche was shot.
    After multiple failures this year, while they were winnning, they rolled with him anyway.
    What does it take to lose your job as a kicker in Minnesota anyway? What was their FIRST clue that he needed to go??

  6. Here’s an amazing stat: Every field goal Walsh has missed this year has been wide left. Even the one that got blocked last week was clearly heading left. Every PAT Walsh has missed this year has been wide right. And we’re not talking about small sample sizes here.

    To me, that clearly indicates a mental issue, not a mechanical problem. I think some time off and a new team will probably help him a lot. Too bad he won’t be able to do it with the Vikings.

  7. Why don’t they just start going for the two-point conversion?

    Zimmer said today that they’re 5 for 13 on 3rd and one or 4th and one this year. That does not suggest there would be a high rate of success on 2-point conversions.

  8. I am at a loss of words. This season is quickly turning into the 2010 season when the roof collapsed. What offensive lineman is lost for the season this week? How lethargic will the defense look? How many times will we try and run with Asiata on 3rd and 4th and less than 1? How many times will Bradford take a sack rather than throw it away? When will we call creative plays offensively in unlikely scenarios? <— Similar to the fake WR screen this past Sunday then hitting Diggs deep down the field? On the 3rd down with 40 seconds and 0 timeouts how perfect would a RB screen been in that scenario? Defense playing back and bringing heat which eventually resulted in a sack. If we hit a RB screen just right he might make it in the end zone, if not we are very close and can run up and spike the ball. It might be a moot point anyways because even if we did score we have to hope Walsh can split the uprights to take the lead. We all know the chances of that being successful.
    The sad part is our division is so pathetic right now somehow if the Vikings can figure out how to guide the walking wounded they still have a chance.

  9. Keep Walsh and let him work through it!

    I saw the Packers and McCarthy do that a few years ago, with their kicker, and look at him now.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Blair kicking at an All-Pro level, in 2019, for a different team. He needs a fresh start as bad as the team needs a new kicker. Unfortunate, but necessary

  11. Seems to me that Walsh is being made the scapegoat and a manufactured distraction to deflect from the fact that the entire team stinks and nothing can be done because the Vikings blew their salary cap wad.

  12. Vikings are handling this situation poorly. None of the available kickers are any better. They would have been better off fully supporting Walsh like the Packers did with Crosby. If he recovers, fine, you have an awesome kicker, if not, you move on next year.

    This season is going nowhere, at this point, the best case is to have a high draft pick so that Spielman has ammunition to move back into the first round.

    Maybe we can get a QB.

  13. How are the Packer fans spouting off today? Or this week? Or this season? I’ll take close losses and hope over whatever the heck it is you’re preaching across the border.

  14. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Nov 14, 2016 4:43 PM
    ….PLEASE sign Shayne Graham!……he has been on 15 NFL teams in his career so far…….make it 16!! …and he’s a steady kicker……


    The problem is those 15 years. His veteran minimum is more than the Vikings can current afford. They had to have guys reconstruct their contract in order for them to bring in Long.

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