Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want you to read this

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Any publicity is good publicity, as long as they get your name right. On Wednesday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers got my name right.

Reacting to scrutiny of coach Mike McCarthy sparked in large part by the quarterback’s own words (more on that in a minute), Rodgers dismissed any and all of it.

“Especially guys like Mike Florio,” Rodgers told reporters on Wednesday. “Don’t waste your time reading crap like that.”

The audio likely will be repeated on PFT Live as frequently as the audience hears the voice of Stephen A. Smith extolling me to “please break a damn story!” And while the message is hurtful (not really), I still think Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of the past generation and a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Still, his effort to dismiss my not-so-complicated analysis of the situation misses the mark. Contrary to the item in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel regarding the Wednesday comments, I haven’t “reported” on the existence of discord between Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy. Instead, I’ve developed an opinion based on things said by Rodgers and McCarthy in press conferences that something is amiss between quarterback and coach.

Said Rodgers after an ugly home loss to the Colts: “I don’t know what the lack of juice was. You kind of felt it over the entire sideline. We didn’t have the same kind of enthusiasm and encouragement that we had the previous two weeks.”

I don’t have to be in the locker room, the meeting room, or the practice field to know that calling out the team for not having energy necessarily calls out the man ultimately responsible for ensuring that they do.

Then, after the Packers gave up 47 points to the Titans in a listless performance at Nashville, Rodgers took an even more direct shot at McCarthy: “There has to be that healthy fear as a player that if you don’t do your job they’ll get rid of you.”

Again, there’s no requirement to be loitering in the locker room, the meeting room, or the practice field to realize that there’s one person who ultimately has the job of instilling “healthy fear” in every player that if you don’t do your job, you’ll be fired.

Rodgers is smart enough to realize how his words would be interpreted, internally and externally. And it’s not a coincidence that, the day after his “healthy fear” remark, McCarthy was mimicking a Stuart Smalley bedroom mirror monologue by declaring to the world that he’s a “highly successful NFL coach.”

Maybe Rodgers didn’t expect anyone to interpret his remarks as criticism of McCarthy, or to call Rodgers out for it. Maybe someone got to him internally and persuaded him to kill the issue by defending McCarthy. Maybe Rodgers realized, based on comments from teammates like Randall Cobb, that even if the quarterback would win a game of rock-scissors-paper against the coach, perhaps the quarterback will lose some of the locker room in the process.

No one has to be in the locker room to come to the conclusion that something is amiss in Green Bay. They only need to be paying attention to the words that flow from it.

Sorry to have wasted your time.

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  1. ““Especially guys like Mike Florio,” Rodgers told reporters on Wednesday. “Don’t waste your time reading crap like that.””

    now there’s something for the ol’ masthead

  2. “Especially guys like Mike Florio,” Rodgers told reporters on Wednesday. “Don’t waste your time reading crap like that.”

    More specifically – from Darin Ganttt

  3. SOMETHING is amiss there in Cheeseville.

    Rodgers is weird. He’s strained his family relationship by going against the Christian foundation instilled in them by his parents.

    He’s super liberal, gone Hollywood with a non-Christian actress.

    Everything was fine when he was throwing the ball well.

    Last week, first drive 3rd & short, he had Randall Cobb wide open for a first down, and unpressured, threw it into the unfrozen tundra. Punt. Jake Ryan injured on it.

    No points. Injured leading tackler. And then Demarco Murray goes 75 untouched for a TD past the backup ILB for Ryan.

    If Rodgers pass wasn’t horrible, they would have been into field goal range & still driving with a new set of downs.

  4. Florio you definitely love to stir the pot, but I don’t think you’re too far off base on this one. Rodgers should be complaining though…the coaching staff and front office are wasting the prime years of one of the best qb’s ever. What other stars do we have? An oft injured Mathews is about it. Put some talent around this guy asap.

  5. I’m fine with all this stuff.

    But I am just really concerned that you referred to ‘rock-paper-scissors’ as ‘rock-scissors-paper’.

    We have standards around here.

  6. Aaron and all Packers love PFT, and they love me. I’m Wisconsin’s Favorite Son.

  7. Sorry, Mr. Florio, but I just don’t see any of those Rodgers quotes as shots at McCarthy. I suppose my judgement could be clouded by my Packer fandom but I honestly don’t believe that to be the case here.

    Something is definitely amiss in Green Bay, there’s no doubt about that; but some of your recent writings have come off like you’re trying to create drama where none exists.

    That kind of “journalism” is to be expected from the likes of Stephen A Smith and/or Skip Bayless but I would think (and hope) that you’d hold yourself to higher standards than that.

  8. I think the Packers have relied on Rodgers too much in the past, to the point that when Rodgers starts to slide a little, which actually started last season, the rest of the team starts to feel the pressure as their performances become more crucial when Rodgers can’t throw a hail marry to win a shootout or somehow overcome a bad rushing performance from Lacy.

    All these things add up and the Packers look like a team that has been exposed on defense and on the offensive line this season. Regardless of whether the Packers make the playoffs this year, they can still win the division BTW, I really think you are going to see a completely different team next season. I think Lacy and a good chunk of the offensive line and defensive line will be gone next season. So the Packers are really going to have to make sure they draft well, or this could be a longer downturn for the Packers.

  9. Everyone is influenced by PFT, whether it’s true or not. Some people hate Florio. Some hate Rodgers. But they do have something in common. They’re the best at what they do.

