Monday night ratings dip, again

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

After Sunday’s two-pack of Cowboys-Steelers and Seahawks-Patriots generated rim-rocking ratings, the year-to-year, apples-to-apples dip has returned.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, the Monday night game between the Bengals and Giants generated a 7.9 overnight rating, which represents an eight-percent drop from last season’s Texans-Bengals game played on the tenth Monday night of the season.

While the zeal for the Bengals likely is reduced this year, the presence of a top-market team with a winning record should have at least allowed this year’s game to match last year’s.

The decline may continue into Week 11. While Thursday night’s NBC-televised Saints-Panthers game will easily outpace last year’s Week 11 NFL Network-only Titans-Jaguars game, the rest of the slate contains none of the clear and obvious sizzle that last Sunday brought to the table.

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  1. So one day after Goodell is patting himself on the back thanks to a great matchup and great game between the Seahawks and Patriots (ironic that the Pats helped Goodell!) we’re back to lethargic ratings for a mediocre game.

    That’s the problem of course. Most of the NFL is mediocre at best – and matchups with teams like the Jets, Browns etc. are just not interesting…

    In fact most games are pretty boring these days thanks to Goodell’s “master” plan to restore “parity” to the NFL.

    Of course “parity” was really designed to keep every team @ 8-8 so that anyone and everyone could be a contender all season long and into February (The Pats messed that up for Goodell – one of the reasons he hates them)

    The thing is, fans don’t like mediocre football – and that’s what they got with the Giants last night and what they get just about every Sunday – with the exception of last week’s Pats/Seahawks matchup

    Get rid of Goodell and I guarantee ratings go up

  2. Too much fake drama. i hate it when my favorite team plays on Monday night because then I have to watch MNF.

    Let the game itself take the center stage. Let the players be the stars. The TV personalities need to step aside and stop trying to hog that stage. Nobody is watching MNF to see what the broadcasters are going to say next. We watch to see competitors compete.

  3. I think that answers all questions about the NFL “viewership decreases”. Fans cannot spread their NFL TV watching over the span of 4 days and sunday mornings. Keep it to Sunday afternoons and maybe Sunday or Monday night only.

  4. Ratings are dropping because the games suck. Over saturated league with way too many bad teams & only a couple of good teams.

    All you have to do is look at all of the power rankings out there and see every writer has the same top 3-5 teams.

  5. I’ve stopped watching any game other than the Pats. I used to watch every possible game.

    In fact after several weeks of not watching the other slots this I actually forgot there were games on last night and the 2 previous Thursdays until the following morning.

  6. The ‘Boys vs. the Ravens should do OK in the ratings 😉 Just wait until Romo plays his first game as starter, ratings will be out the roof 🙂

  7. More likely this past Sunday was the aberration because of the matchups. No matter what the league does to our game at it’s heart a good NFL matchup is still an incredibly compelling watch, particularly if the officials don’t interfere with the results. The problem remains that not all that many matchups result in good games. There is far too much bad football being played to also put up with lousy officiating that may or may not be being influenced toward a given result.

  8. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss Mike Tirico. The new guy doesn’t quite do it for me. Sounds/feels like preseason when he announces.

  9. shocker, patriots and seahawks fans tune in because watching your team win is enjoyable, even if you get an assist from the refs or your equipment guys.

    bad games, bad parity, increasing distrust, aging fan base having kids and not being replenished by cord cutters, exhaustion over fantasy and too many games, etc, etc, etc

  10. Tell you what … I can’t stand Gruden as an announcer. Hearing him go “uhhhh” under his breath every time a defense blew a play in the second half was ridiculous. Or saying superficial positive things about every player on the field — like “Here comes the Red Rifle!” moments before they sacked him three times — excruciating.

    I enjoyed the second half more just muting the TV and watching it happen. Maybe they should have alternate audio feeds. I almost changed over to the Spanish feed and I don’t speak Spanish.

  11. Honestly who cares? There are likely a multitude of reasons why and most probably are not fixable like: people finding new ways to watch that aren’t measure in ratings, younger generation not as interested in traditional sports, the cord cutting and moving away from traditional television, etc, etc. All the NFL can do is try to make the product as attractive as possible which means good matchups in prime time and trying to stop the continuing battle between the league and it’s players. Taking games off of Thursday nights and forcing players to stand for the anthem is not going to change anything.

