Mike Maccagnan: No regrets about re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick

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The Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick engaged in an extended contract dance this offseason before Fitzpatrick finally agreed to a one-year, $12 million deal shortly before the start of training camp.

That allowed the Jets to keep the same starting quarterback who set a franchise record for touchdown passes that they had on their way to a 10-6 record last season, but the results haven’t been anywhere close to as good this time around. The Jets are 3-7 and Fitzpatrick was benched in favor of Geno Smith after a flurry of interceptions early in the season.

Fitzpatrick returned after Smith tore his ACL, but was out again last week after a knee injury of his own and the team is mulling a permanent switch to Bryce Petty after their bye week. None of that has led to regrets about the deal from General Manager Mike Maccagnan.

“I have no regrets about bringing Ryan back,” Maccagnan said, via NJ.com. “I think going into it, we felt very good about the season Ryan had previously. I have no regrets from that standpoint. Of course, I think everybody, and Ryan included, would probably say he holds himself to a fairly high standard. I’m sure there are aspects that he would like to … we all would like to have better success on the field as a team. But from the standpoint of bringing Ryan back, no, I don’t have regrets on that.”

Given that the team didn’t pursue any other starting options over the offseason and had Smith, Petty and Christian Hackenberg at quarterback before Fitzpatrick’s return, the lack of regret is easy to understand. At this point in the year, though, the only regret the Jets should really be concerned about is not getting enough of a look at Petty to know if he has a future with the team.

Maccagnan called that a “complicated decision” because of how it affects others on the team, but it won’t be one he regrets either because he said coach Todd Bowles will be making it.

12 responses to “Mike Maccagnan: No regrets about re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. I don’t blame Maccagnan for anything. No one could have foreseen Revis getting burned on every pass play.

  2. Too much waffling. Should have signed him early, built on a strength, and shifted the focus to developing other areas. Instead it was prolonged foot-dragging, major distractions, and a confused and muddled atmosphere.

    Hope Tony Romo stays away from this dysfunction machine.

  3. Why not?

    I get this is a QB starved league. But Fitz has a body of work and it isn’t very good. Sort of like Osweiler, who is worse than Fitz. Either roll the dice on a rookie (and yes it’s rolling the dice), or get someone whose story you’ve read The problem is, when you’ve seen a movie, you already know how it is going to end.

  4. I remember people begging for Fitz to come back, and it didnt turn out well but they didnt cave to a multiyear deal. What were they supposed to do? Start Geno? After a 10-6 season? Fitz is terrible but miles ahead of the rest of the QBs on the roster. I love ripping on the Jets but hindsight is 20/20, why punt on he season when you could keep the offense of a 10-6 team together. They have more problems than Fitz, he was/is a stopgap, they need franchise QB and better defense. Revis was good last year, he has lost alot though.

  5. so apparently the Jets GM is happy with Fitz and Revis…and THAT’S why the Jets are where they are…same ole Jets.

  6. Jets haters gonna hate. But what’s the big deal? What were their other QB options? None really. So they brought him back on a one year deal for not a ton of money (though it looks like it given his performance). But had he lived to last years numbers (which he knew he wouldn’t), it’s look like a great deal. The Jets didn’t overpay or commit themselves to Fitz. But again, it’s the Jets, so there’ll be a lot of over the top negative comments.

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