Quarterback Andy Dalton listed as limited for Bengals practice

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Working on a short week, the Bengals only had a walk-through today.

But for whatever it’s worth, quarterback Andy Dalton wasn’t able to do all of it.

Via Katherine Terrell of ESPN.com, the Bengals quarterback was listed as limited Wednesday, with a right shoulder designation. Tight end Tyler Eifert (knee) and Rey Maualuga (fibula) were also listed as limited.

Tight end Tyler Eifert (knee) and Rey Maualuga (fibula) were also listed as limited, such that a walk-through is indicative.

It’s possible Dalton’s just taking some reps off for rest in advance of Sunday’s home game with the Bills. And it’s possible that he’s just beat to death, as his 28 sacks absorbed are more than any non-Andrew Luck (33) in the league.

10 responses to “Quarterback Andy Dalton listed as limited for Bengals practice

  1. This team, which is surely talented enough for the playoffs, is going anywhere until they fix that Oline. I’m a Giants fan and even I felt bad for the dude!

    Well maybe not that bad…

  2. Well if he didn’t stand back there for ten seconds like the Statue of Liberty maybe he wouldn’t get hit so often. He should just throw the interceptions sooner so he doesn’t get hit all the time.

    But seriously, Tom Brady’s offensive line was a lot worse last year, especially near the end of the year, and he didn’t take nearly as many hits because he gets rid of the ball faster (No, I’m not a Patriots fan). Either Dalton needs to throw an INT earlier or the offensive staff needs to figure out how to run faster developing plays so he can get rid of the ball.

  3. Andy Dalton has one of the fastest releases in the NFL. Nice try tho. The Bengals O Line is trash this year. That is the (unbelievably obvious) problem.

  4. Dalton does NOT have one of the fastest releases in the NFL, he has a slow release and a really soft arm.

    He’s also scary ugly.

  5. With that flame hairdo, Andy is the coolest looking QB in the league. Plus, he’s super nice.

  6. 1. Dalton had the 2nd fastest release time behind Brady last year and has always been top 5 in that category.

    2. Dalton had 7 ints last year and only 4 this year.

    3. Dalton is getting beat down behind this awful line and is the only reason the Bengals have been semi competitive (on pace for 4500 yards).

    4. Trolls need to step their game up.

  7. I’d be hurt to if I had to throw behind his horrible offensive line. It was always a strength for the Bengals in the past I don’t know how all of a sudden losing Andre Smith it’s turned to crap. Whitworth is old he’s actually still ok Boling has been average and Bodine to the rest of the o line is the problem. We need a receiver to step up as well Lafell is ok but not near the #2 receiver needed. Boyd has been disappointing. It’s just I don’t see them catching the Ravens even in a down year for the AFCN. Bengals have too many issues

  8. Joe,

    We’ll wait while you come up w some stats to back up all the hate you spew. I imagine we’ll be here awhile. Step down, son. Daddy’s home.

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