Report: Rob Gronkowski’s lung not punctured, many can now exhale

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has played through some injuries in the past, but the latest one may not be as bad as it sounded initially.

Despite earlier reports that Gronkowski suffered a punctured lung last week against the Seahawks, Adam Schefter of ESPN says that the lung is not, in fact punctured and the injury is “not overly serious.”

(That also sounds like one of the things you say only when it’s not your lung.)

Gronkowski canceled a scheduled EA Sports media event today in New York, and it’s unclear what it means for this week’s game against the 49ers or beyond.

He sat out five plays after taking a thunderous shot from Seahawks safety Earl Thomas Sunday night, a hit he called “probably one of the hardest” he’s ever taken. But he finished the game, and talked to reporters afterward.

“Just down for about a minute or two. It’s a little tough to breathe, but once it comes back, you’re good,” he said. “He hit me fair and square. It’s football. You’re going to get laid out eventually.”

And with his lungs intact, he’s not the only one in New England breathing a sigh of relief.

13 responses to “Report: Rob Gronkowski’s lung not punctured, many can now exhale

  1. it also looked like it was the hardest hit Thomas ever took. he bounced back 4 feet after he launched into gronk’s chest.

    I know this won’t be well received by knuckle draggers but eventually using your body as a missile is going to get you a flag. it will

    I’m also pretty sure we’d be hearing from Lil’ Dick Sherman had Long or Ninko double teamed Baldwin, for example, in the same manner.

  2. A Seahawk fan here. I totally agree with you saltineamerican! Being able to enjoy that hit by Earl Thomas was only possible by seeing Gronk get up and continue in that game. I know Earl feels the same!

  3. Classy Gronk. Took the hit like a man and cleared the hitter. No whining. Glad he will be o.k.
    Haters on the other hand, are just bitter.

  4. rageviral says:
    Nov 15, 2016 11:33 AM
    That hit wasn’t that special. Seen Ronnie Lott dish out far bigger.


    While he played, Easley was better.

  5. Great news. Gronk is an absolute beast! And he rocks that madden 17 commercial, “catchin’ with flair”, love it.

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