Cardinals bring back punter Drew Butler, for some reason

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Usually, if a team cuts a guy who was last in the league in his particular statistical categories, one would assume they’ll get better.

That may not be the case in Arizona, where the Cardinals brought in a guy whose numbers were even worse than the guy he’s replacing.

Via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the Cardinals cut punter Ryan Quigley and brought back veteran Drew Butler. Butler had been released earlier this year with an injury settlement.

That’s justified, as Quigley was last in the league with a 41.6 gross average and a 37.2 net.

But Butler was even worse this year for the Cardinals, averaging 40.3 and 33.7 in those two categories.

Now, I’m sure Butler’s a lovely person and perhaps the ankle injury which allowed/caused the Cards to release him was keeping him from being his best. Maybe he’s a better holder. But being better at the day job than the last guy isn’t exactly a high bar to clear.

9 responses to “Cardinals bring back punter Drew Butler, for some reason

  1. Um…maybe Butler was having a bad year BECAUSE of the injury that got him released with pay?

    So injury heals and then let us assume he is better because of it.


    E=MC(squared), Isn’t as difficult has people make it out to be.

  2. I am not a Butler fan, but he only had TWO punts this season & was dealing with an injury to start the season. Using hi stats from this season seems disingenuous.

    The only thing that Butler does well is drop punts inside the 10. And with the type of offense/defense this team has, that is very valuable.

  3. Butler’s been garbage for a couple of years now. I know management loves him, but he is no good.

  4. theauger says:
    Nov 15, 2016 3:00 PM
    I am not a Butler fan, but he only had TWO punts this season..

    Two? He had 2 before the end of the first quarter of game 1.
    15 total before his release.

  5. …..there are no free-agent punters out there….look at the Panthers , they are bringing back the free-agent punter they had in camp…….Another reason to start a spring time league to develope QB’s …..WR’s….OL…..CB…..P/PK…..

  6. Cards fan here. Butler sucks plain and simple. Don’t make excuses of his injury or lack of punts. He was last or 2nd to last each of the past 2 years prior to getting hurt. He should have been cut right after his display 2 yrs ago against the Panthers in the playoffs (not last yr). Nearly lost that game himself. The only reason he may be good at putting the ball inside the 10 (which I think is incorrect) is because he can only kick the ball 40 yds max. Cut him after this year and find someone, anyone better.

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