NFL may ditch the early-morning Sunday games from London

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One aspirin may be good, but the whole bottle isn’t.

As the NFL tries to resolve the headache (see what I did there?) arising from reduced TV ratings, the NFL is considering the elimination of the early-morning TV window arising from games played in England, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The NFL has been playing the England games at 9:30 a.m. ET, creating a 14-hour, four-in-a-row experience. The league is realizing they may be saturating Sundays with too much football, which would result in the England games being moved to 1:00 p.m. ET.

It would be a significant concession, given that the league likes having the ability to televise live games during prime time in Asia; the 9:30 a.m. ET start allows them to do it. But many believe the NFL has become too accessible; scarcity could be the key toward pumping up interest.

Here’s who won’t be complaining if the 9:30 a.m. ET game goes the way of the worm that encounters the early bird: the networks that televise Sunday pregame shows.

23 responses to “NFL may ditch the early-morning Sunday games from London

  1. College football has 14 hours of football. West coast games always are on at 10pm Eastern time. Their ratings aren’t dropping. Its the product, not the volume.

  2. I like the 9:30 a.m Sunday games. I don’t need to see people shouting on Sunday mornings about what MAY happen in a game when I can watch an actual game. Just improve the play on the field.

  3. Saturation is the biggest problem. Football was the best because it kept you wanting more. With seasons that seemed to fly by and only coming on 2 days (with only 1 game on monday) it made you want to watch every minute possible. Now, between games coming on 3 days a week, all of the pre and post game show that now start 3 hours before and last hours after the games, fantasy football, being able to stream, etc… it just not as exciting as spectacle as it has been. There was a time not too long ago where I knew every match up for the next week, league leaders in every key stat. Now I’m just kinda one exhausted of it all. They’re doing way too much and instead of I become a Sunday afternoon event, it’s a daily dose of the same talk by every sports network that completely makes following the league not as fun anymore.

  4. If the NFL were really smart, they’d ditch the thursday night game and move it to SATURDAY NIGHT. Better for fans and players.

  5. @jjb0811 college football has always been like that. And also college football will always have a growing population if fans because they get new students each year. So their fan base growth is exponentially higher than any 1 NFL football team. Think about it, if a school like Ohio State brings in 10k new freshmen each year that’s a guaranteed increase in fan base each year. NFL team fan bases don’t grow at that rate. They can’t. NFL was at its best when they didn’t take over your tv all week.

  6. One thing is to ditch the Thursday night games. The only Thursday game should be thanksgiving. In addition to decreasing access they need better officiating and simplified rule book.

  7. I would much rather have the early Sunday game 3 weeks per year over Thursday Night Football.

  8. Had me there for a minute Florio. Thought the story was going to be the NFL came to its senses and is cancelling the games in the UK.
    Changing it to 1:00 pm means nothing. Nobody cares.

  9. If you think 9:30 a.m. EST is too early, try 6:30 a.m. starts that you get in the PST zone.

  10. I like early morning games, just saying. Ratings should rise now that the election is over. It did last week

  11. Ya i watched my team early Sunday at 630 but fix the freakin referrering… NFL is crap compared to what it used to be.. I’m so glad I got to experience NFL before it’s decline with bad reffing dumb fines concussion protocol terrible referees Goodell incompetent refs and Goodell..

  12. It’s the quality of the games, not the quantity. I would be in pig heaven if they had 4 good games in a row.

  13. Drop games in England period. Also scrap the Thursday night games, unless the format is changed so that the two teams playing are coming off their Bye week.

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