Dolphins stagnant for 55 minutes, still find a way to beat L.A.

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For 55 minutes, the Rams’ defense put a beatdown on a depleted Dolphins offensive line today, dominating on a sloppy, rainy field in Los Angeles. And then for five minutes, the Dolphins’ offense came to life.

Miami didn’t score a point until a Jarvis Landry touchdown catch with just four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, on an incredible play on which multiple Miami linemen ran downfield to push Landry into the end zone after he was originally stood up at the 5-yard line. The Dolphins’ defense quickly forced a three-and-out, and the Dolphins marched down the field and scored again to go up 14-10 with 36 seconds to play.

Miami struggled for most of the day with the Rams’ front, and that was no surprise given the Dolphins’ injury situation: Starting center Mike Pouncey and left tackle Branden Albert were both out with injuries, and rookie Laremy Tunsil, who replaced Albert at left tackle, exited with an injury as well. But Ryan Tannehill finally bought himself some time to pass late in the game, and his two late touchdown passes were the difference.

Heading into the game, the big story was that the Rams were starting first overall pick Jared Goff for the first time. But while Goff appeared to give the Rams’ offense some life early on, with a first-quarter touchdown drive, for most of the game Goff was nothing special: He looked the way you might expect a rookie first-round pick to look in his first start, showing flashes of talent but not exactly setting the world on fire.

In the end, the story of the game will be the collapse of the Rams’ defense. It dominated for the first 55 minutes, then laid an egg for the last five.

55 responses to “Dolphins stagnant for 55 minutes, still find a way to beat L.A.

  1. The story of the game should be how Jeff Fisher blew this game.

    Never mind the ill timed timeouts, how do you expect to win when you don’t allow your QB to throw ten yards down the field?

    Extreme conservatism is not winning football. Yeah, the Rams D is good, but they aren’t good enough to hold teams under 10 points every week.

  2. #blametannehill…. Oh, except for that huge Comeback win with a broken o line against one of the best d lines and better defenses in the game.

  3. Fins stayed with it . They could have given up like the old Fins but kept after it and it paid off.

  4. If the Rams aren’t the most worthless organization with the most worthless coaching staff then I’m George Washington.

  5. hmm, what a coincidence. another california teams caves in and blows it in the final minutes. this is directly attributable to the whole lefty, tax first ,people second philosophy of california. the fans and residents of cali just don’t get it. it’s called insanity. do the same thing over and over and expect different results. keep voting in leftist policies, and it worms it’s way into everything…yes it affects teams and team play. they always think something or some group will bail them out. life isn’t like that. u have to do it yourself.

  6. There should be a mention in the article about Devante parker and his incredible 4th quarter play.

  7. It’s nice that the rest of the NFC West is helping the Seahawks lock up the Division, but it’s really not necessary.

  8. The Rams defense is a paper tiger, their D-line isn’t that great, and they had to completely self-destruct the last 4 minutes for Miami to even have a chance. Meanwhile, until those last 4 minutes, Tannehill was getting outplayed by Goff. Anybody saying that Miami winning at the end is all that matters is why their best season since 2008 was 8-8.

  9. Jeff Fisher…hmmm…he played it safe for a while, and it could have worked. If his kicker didn’t miss a field goal. But when they dolphins scored and the Rams needed a long drive to run out the clock, they failed pretty miserable. Aside from one run, Gurley was not doing anything all day. But decided to put the game in the hands of the defense.

    Who then prompted choked–and a few late penalties didn’t help.

    Fisher is a passable head coach with a good QB like in his prime Steve McNair–someone that can generate points with big plays and his legs.

    When given a QB NOT as talented..Fisher’s conservative play calling comes back to bite him often.

    But at least Greg Robinson’s defense choked. That is one heck of a coach. He should be in a video promoting head injuries.

  10. I don’t think the Rams defense has one weak link in it. They just ran out of gas at the end. Tannehill and Parker made some clutch plays on that last drive.

  11. That would’ve never happened under boring Joe Philbin…

    The future is bright under the leadership of Adam Gase…

    Fins Up!!!

  12. I know Goff is a rookie and all but that 7-yard completion in the middle of the field on the last drive… the one that cost the Rams their last timeout… that’s something you learn not to do when playing football at the junior high level.

  13. Miami continues to fly under the radar because of New England’s division dominance. The Dolphins are winning close games that they normally lose. Miami is playing with a lot of character. New Coach is looking pretty good.

  14. THill deserves a lot of credit. He is one tough MF. He gets rocked like ten times a game… never misses a snap. He looked calm and poised on those last two drives too.

    Side note – Gase has got to be considered for COY. This team does not even remotely resemble the teams of the past decade… and with far less talent.

  15. dickshotdogs says:
    Nov 20, 2016 7:23 PM
    Jeff Fisher. Jeff Fisher. Jeff FREAKING Fisher!!! I hate you!

    Dolphin fans can smell the fear in patriot fans. It smells good. Now just waiting for the NFL to catch Belichick cheating for the 3rd time will be great because every team will be on an even playing field for once in 16 years.

