Tony Romo: Dak Prescott has earned the right to be our starter

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Tony Romo acknowledged today that he is now the Cowboys’ second-string quarterback, and that Dak Prescott has earned the position ahead of Romo on the depth chart.

“Dak Prescott, and what he’s done, he’s earned the right to be our quarterback,” Romo said in a prepared statement. “As hard as that is for me to say, he’s earned that right. He’s guided our team to an 8-1 record, and that’s hard to do. If you think for a second I don’t want to be out there, then you probably never felt the pure ecstasy of competing and winning. That hasn’t left me. In fact, it may burn now more than ever.”

Romo said it has been very difficult watching his team start the season 8-1 while he sat on the sideline with another back injury.

“To say the first half of this season has been emotional would be a huge understatement. Getting hurt when you feel like you have the best team you’ve had was a soul-crushing moment for me,” he said. “It’s a dark place. Probably the darkest it’s ever been.”

Romo said he still has a burning desire to play.

“Football is a meritocracy. You’re not handed anything,” Romo said. “I still want to play and compete.”

He’ll probably have to do that somewhere other than Dallas next year.

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  1. I listened to his concession speech live. The man got bledsoed, and remains pure class. Best backup QB in the NFL. A perfect scenario for Dallas.

  2. Assuming Dak doesn’t get them deep into the playoffs or win the SB…

    Do they start Dak next season and hold on to Romo until right before the trade deadline just in case Dak is a one hit wonder (personally I think he’ll succeed)?

    Or do they trade Romo in this offseason where his value might be the highest?

  3. It might be time for Romo to walk away while he still has the back to stand upright with. His body clearly can’t handle the punishment anymore, and especially if he tries to sign with a QB needy team next year with a lesser o-line to stand behind……i don’t see anything good that will come to him. He’s a cool guy, sucks to see him go out like that, but there’s just not much he can still gain from continuing his career. A lot more he can lose, but not much to gain. What his chances of joining a new team, playing a full season and winning a Super Bowl next year? Not zero, but pretty close…..

  4. .
    I ignored the Dallas hype and waited to see him for myself on the road at Pittsburgh. He exceeded expectations.

  5. I doubt Denver is giving up on what they have.
    I don’t believe they see them as mistakes.
    Romo is not choosing Cleveland.
    Cleveland is not choosing Romo. Why pay him to go 8-8?

    You need a team with at least a decent offense and a chance to believe a high level QB can put them in the playoffs.
    Also a team without a “QB of the future” on the roster.
    Chicago, the Jets, AZ (if they decide Palmer is done).
    Does Houston admit Brock was an expensive mistake?
    Long shot…Buffalo?

  6. Man I love this guy. Will go down as my favorite player of all time. Absolutely played the game the right way and I embrace him warts and all.

    It is absolutely heartbreaking to think that it might end like this. He’s been very clear that he has no interest in playing for any other team and would rather retire than be traded.

    To be honest, I’d gladly risk no SB to give him one last shot. He wasn’t supposed to go out like this.

  7. He’s a professional. Someone like Aaron Rodgers would be having a hissyfit and bashing his coach to the media.

  8. I am a long time Cowboy hater and wish they’d never win another game. But I think Tony Romo is a class act. He never acts like a jerk — win, lose, or draw.
    For him to come out and show his support for Prescott is typical of Romo. You have to respect him and it’s too bad more players in the NFL weren’t as classy as he is.
    The Cowboys are the favorite to win the NFC right now, with a nod to Seattle as their #1 competitor. So Jerruh Jones has finally put it all together in spite of himself.
    And even though I am a long time hater of the Cowboys and can’t stand to see Jerruh Jones up in his press box jumping around like he just hit the lotto, I would root for them over that punk Pete Carroll and all his punks on Seattle if it came down to those two teams in the NFC Championship game.
    Hopefully, neither of them will be the last two teams standing in the NFC, though. I’d root for just about anyone over either of them, with the exception of the purple chokers up in Minnesota.

  9. Hawknballs says:
    Nov 15, 2016 5:28 PM
    Enjoy Cleveland.

    fumblenuts says:
    Nov 15, 2016 5:36 PM
    The Browns will welcome you with open arms next year Tony…..

    Not only is Tony Romo a class act but he gets it and knows how it all works.
    These 2 posters not so much.

