Report: Saints waive James Laurinaitis

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There was a report earlier this week that Saints linebacker James Laurinaitis would visit a doctor for an evaluation of the quad injury that landed him on injured reserve early this month with the possibility that he’d be waived by New Orleans if he was deemed healthy.

It appears all went well with that examination. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Laurinaitis has indeed been waived ahead of Thursday night’s game against the Panthers.

Laurinaitis signed a three-year deal with the Saints this offseason after he was released by the Rams. He played in five games and had 17 tackles before getting shut down by the injury.

Laurinaitis is a vested veteran, but it’s after the trade deadline so he can be claimed by any team in the league off of waivers. He will become a free agent if he goes unclaimed and could land with a team in need of linebacker help down the stretch.

14 responses to “Report: Saints waive James Laurinaitis

  1. Out of ALL QB’s sham is …..I’ll do my best to break the curses saint fan’s, ALMOST all who play Denver, next 1-3 game’s are losses,despise the crybaby sham,get your win in their house! BC-WW

  2. Hey, there were some Lions fans that wanted this guy to be drafted instead of Matthew Stafford. Now the Lions could have both of them!

  3. He was cut by the RAMS! The Saints gave him a 3 year contract? No wonder they’re in cap hell…

  4. The Saints need THREE kickers. After warmups, lose the guy who sucks that day and flip a coin to see who gets to miss the game winner.

    Sean Payton has publicly mentioned his disdain for kickers over the years. Try some lovin’. Might work. Kickers are sort of people too !!!

    Or trade one of your best players to NE for Gostowski. Belichick is positive he can replace anyone.

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Browns picked him up and since they have first priority on the waiver wire he would be awarded to them if they put in a claim. There’s no way he ends up in Foxboro. That would mean about thirty teams would have to pass on him. Eventually some team would probably claim him just to keep him away from another team competing for the same playoff spot.

  6. Although his stay was short JL’s impact was great. He brought leadership and an experienced voice to a D that began rebuilding in the off-season.

    My thanks as a SAINTS fan – you made your mark on this team.

  7. touchdownamericasteam says:
    Nov 17, 2016 8:05 PM

    Dallas. No.4 on the waiver order amd need a mlb


    Dallas is currently 32nd, not 4th.

    After week 4 of the NFL season, waiver order gets reset based on CURRENT RECORD.

  8. jfcol says:

    Another Loo-miss. Fleener should be next. Team is getting nothing out of that one.
    Jimmy Graham sez “hi.”

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