DeAndre Levy practices for first time in a long time

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The Lions head into Week 11 in first place in the NFC North and they’ve been able to get to this point with only the smallest of contributions from linebacker DeAndre Levy.

Levy played in the team’s season-opening victory over the Colts, but has been out of action since then due to quad and knee injuries. The Lions didn’t place him on injured reserve, which indicated that the team expected him back this season but there hasn’t been much discussion about when that might happen.

We don’t know when Levy might return to game action, but he took a step toward that outcome on Wednesday. Levy participated in practice for the first time since getting hurt and did individual drills during the portion of practice open to the media.

Expecting him to play against the Jaguars this weekend might be a stretch given how long Levy has been on the shelf, but a return at some point down the stretch could give the Lions a boost in their effort to remain in first place in the NFC North the rest of the way.

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  1. The Lions’ biggest defensive weakness is pass coverage of RBs out of the backfield and TEs. Getting Levy back – a linebacker with speed and cover skills would be huge. We Lions fans aren’t used to this first place stuff…we’re always on edge anytime things “look good” for our team. However, Levy is a top-shelf LB…a true defensive asset…and his return would be very impactful. The rest of the NFC North is not happy with this development…

  2. With respect to the timing, this could not be much better for the usually unlucky Lions. Being division leader at 5-4, coming off a bye-week, getting both Levy and Slay back for the seven game stretch to qualify for the playoffs, playing meaningful football in November, and hosting their three divisional opponents at Ford Field – very un-Lion like, but glad to see it! With any luck, Stafford won’t have to pull any more rabbits out of his hat for the remainder of the season – I wouldn’t mind seeing the Lions close a few games with solid leads and victory formations.

  3. Who cares, all our wins were by one score. 5-4 is nothing to be celebrating. Our Lions are known for choking, plus there is a lot of football to be played. I’ll believe it when we actually make the playoffs and finally get our SECOND playoff win since 1957.

    Were are literally the worst team in the history of the NFCN.

  4. This is good news and timing for the Lions. But for the love of Pete, PLEASE quit talking playoffs when it involves the Lions. Every time you do it, they find a way to choke. We’ve (Lions fans) seen it way too many times………..

  5. Just to clarify my earlier post, I am not suggesting the Lions WILL make the playoffs, just that they are well positioned to make the attempt. If they do qualify and win the division, they should host their wildcard game, and they are better at home than on the road.
    5-4 isn’t great, and I don’t think the Lions would be the division leader with that record if the Packers were playing better and the Vikings weren’t decimated by injuries to so many key players. One of those four losses was to the current cellar-dweller Bears, so there are no easy games left for the Lions, but at least they’re competitive for now and getting help on the defence.

    Caldwell is not talking playoffs – just the next game. To paraphrase Bill Belichik, “Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Jacksonville.”

  6. deepsouthnotherner says:
    Nov 16, 2016 5:36 PM
    Personally I give Levy >10 snaps before he is outside the bank, waiting for it to open, so he can cash his big checks again. His injuries pay quite well.

    I also give Levy more than 10 snaps before he is back on the sidelines. Hopefully, the rest of the season.

    Don’t forget that before he got the huge contract and subsequently got hurt, he was the best player that defense had for several years. Did we miss Suh and Fairley being gone nearly as much as Levy? Surely there is some trickle down, but overall I would have to say no. Anyways, the man was elite for years before he was being paid elite, and kept quiet and did his job. I would call it a fair and even trade. But yes, I do wish he could get paid AND stay on the field….

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