  10. Sometimes really smart people make really dumb mistakes. Dak is awesome and the future but we have been without a title since the triplets and now they’re gonna thow an awesome chance to get one away. Tony well is one of the top 5 qbs and he is well. Leave you with this one thought can Dak bet Russell Wilson or Tom Brady? Tony can and Dak is gonna have to beat them both.

  11. Hey Carl, the trade the Vikings made for Bradford was a great trade. He’s far from being the problem. Those saying Dallas should trade Romo surely know with all his injuries….serious at that….no one will trade for him. As long as he will agree to being the backup, why trade the veteran presence? Besides, if Dak was to go down, wouldn’t it benefit the Cowboys to have Romo step in? Dallas has been in such position more than once and, the backup was terrible. Dallas will just hold onto him.

  12. I don’t get this logic. I am a Cowboys fan and love the 8-1 start, but there has NEVER been a rookie QB win the Super Bowl. Why do they think that will change after the first 50 SB tries. Seems extremely arrogant to me. The kid is pretty good, but he’s not special. He may very well be someday, but these are team wins.

  13. Seattle fan here. TR, you earned what you have, you gave the NFL & Dallas your best. Now retire w/ the dignity you deserve. You’re 36 & nobody is going to take care of you, except yourself. Be smart, not a cripple. Best of luck on your future and whatever you decide.

  14. I love me some Romo, he has always been a classy player. He only got the hate because he played for the Cowboys and was surrounded by mediocre players for the majority of his career. It sucks that he has to go out like this, especially with all of the young talent the Cowboys currently have. But, the final chapter hasn’t been written yet, and injuries in the NFL happen. You never know, maybe we haven’t seen the last of Romo behind center with the Cowboys.

  15. I’ve been a cowboys fan since the late 70’s and I know I’m not in the majority when I say I think Romo should start for the Cowboys. There are several reasons for this. Dak is very good but Romo when healthy is a better passer, can read defenses better and he had the best year of his career in 2014 when he had the same type of running game. Watching Dak play he sometimes holds the to long, doesn’t make the quick right reads and can be off on his throws. Don’t get me wrong Dak has a bright future but for 2016 I would go with Romo and his experience.

  16. Denver doesn’t have two nickels in cap money to offer in a trade. They also gutted the future by trading up for the Paxton Lynch Meme™.

    Very mature and classy of Romo to step up like this and make a statement. I don’t recall Bledsoe doing the same.

    That said, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver-by-way-of-real-estate-trade, St.Louis, and the Jests should keep an eye out for Romo.

  17. Romo to Cleveland? ugh, what a waste of time.

    I went down the list of NFL teams thinking “what would be the most fun, both as a fan and for Romo,” and I have to say, I think Chicago would be the best place for Tony Romo. Romo is better than Cutler. There are some workable pieces in the Chicago skill player puzzle. And Romo would get to play the NFC North twice a year.

    Too bad he’s going to probably retire or be forced into a wheelchair. I hope he just hangs ’em up.

  18. Could you imagine Romo on a team like the Chiefs, with a coach like Andy Reid? Andy and Tony would finally win their super bowl. I’d love to see Tony spend his entire career in Dallas, but if he wants to move on, he’s in position to be very picky. He won’t go to Cleveland, the Jets, or San Francisco. He’ll go to a first class organization that’s just a QB away from being a champion. Goin to Kansas City. Kansas City here I come!

  19. That is, without a doubt, the best statement from a pro football player that I’ve ever heard. Accurate and on point.
    Much respect to Romo here. Well done.

  20. That had to be really hard to do…nothing but respect for Tony Romo. I hope he gets his opportunity to get back on the field,whether it’s Dallas or another team that’s decent,which excludes Cleveland and the Jets…

  21. Cowboy fans sound an aweful lot like Viking fans during their big 5 game winning streak. Your D will be exposed just when you have completely forgot that you font have one.

  22. It’s too early to talk about next season. I’m with Aikman when he said the Cowboys may need Romo at some point this season, so its not over for Romo.

  23. It takes a hell of a person to make a statement like that. No wonder Romo’s teammates have always rallied around his leadership. Nothing but huge respect for him.

  24. “Cowboy fans sound an aweful lot like Viking fans during their big 5 game winning streak. Your D will be exposed just when you have completely forgot that you font have one.”


    Sorry but a healthy Pittsburgh offense (at Ketchup stadium) puts 30+ points on everybody. The Dallas D made a few stops, couldn’t recover a fumble, and stopped 4 2-pt conversion attempts. Not the end of the world.