  16. The five game winning streak is nice and all, but let’s face it: Miami didn’t deserve to win either last week against San Diego or today against the Rams; the ball and penalties/turnovers simply bounced their way at the end in both games. They also lucked out against Cleveland earlier in the season, when the Browns’ kicker missed three field goals.
    The Dolphins have a 6-4 record, but to me, they aren’t really a 6-4 team – and I’m a Dolphins fan. They remind quite a bit of the Bears, when they used to have a lot of years where they won three or four games they should have lost, then promptly got pounded in the playoffs.
    Miami is much improved this season, but they’re not as good as their record.

  17. Take away his SB year and he’s one loss away from being a .500 career coach. Over 20 years of football. I couldn’t have 20 weeks as bad as his career has been and still have a job.

  18. Although the Raiders coach should be considered also. Garrett has too much talent to be considered.

  19. This article is really written poorly, as it totally dismissed the effort of the dolphins defense which bottled up the rams offense as well. The rain played a major part of the ineptitude of the fins offense and when it stopped they got rolling, probably affected the rams ability too. CRANI8TOR, the fins are 6-4 and might be 8-2 if it wasn’t for Stills dropping an easy TD agajnst ghe shehawks and running out of time versus NE

  20. Somebody should let Fisher in on a secret….He is in his 50’s and not 20 something anymore. Wearing the hat backwards doesnt fly anymore dude.

  21. Remember not too long ago Miami was in a bidding war to secure Jeff Fischer as their head coach? Thank God the Rams won that war because Ross would have stuck with that guy for who knows how long. For once in a long while it looks like the Dolphins franchise is finally trending upwards. Fins Up!

  22. Thanks for not “scaling it back” Boras. God only knows what THAT would’ve looked like. And out of all the times to not go for it on 4th and 1?!?! Zeurlein can’t make everything. When a former TE’s coach runs your offense, this is what you get. A disaster. On another note, that new stadium is going to be sweet.

  23. Different city! Same old RAMS! LoL! Kroenke deserves all the crap football that this team will play , but the fans don’t. Fischer & Snead & CO. need to GO! Clean house & start all over. Except for the Defensive coach, he’s the best of the best. Maybe Greg Robinson deserves a shot as a head coaching gig. He couldn’t do any worse ! At least you guys still have the Raiders who are really good after a long drought. Oh wait, I mean Las Vegas will now get to have a great Raider team! GO RAIDERS!

  24. Win a couple of more games in a row then I’ll be convinced the Dolphins are for real. They’re a streaky kind of team although there does seem to be something different about Tannehill this year he improved slightly. Their offensive line is going to be their downfall though. Defense has always been consistent, but the coach actually seems competent for a change. It’d be nice if the race for the division title were more interesting this year.

  25. I honestly don’t know how the Fins are winning football games. Out today: 3 of 5 starting o-line, starting pro bowl safety (on IR), 2 of 3 first team linebackers, first team corner. Those guys aren’t just starters, guys like Albert, Pouncey, and Jones are the core of the talent on the whole team!

  26. jr4real says:
    Nov 20, 2016 8:32 PM
    Gase has to be Coach of the Year so far. I’m not a ‘fins fan.

    Three words, Jack Del Rio

  27. “Tannehill looked like crap for majority of the game but came through in the clutch all that matters.”

    The only people that looked good most of the game were the defensive lines of both teams. Basically a 1 td game for most of it

  28. Jeff Fisher with more great challenges, clock management and offensive gameplan.

    He is closing in people!!!! Just FOUR games from having more losses than any head football coach in NFL history.

    Just think….he is making $7 million dollars a year.

    Stank Kroenke, Les Snead and Jeff Fisher. What a championship trio huh??


  29. How does Jeff Fisher still have a job?

    Jeff Fisher has tied Tom Landry for 2nd most losses in NFL history.

    Jeff Fisher has coached 336 games. Tom Landry coached in 418.

    I am glad he is not a coach of my hometown team.

  30. Fisher could have taken the job of the Fins in 2012. Thank you Jeff!
    Also, Gase has worked his magic on Ryan. The stories were true!!

  31. Would be great to see this dolphins team in the playoffs this year but the AFC might just be too top heavy. Regardless the future is definitely bright in Miami. Coaching and culture is huge. Just look how things have swung up and down wherever harbaugh has come to and left the past 7 years.

    Side note. They could over take chiefs for wild card. Which would be good since they are boring and will be predictable in payoffs.

  32. I thought the dolphins defense did a nice job after the first Rams drive. They could have given up on the offense that was completely shut down for three quarters.

  33. As a lifelong Dolphin fan, I say to the Ram fans, “I feel your pain.” We were screaming for Philbin’s job a year ago!

  34. He has one thing right…………….not going 7-9, not 8-8 ……………….How about 5-11 ? How come no one talks about the attendance in LA ? or lack of attendance in LA ? Sure was a big topic for relocation in STL. Every game you could find a picture that some goof reporter tweeted of the STL attendance. A lot of empty seats in LA for the debut of the QB of the future. Bottom line is this organization is the worst in the NFL. LA is getting a first hand look at it. Glad the rest of the country is recognizing it.

  35. BTW…………..nice scheduling by the NFL. Two games on the west coast for a team in Miami back to back weeks. Im surprised they don’t play in London or China next week.

  36. It was 55 minutes of “here we go again”
    & then 5 minutes of WOW!!
    That’s why it’s a 60 minute game…and YES I think the scheduling of back to back west coast games was some sort of JOKE on Miami…No other team in the division had THAT kind of schedule!!

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