  12. “Ratings have been down because of the election. People may have said they were tired of the ads and constant talk, but they watch election coverage 24/7. That’s why the ratings are down.” – Roger Goodell, November 6, 2016

    “As expected, ratings returned to record levels once the election was over.” – Roger Goodell, November 14, 2016

    “The ratings are still down due to the election. The vote itself may be over, but viewers are still watching election coverage 24/7. This is not an NFL problem.” Roger Goodell, November 15, 2016

  13. ” … the presence of a top-market team with a winning record”

    Newsflash to the Eastern elite media (in case the Presidential election isn’t your first clue): Just because something is labeled “New York” or because New York supposedly cares about it doesn’t mean the rest of the country gives a damn about it.

    I’ve been screaming about this for years, but the Giants are not a national team no matter how much FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN want to shove them down the rest of our throats. Just because John Mara runs the NFL doesn’t mean the rest of the country is interested in seeing the Giants in a main TV window every week.

  14. Boycott this Monday night game!!! The NFL should not be taking ANY games away from American fans!!! LEAVE THE GAMES HERE so home fans do not miss out on going to the games!!! no wonder ratings are dropping!!! The NFL does not care about their fans!!!

  15. I love college and the NFL but if the match up is not there on Sunday or Monday night I got my devices to keep up with what is going on….there is just so much football one can watch.

  16. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Nov 15, 2016 2:45 PM
    ….besides all the stated issues… about this?….MOST of us have to get up at 5-6AM…..The NFL can’t compete with my sleep NO matter what it does…..

    Valid point for people not to watch but not exactly different from previous years when they were watching.

  17. I tried to watch, I really did. But kept losing interest and actually watched PBS instead. John McDonough is not the right guy for that gig at all. He’s a noon eastern Big 10 Saturday guy.

    Gotta bring in Mike Patrick or someone with a commanding voice. Too bad Brad Nessler went to CBS.

  18. I think this has more to do with ESPN than the NFL. ESPN isn’t worth the money so I illegally stream it every week or go a to a bar.

    As for SNF, not sure but probably something similar as many have completely cut cable

  19. Some valid points being raised here. The New York market is much larger than most others, so they will get more viewers televising a NY game by the sheer number of people who follow the Jets and the Giants. You can’t compare that to Tennessee or Buffalo or wherever. So you will tend to see larger market teams, even if they are not good teams. Larger audience = more revenue.

    Secondly, what does that share number really mean? People who watch it live? What about people who pause it on their DVR and come back an hour later to skip the commercials? Or record it and watch it later, which you can do in about 40 minutes using the 30-second skip feature between plays. Stream it online? Watch on your phone? Go to the bar to watch? How are they measuring the ratings? Are they getting the DirectTV people? Cable people? Over the air antennas? How accurate is it, really? I’ve watched football (and other TV) for decades and no one’s ever asked me what I’m watching.

    Last week proved how accurate polls can be, so if they are using the old-school Nielsen families to get a read on it, maybe not so good.

  20. My three top reasons for watching a game in which the team I support is not playing:

    1. Great matchup

    2. To watch a playoff contender in same division or conference, often with hopes they lose

    3. To watch a team that I hate, hoping they lose

    Last night, none of those applied, so I totally forgot there was even a game.

    So what was more important to me than Monday Night Football? I was researching some electronic stuff on my tablet while my wife watched Dancing With The Stars.

    5 years ago, no way.

  21. Baseball season is over, and the election is over. The NFL needs to stop looking for excuses and start being honest. There are many reasons for this decline, but it starts at the top.

  22. Disney doesn’t care about ratings otherwise they never would have moved MNF from ABC to ESPN.

    They killed an iconic game brand merely to promote their cable network. The franchise has never been the same and has lost all relevance.

    Now it’s something people visit during commercial breaks for “The Big Bang Theory” merely to check out the score.

  23. here’s a hint, if I have to watch my team lose like they have the last 4 weeks and cut the damn commericals. speed these games up, cut the damn commercial breaks.

    and just so ya know, the majority of nfl fans can’t afford a Mercedes.

  24. Start these Monday Night games at 8pm instead of 8:30. The 1/2 hr makes a difference on a work night. Huge Bengals fan here and don’t miss watching in person or tv but went to bed before game was over. Seemed like neither team wanted the W.

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