  25. This makes me sad. Dude gave everything he had just to keep this franchise afloat and relevant and when the FO FINALLY gets some personnel decisions right, he can’t fully reap the rewards of it. To keep things in perspective, he’s had a fantastic career for someone that was an undrafted FA.

  26. I was at the game when Bledsoe was benched and Romo became the starter. I have to say I admire his moxy, and he is a good quarterback and more an exemplary human being. But let’s get serious. His body is breaking down. Once that begins to happen, your career in football is over.
    I like what Prescott has done. For a rookie to take over a team and win like he has is extraordinary. But it’s a long way to January, and playoff football in another game entirely.
    Prescott can only improve with experience. It’s his team now, so let’s see how far he takes them.
    It should be noted, however, that no Dallas team has won a divisional playoff game since 1995.

  27. abninf says:

    He’s a professional. Someone like Aaron Rodgers would be having a hissyfit and bashing his coach to the media.

    And if you look at how Rodgers has played for the last year, he should probably be sitting now and letting Hundley play.

  28. They gave Romo a press conference so he could cry?? Suck it up Tony, you are no longer the best QB on the team. Now you need to practice on being a “team player” instead of a “me” player. You are going to make $10 million for holding a clipboard dude. Save your body for retirement. I definitely wouldn’t mind holding a clipboard for that salary.

  29. From the press coverage I got impression that Romo was resigning from the Supreme Court. He is still getting paid by the Cowboys isn’t he?

  30. I love Romo and this is class personified. The ironic thing is, this is exactly why Romo has always been a bridesmaid. He is the genuine, classy, nice guy who doesn’t have the fire to step on his competetitors throats. He’s too nice to win big. I’ve been saying this for years. That’s why he needs all the fourth quarter comebacks and a lot of times they turn into fourth quarter chokes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Romo fan and he’s a total team player, but the best of the best have to have some arrogance about them. And that arrogance fuels them to stomp out their opponents every chance they get.

  31. What is the Cowboy fan’s opinion on how good Dak would be without Elliott or without that O line? For that matter how good would Romo be on a team without that line?

  32. Team player and leader. He was always willing to take a salary cut or restructure to help out the team to retain other players.

    Cowboys better treat him well and with dignity/respect as he backs up Dak and even beyond that (good job within Cowboys organization).

    If Jones doesn’t take good care of Tony, then may Jerry rot in Hell.

  33. If Tony is smart(and I think he is), he will renegotiate his contract to be more team friendly. Stay with the Cowboys even as the back up and retire as a Cowboy. Which will almost guarantee him a front office job in Dallas.

  34. In 2001, Drew Bledsoe quietly stood on the sidelines when Belichick decided to keep Brady as the starting QB. Then when Brady went down against Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship, Bledsoe came in and led the team to victory, and finally got a Super Bowl ring. Smart football players know that a good team doesn’t need a quarterback controversy. Maybe Romo gets his own moment in the sun, like Bledsoe, or maybe he doesn’t. But it sounds to me like Romo is a smart football player.

  35. Hmm. Romo has no choice but to give Dak his just due. I’am pretty sure he’ll be a great starting QB for another franchise. Right the Dak Attack continues….

  36. Romo is a classy player and usually got the short end of the stick in regard to the media. He deserved a lot of the criticism, but he has had an incredible career with that in mind.

  37. Going to be difficult for me to celebrate if Cowboys win it all this year without 9 throwing that pigskin. I don’t know that I will appreciate a Cowboys Super Bowl at all like I have anticipated 9 getting that ring that he soooo deserves. And, when 9 is gone, after this railroading, I don’t know if I will be as much as a Cowboys fan as I have been all of my life. Go#9!

  38. My wife is a lifelong Redskins fan, but even she might grudgingly admit that Witten and Romo are class guys. I’m a Brady/Pats fan since he came from my school, and only “hate” the Boys to support my wife. Frankly, I think most of the dislike for the Cowboys stems from their owner being such a tool. Without Jones yapping his mouth off to any microphone or camcorder he can find the Boys wouldn’t be “hated” any more than any other team. JMHO.

    Go Blue!!! (Michigan, not the Giants)….

  39. Romo is a nice guy, but a very inconsistent QB, and always has been. Whoops. Sorry about the that phrase.

  40. Well, after double digit years of choking when he wasn’t mediocre, he has certainly earned the right not to be the starter. But Jones is too much of an inept control freak to admit he was wrong and make a move. Glad someone came along at the right time to make it irrefutable.

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