Fisher on elevating Goff: “It was time”

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As Rams coach Jeff Fisher explained it to reporters on Tuesday, the decision to make rookie Jared Goff the starter came at some point after Monday’s press conference, during which Fisher indicated that the status quo would apply to the quarterback depth chart.

“The question that was asked of me was, is Jared number two, or is Case [Keenum] your starter,” Fisher said. “He was yesterday. He’s not today.”

So why the change?

“It was just Jared’s progress, and the progression week, after week, after week,” Fisher said. “Preparing to be a two, preparing to be a play away from going in. When he got the reps over the last three or four weeks, they were right, they were good, they were good decisions, so it was time.”

Fisher said that Keenum will continue to be a team captain, but that as it relates to the actual quarterback job, “[I]t’s time. It’s time to move on.”

“I felt like this was the best time to go ahead and turn the keys over to Jared,” Fisher said. “We’re excited for him. He had a good day today. He’s into the plan, he’s really excited. The position is not easy to play, as we’ve seen around the league. A lot of good quarterbacks took their lumps last weekend, but we got confidence in him, as the offense does. We’ll get him prepared to play. The option was to wait until Sunday, but that’s not a good option. It’s not fair to you guys, it’s not fair to him. It’s out there, he’s our starter, we’re moving forward.”

Fisher said that Keenum will be the backup, and that Goff will be the starer beyond the upcoming week.

“Yeah, we’re committed to this,” Fisher said.

The decision came as a surprise to many, given the reports that Goff wouldn’t play until the Rams were mathematically eliminated. They’re still alive at 4-5, and if Goff gives the offense a spark they could end up in the mix for a playoff berth.

49 responses to “Fisher on elevating Goff: “It was time”

  1. The Mustache is all knowing. Do NOT qurstion Him. His knowledge and wisdom are so strong as to make the greatest of mortals incapable of ever understanding. We are ALL compelled under the laws of nature to be grateful for having lived at the same time as Him.

  2. It’s also time to can your butt. How in the world you and Gus Bradley in Jacksonville still have jobs defies logic. That is all.

  3. Already one of the worst #1 overall QB picks in recent memory. Really, the guy can’t play behind a pretty stout defense and a star RB? instead of JV QB? It’s just mind boggling.
    But hey, everyone knows if there’s one surefire way for a QB to turn out fine is to change coaching staffs after his first year in the league..

  4. Whoaa! I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. I can barely handle it!

    The number one overall pick, who couldn’t beat out Case Freaking Keemun, is FINALLY starting. Are we supposed to care?

  5. Goff can play. He just needs to get comfortable. The league is screwed. Everyone wants to play and coach in LA. It’s gonna get unfair over the next few years.

  6. HAHAHAHA….”It was Time” …funny it wasn’t time Monday evening, but Tuesday morning “It was Time”….Perfect “Timing” Jeff Fisher, as the newly elected President would say..”your fired”…enjoy the “time” you have left in LA

  7. AND how would Jeff Fisher know anything about quarterback play or how to run an offense, in general? They have terrible line play, below average receivers and are wasting a talented running back. All players chosen by Fisher (Snead has nothing to say about it).

  8. It’s BEEN TIME!
    Why can’t the Jets also see this?
    Two organizations ready to be embarrassed again that their high picks aren’t even close to a Dak 4th round pick or Tom 6th round pick

  9. 4th round Dak Prescott tearing up the league supplanting Romo…mortgaged future Goff can’t even beat out Case Keenum. Lol. This is going to be a disaster. Much like the majority of Fisher’s career.

  10. If Goff gives the offense a spark they could end up going 7-9 and possibly even 8-8 said an appreciative Fisher.

  11. The Dolphins have been hard on QBs this year leaving most of them hobbling week after week as the #4 Pass Defense has finally got it together. This was going to be a boring game, but with Goff to terrorize… it should be fun to watch.

  12. Fisher looked ahead on the schedule and thought they might finish 8-8 with Keenum. He realized his best chance at 7-9 rests with Goff.

  13. My Dolphins are going to kill the Rams 42-3. Not a chance Rams win this one Fisher I said clueless. Did you see what we did to SAN Diego?
    Tannehill is a top 3 QB in this league

  14. Unfortunately for Jared Goff, he’ll be forever be compared to Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott. Anything less than what they’ve been able to accomplish will lead to a lot of criticism. Fair or unfair.

  15. Goff is going to look across that line at Suh and forget to check his “six” where Cam Wake is going to be preparing to lay him out. Smooth move, Mr. Fisher…

  16. For all you folks who like rooting *against* people versus for some better football than the Rams and many other teams have been putting out there this year – how can you say this guy is a bust when he hasn’t even played a snap of in-season football yet? Not a snap.

    You can’t have it both ways. If he is that bad, then Fisher must be a genius for not putting him in. He knows more than his scouts and his entire general management staff. We all know that isn’t true because he has a large body of mediocre work to show for it. There’s a lot wrong with that coach and that offense. This isn’t Dallas with a #1 O-Line or Philly with enough weapons on offense and a stout enough D to make it work for a rookie. For what the Rams gave up for him, I’d want to make sure all those deficits were filled before I threw him to the wolves.

    That said, I really don’t think college preps QBs for the game, and I stand against (generally) giving up that much for a QB, ever. Dak Prescott sure was a bargain and he is the real deal….

    The game is not 1:1 between QBs. It’s 53 against 53 and the strength of the coaching staff. Rams have a long way to go, Jared Goff or not.

  17. “Jeff, I want Goff to play”, Said Enis.

    “But Enis, I don’t think he will win..” said Jeff.

    “He plays or you are fired.” Enis said.

    Enis gets what he wants. Just ask the Raiders and Chargers.

    If you do not know who Enis is then you don’t know the Rams

  18. I don’t use the term bust because all these kids are talented but. Throughing him against a pass rush like this in his first NFL game ? That’s not a smart coach IMO.

  19. After watching Goff and the coaching staff’s reaction to him during Hard Knocks, it was pretty clear they knew they had drafted a lemon and their tenure was near the end. But at least Fisher got to coach in his college stadium, so good for him.

  20. Fisher and the Rams put Goff between a rock and a hard place. They didn’t sign a true starter to realistically hold the job for an entire season while Goff developed and leaving him benched indefinitely behind the struggling Keenum led to everybody assuming Goff must be beyond horrible else he would be starting.

  21. Pretty sure if you put Dak Prescott on the Rams he’d struggle behind that OL. Being as thin as he is, Goff may not make it through the game without injury.

  22. bjwbrown2011 says:
    Nov 16, 2016 12:47 AM
    Fisher even let Vince Young play after 3 games, dude must be horrible.

    It’s called not rushing the QB and destroying a player’s development like he did with Vince Young or what happened to David Carr. Seriously, some of you are incredibly impatient.

    Some of you also thought that Aaron Rodgers sucked when he was drafted because he had some bad preseason games.

  23. So why the change?

    “Because our record is actually below my career .500 level and I don’t want to have to start over with another team next year…”

  24. Fisher always puts himself in a no lose situation. If Goff plays well it saves Fishers ass. If he plays badly then Fisher gets to say “I told you so”. The fact is that Fisher wasted half the season on Keenum because he wanted Carson Wentz in the draft. So he sits Goff much like Al Davis did to Marcus Allen to soothe his own ego. Fisher by his own statement said “I like to keep the games close”. That’s not the attitude of an NFL coach. We need a guy who wants to dominate.

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