Manziel reaches deal to dismiss domestic assault cause

Getty Images

Former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel soon will have one less potential impediment to the resumption of his NFL career.

Via the Associated Press, Manziel has reached a deal for the conditional dismissal of a domestic assault case involving his former girlfriend. The plea agreement isn’t finalized yet; Manziel’s lawyer said more work needs to be done. Which means that the paperwork documenting the arrangement needs to be written up and signed.

A hearing has been set for December 1, at which time the situation could be presented to the presiding judge for approval.

Regardless of the terms of the agreement, including whether Manziel acknowledges responsibility for hitting or threatening Colleen Crowley in January 2016, the NFL can separately discipline Manziel. Any discipline imposed may not matter, given that no one has shown any interest in signing him.

Another potential impediment for Manziel arises under the substance-abuse policy. He already has been suspended four games, which means that he’s in the program and subject to enhanced, random testing.

He also may be subject to separate drug testing as part of his plea deal. As one of his now-former lawyers accidentally texted to a reporter in June, “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle.”

At last word, Manziel returned to Texas A&M and enrolled in classes. In recent weeks, there has been no news about him. Which is good news for him, and for everyone else.