Mike Tirico takes Al Michaels’ place for next three games

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Mike Tirico will handle all of NBC’s pay-by-play responsibilities for the next three games, replacing Al Michaels, who will get some time off around the Thanksgiving holiday.

NBC announced that Tirico will handle play-by-play for Green Bay-Washington this Sunday, Pittsburgh-Indianapolis on Thanksgiving night and Kansas City-Denver next Sunday.

There’s been much speculation about what role Tirico would play on NBC’s prime time NFL broadcasts, and at first it was widely assumed that Tirico would handle Thursday nights to give the 72-year-old Michaels a lighter workload. But the NFL announced that its deal with NBC and CBS required both networks to use their No. 1 Sunday broadcast team as the Thursday night team as well.

However, Tirico will become the No. 1 Sunday announcer for the next two Sundays. Tirico will also join Collinsworth for Giants-Eagles on Thursday, December 22. As was previously announced, Tirico and Doug Flutie will call the two late-season NFL Network-only games that NBC Sports will produce. Michaels will call the remaining games, including NBC’s two playoff games.

“With the additional games on our schedule this season, it’s nice to have a bye week,” Michaels said in a statement released by NBC. “We’re lucky to have someone of Mike’s caliber to step in with Cris, Michele and the rest of the team.”

Tirico called Monday Night Football on ESPN for the last 10 years before jumping to NBC this year. Sunday night will mark his first NFL game for NBC.

58 responses to “Mike Tirico takes Al Michaels’ place for next three games

  1. Pretty amazing how NBC, which only covers 1-2 games a week, has a second NFL announcer who is better than any of the CBS/FOX (which cover a full slate of games) play by play guys with the exception of Ian Eagle and Kevin Burkhardt…in my humble opinion.

  2. Something about Tirico makes me not listen. Why do they keep pushing him on us? If they put him on every week, its just another reason to go listen somewhere else. Better earn enough before you get older, ‘cuz they show you the door, no matter how good you are or have been.

  3. They should find someone to replace Collinsworth. He gets the players names wrong the yardage wrong and sounds like Mr Joy Joy Silly Stupid on air.

  4. Don’t like Tirico at all. He is as boring as watching wet paint dry. NBC should have left him on ESPN. I will not watch any NBC games with Tirico as a play-by-play announcer. He bores you into oblivion and will not win any handsome contests either. Ratings will continue to plummet. Too many fricking commercials an delays anyway with these boring games.

  5. Love Tirico as a sportscaster, and especially like his work on features. That said, I don’t at all like listening to him as a play-by-play guy. Just doesn’t seem like a good fit, IMO.

  6. Don’t like Tirico at all. Boring as hell. Will not watch boring and tens of thousands of commericals.

  7. The best in the business is replaced by a clown.

    The NFL has some real losers announcing games – Troy Barkman who apparently forgot everything he knew as a football player – and Phil Simms who is the industry worst fool – he is arrogant, ignorant, loves himself, probably holds up a mirror to watch himself bloviate, and he is biased.

    It used to be that former players did not do games for teams they played, but Barkman always does a Rump Rider game when on the network and this was not because the team was any good. This clown is as biased as Simms and not impartial. His voice is nauseating.

  8. I like Tirico but now all that much as a play announcer. He’s someone who seems really great at giving updates and brief bits of news but he’s not great to listen to over long periods.

    Al Michaels is still great but he is getting older, sure he needs a break.

  9. I didn’t like Mike Tirico too much (though never strongly disliked him) until I started watching MNF this year with Sean McDonough. He’s as-vanilla and dull as it gets.

  10. Actually, my favorites are Aikman (no surprise there..lol), Collingsworth, Michaels, and Gruden, in that order. Wish they would put someone else with Aikman, than Buck 🙁 I feel sorry for Gruden, as he has to carry it pretty much by himself!!!!

  11. I might be able to tolerate them if Collinsworth-less was gone.

    Thankfully, the volume control still works.

  12. The return of George Costanza to the airwaves with Huckleberry Hound (aka Collinsworthless).

  13. Not a Gruden fan, but listened to him this week. I usually mute sound, but he was great. Made Madden seem like an amateur. He actually explained things that occurred on field very well. And, I have watched NFL even when I had to put up with Cossell.

  14. Loathe all these national commentators, they all suck.

    And since the Pats won’t be playing on T-day I won’t be watching anyway. I’m finding plenty to do with my time to entertain myself without the nfl.