  10. Florio got put on Rodgers list when he roasted him during the SB run for not signing something for that older lady, causing a media uproar, and tons of unnecessary questions.

    Rodgers isn’t the kind of person to forget about that, and its why he doesn’t want Florio to guess what he means, or try to read into his actions, because you missed the mark so bad before, you had to apologize.

  11. Maybe if they came up with an offensive game plan beyond just drawing cheap penalties they wouldn’t have to publicly humiliate each other all the time.

  12. Since Rogers is so good, and smart, and wonderful at understanding how his words will be interpreted, we can take from his remarks that he wants as much PFT spotlight as he can get. I’d bet, though, when Rogers clicks on PFT, he skips the articles and goes straight to the comments.

  13. I frequently disagree with gloriously (Rodgers is first ballot HOF?! ) but he clearly isn’t wrong about the locker room in Green Bay and the fact that Rodgers is a major part of it. The only question that really needs to. Enasked is why so much attention for a QB that has been pretty middle middle of the road for the last two years during what should be the prime of his career? If he can be this way for as long as he has, he isn’t getting any better and any realistic consideration for the hall AT ALL would be laughable.

  14. Both are correct.
    Rodgers first ballot hall of famer.
    Dont read this garbage.
    I should have took heed. Its was really a reach. And its not like its the off season and you look for stories to make up. There is plenty to write about now. And this is it???

  15. Rodgers is right. Good site until Florio starts to put his opinion in the articles which is his right to do but the reality of the situation is Florio writes about what other people are doing and accomplishing. He’s a critic.

  16. Give em hell Mike! Aaron Rogers is a great QB but he is also a ‘cry-baby’. What do you think would happen to a Patriot player if he said stuff like that? Coach B would nip that in the bud real quick by trading the player to the Browns for nothing in return! I love your posts and analysis even if I don’t agree with you all the time. Its called, ‘suck it up butter cup’. You have never wasted our time Mike. PFT News and Rumors is the Bomb. PFT will still be here when Rogers is retired and out of the league!

  17. Meanwhile, to the West, Zimmy The Chimp is getting just hammered by the purples and the Minnesota media… and not a single player has come to his defense.

    Move over Tice, Childress, and Frazier… “Best coach in the NFL” number four is about to join you on the purple scrap heap.

  18. “He’s strained his family relationship by going against the Christian foundation instilled in them by his parents.

    He’s super liberal, gone Hollywood with a non-Christian actress.”

    everyone should go against the christian foundation. christians are the worst. also, there is no god.

  19. siuleno says:
    Nov 17, 2016 4:04 PM
    everyone should go against the christian foundation. christians are the worst. also, there is no god.

    Actually the worst people are the ones trying to tell others what to, or not to believe in. Whether it’s a higher power or Santa Clause, or yourself, if it helps you get to the finish line of life in one piece, more power to you.

    Just don’t go telling whether that they should or shouldn’t believe in.

  20. The guys only in his 9th season as a starter and is allready 13th ALL-TIME for TD passes and is 1st ALL-TIME for QB rating. And that’s after his mediocre last year and a half. All you s..t talkers wish he was your teams QB!!

  21. afactoryofsadnessnorth says:
    Nov 17, 2016 11:56 PM
    and just because McCarthy might have a job with a new team the day after he was fired by the Packers, that doesn’t mean that the Packers don’t need to fire him.

    This is true but you also don’t fire MM unless you are going to replace him with someone better. Who is available right now that is better than MM? Arians and Bellichek aren’t coming to GB.

    The Bears got rid of Lovie Smith and took a bunch of steps back with Trestman. Reid was “stale” in Philly, and Chip Kelly was the “hot new thing” and look what that did to the Eagles, and then they turned around and hired a coach from Reids tree, Harbaugh got chased off in SF….

    I have said it many times the only time you let someone go is when you can bring in someone better, that’s how you improve.

  22. “Norrismen”???? Oh, that’s beautiful. Almost as beautiful as when one of you types about the “NFC Norris Division.”

    It’s bad enough that you try and use the words of a true idiot like Berman as you try to look like you know something. It’s even worse when you can’t do it because even Berman knows more than you.

    Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll teach you about Norsemen in summer school. Gosh, they may even teach you enough simple math for you to understand how much better Thompson, architect of a Super Bowl champion team that’s in great shape cap-wise, is than Spieldope, architect of a perennial loser team that’s being strangled by the cap and gives away draft picks for washed up vets.

  23. It makes me laugh to read everybody throwing crap at Aaron Rodgers, when we all know each and everyone would piss their panties with delight if he was signed to their team as the new starting qb.

  24. Why didn’t the Vikings capitalize on this? Oh I know why, because they’re bigger losers than the packers. Mark my words, Green Bay will win this division this year. They’ll turn it around. And I guarantee you they beat Minnesota to basically clinch the division and go on a hot streak for the playoffs.

  25. Well AS I AM WRITING THIS..the vikings won…and the Packers lost AGAIN!!
    “tainted”, you will have to learn to accept that the Packers are OVER.
    They will fire both TT and MM in the next couple of years, replacing them with Childress-type idiots, putting down a couple or 4-12 seasons and have Rodgers begging for a trade in his waning years.
    Titletown will once again come to mean “holding the title of “Laughingstock of the League””, as it did when I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s.

  26. And yet thru it all, the Packers have won more Superbowls than the Vikings in the last decade. Hell, you could say that about any team that won a Superbowl in the last decade.

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