Cowboys are clicking on offense

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If you’re confused regarding the decision of the Dallas Cowboys to stick with Dak Prescott, consider this: The offense under Prescott is on a record run of production.

Via the NFL, the Cowboys have gained 400 yards in eight straight games. That ties the longest single-season streak set by the 2007 Patriots and the 2013 Broncos. The Patriots went 16-0 and made it to the Super Bowl; the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl, too.

While the offense is more than one guy, Prescott is doing his part. He’s the first rookie quarterback in league history to throw for a least 300 yards and multiple touchdown passes in consecutive games. Also, he is the third rookie since the merger to have multiple touchdown passes in five straight games, joining John Elway in 1983 and Russell Wilson in 2012.

17 responses to “Cowboys are clicking on offense

  1. I don’t doubt this kid is going to be something special…

    That being said, I’ve seen a LOT of QBs do well up until other coaches get enough game film on them to pick apart their weaknesses

    Just ask Kaepernick

  2. Unlike Kaepernick Dak is more than a glorified RB with an arm. There’s more to his game than taking off running. I believe the comparison you wanted to make was RG3 and Kaepernick.

  3. Girls are on a roll, right into a playoff wall called Seattle Chickens I think.

    Chickens have the secondary to load box and play man coverage; like with the Patsies, whom lost their flagship tight-end, got lit up in the slot, were smothered on deep plays man-to-man, and watched Blount spin his wheels.

    Just swap Patsies for Girls like Gronk for Witten, Edelman for Beasley, etc. and pretty much same script against the Chickens I bet.

  4. Not one top teir team? Who do you consider top tier? The packers were a big win when it happened. Everyone agreed the steelers was a big win… the bengals was a good win. Every week they have played a team of paid professionals and hold the best record in the league. They run the ball, they throw the ball and the defense does enough to force a couple of punts a game.. that’s all you need

  5. skawh give it up. If you’re scared say you’re scared instead of trying to debate the greatness of a Seattle dynasty that never existed. Or better yet go back and look at Seattle’s schedule then reassess what an easy schedule is.

  6. The Seahawks took care of that historic Broncos O… and in the process made the Broncos think of getting a decent D…and they’ll take care of this Cowboys O as well… see you in the playoffs rookies!

  7. What exactly do you consider a top team? The Dolphins, Jets, 9ers, Eagles, Bill’s and Falcons are not top teams. I’ll give you New England but that 1 game doesn’t make an entire schedule. You Seattle fans are straight up delusional.

  8. it’s very strange that I’m hoping the Cowboys go to the Superbowl. That’s because I’m just sick of the Seahawks, who look like they are on their way to a dominant run.

  9. “cb0ys4life2014″…yeah that’s about it, 2014, the year that the latest generation of Cowboy bandwagon fans came into existence. We SURE didn’t see much of the Cowboys “nation” during the 2000’s…

  10. People just can’t say anything decent about the Dallas Cowboys no matter how you spin it, cowboys are always gonna be hated so who gives a care what other team hater fans think.

  11. Dak has brains that go with his arms and legs. This kid is legit. He could be the whole package.
    Brady survives on brains and hard work. Imagine what Dak could be.

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