    Only watch the Pats games, they’ve lost me as a viewer for every other game when for years I would watch every game possible.

    Goodell and his cronies must go

  15. 72DolphinsStillUnmatched says:
    Nov 16, 2016 10:52 AM
    Al Michaels, Dick Stockton and Chris Berman need to retire, the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are ancient history.
    So, they shouldn’t wait until they find better or even close to as good, just make the change because they’re older?

  16. Just my .02, but for everybody that says “I’ll watch the game on mute” or the like, I don’t believe you one bit. I agree some announcers are worse than others, but there is more to the game than those talking heads. It’s like Trump and his wall, just shock talk.

  17. It could be worse…imagine if they paired the nepotism twins: Joe Buck and Kenny Albert?

  18. briang123 says:
    Nov 16, 2016 10:49 AM
    Someday someone will explain to me why guys like Tirico and Mike Greenberg got a complete pass for what they did


    Might agree with you here, but what exactly are you referring to? Their careers or are you speaking of specific things that they committed?

  19. Awww, it must be so strenous to for Michaels to fly around private charter and sit in front of a camera for 3.5 hours.

    The army of people doing the actual research, assembling and breaking down the set, and ensuring AV is perfect aren’t getting a few weeks to relax.

    The hardest thing Michaels does is comb thru some Just For Men.

  20. There is no replacing the Al Michaels. The guy is the best in the business.

    With that said, I never knew how much I liked Mike Tirico until they hired that dead fish of an announcer to work with Chuckie. Man that guys sucks, zero excitement and he is so quiet you barely know there are two guys in the booth.

  21. Michaels is far from my favorite announcer (does such a thing even exist), but this break makes me worry for his wellness. I hope that he just wants to enjoy the holidays with family for once and that all is well for him.

  22. I don’t understand all the Tirico hate, but whatever (free country and all, entitled to one’s opinion, etcetera, etcetera)…

    Announcers aren’t even in my top 3 of NFL broadcast complaints. That would be bad officiating, the nonsensical rules, and bad officiating.


  23. Sean McDonough…isn’t bland better than excitable and over the top? The broadcast shouldn’t be about the announcers and their actions and thoughts…..folks like Joe Buck and Ian Eagle overreacting to every other play are so annoying….some of these guys sound like school-hired college announcers….need to mellow out….and please, for the love of the planet……please stop filling air time just to say something…..who remembers the Jets-Miami game back in the 80s with no announcers? It was great.

  24. NFL ratings are down. If I was the NFL I’d be worried about this announcement because it’s not going to help their ratings. Michaels is the best out there right now, even in the twilight of his terrific career. I agree that it shouldn’t be about the announcers but they can bring something to a broadcast…

    Remember Madden? BOOM!
    Or Summerall? (Up next….Murder…she wrote…on CBS…)
    Or Scully (Montana… looking, looking, throwing in the end zone… Clark caught it! Dwight Clark!… It’s a madhouse at Candlestick!)

    Of course they were minimalists , which is really what we need to get away from the incessant talking and advertising that goes on the broadcasts these days.

    Where’s the Jessica Mendoza of football? There are, in fact, a number of very good female announcers…

    ps – I remember that Jets-Miami announcerless game. I thought that was really cool.

  25. Al Michaels is great. Cris Collinsworth is the biggest fan a winning team ever had- until they start losing. And Tirico is middle-of-the-road kind of boring. At least we can all agree that Sean McDonough is awful.

  26. 72DolphinsStillUnmatched says:
    Nov 16, 2016 10:52 AM

    Al Michaels, Dick Stockton and Chris Berman need to retire, the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are ancient history.


    This comment coming form someone with that screen name is too rich.

  27. Michaels is OK.

    His hatred for The RAIDERS and the late, great Al Davis really shone through during the RAIDERS v broncos.

    The fans of the other 31 can say what they want, but RAIDER NATION knows what I’m talking about.

    Carry on.


  28. Man…something about Tirico….every time I see him he just strikes me a closet creepo or super perv. Can’t say why. Just get ill looking at him/ listening to him. Strange, I know

  29. Man it’s going to suck when Al Michaels retires. He’s the greatest of all time as far as I’m concerned.

    Perhaps they could get Kevin Harlan? I think he’s the next best play by play guys in the business today.

  30. Al Michaels is the best. At 72, I would bet TPTB are trying to ease him out, not that he needed a vacation. He loves what he does. Stop getting former players. They are not sportscasters and for the most part, they’re horrible. Al, you’re the best.

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