Rams, Chargers are talking about sharing Inglewood stadium

With the San Diego stadium proposal losing badly at the ballot box and the Chargers holding the right to flee to L.A. if a deal with the Rams can be struck by January 15, negotiations have resumed.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Rams V.P. of football operations Kevin Demoff said recently that the Chargers and Rams are talking.

They were talking earlier this year, after the Rams secured dibs on the L.A. market and the owners gave the Chargers roughly a year to consummate an arrangement to share space. But the talks ended once the Chargers decided to try to secure public money that would allow them to stay put.

In the immediate aftermath of the failed election, concerns at the league level emerged regarding the ability of the Chargers and Rams to reach a deal and thereafter coexist in the market. The fact that they’re negotiating doesn’t change that.

I’ll have more about the situation in San Diego later today, on NBC or here or in both spots.

19 responses to “Rams, Chargers are talking about sharing Inglewood stadium

  1. The LA threat is going on 15 plus years now. And it’s showing in attendance. I went from a season ticket holder to a few games a year to now barely even caring. About the team. Or the NFL. I’m numb to it all. It’s BS what the fans have been put through. If the Spanos family and NFL think LA will work, then they are fools. It will be an embarrassment for everyone involved.

    Commit to SD. Win back the fans and city. Find a way to make Mission Valley work.

    Or move to LA and get used to no one caring for you at all.

  2. There will be no sharing.
    Kroenke owns the stadium and everything around it.
    if the Chargers want to use ANY part of Kroenke World, then Stan will own the Spanos as well.

    Kroenke runs the league

  3. First off, the proposal didn’t “lose badly.” You are just spewing rhetoric given to you by sources trying to promote an agenda.

    It was NEVER going to get a 2/3rds vote, so even according to Spanos, since it received higher than the 40% he said made staying a no-go, and the 50% he was thinking it might (new taxes never get much higher than 50% in CA), it has now prompted conversations between him and the Mayor of SD, to actually make a deal that is beneficial to both the team staying and the City, something that has not happened throughout this whole process.

    What is this, a fake news site now?

  4. No way Spanos pays 500 mil to move and then still has to pay Kroenke to rent the stadium. No way this is happening. Chargers in LA would be playing to an empty stadium.

  5. The defeat of the SD stadium issue is not that the Chargers fans dont want the team in San Diego, but rather it was a referendum on billionaire Dean Spanos for NOT giving the fans winning teams. His lack of commitment to WINNING was up for vote, not a stadium.
    I believe if Spanos makes a public proclamation to deliver a winner, and he follows through, the stadium gets built.

  6. What could throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing is when LA loses all their federal funding because they want to hide illegals.

  7. Ludicrous !….I grew up in San Diego and there is no way that a San Diego fan base is going to drive 200 miles round trip, through a horrendous maize of traffic to support Krnoenke and his Cronies….It will never happen.

  8. Who could possibly want the despicable Kroenke for a landlord? You can’t ever turn your back on the guy. Chargers beware.

  9. boltboner says:
    Nov 20, 2016 11:54 AM
    First off, the proposal didn’t “lose badly.” You are just spewing rhetoric given to you by sources trying to promote an agenda.


    Are you kidding me? The Chargers only garnered 43% of the vote. That’s not even within the margin of error if it had to win a 50/50 vote (which it didn’t, it needed 67%).

    Losing by 24% is a landslide. Heck, losing by 7% is a landslide.

    Dean’s a loser at the ballot box, and his Bolts have a losing record in the league. Tough times in loserville.

  10. The Raiders should stay in the bay by moving into Levi’s Stadium with the 49ers (it’s already built for 2 teams), and the Chargers should find a way to get to Las Vegas.

  11. San Diego will not budge and will continue to stand up against the NFL about no taxpayer money for a stadium. The NFL doesn’t matter to this city enough that voters will allow that to happen, especially with an owner like Spanos who isn’t liked at all. Spanos can either go to LA, or Kroenke/NFL can put up the money they’re trying to get from taxpayers. That’s the only solution outside of the Chargers moving.

  12. Other than a new state of the art stadium there is no reason to believe LA would even support one NFL team. The market is very fickle and is demonstrated by the beloved Lakers who sold out every year ….until they started to lose. Now the Clippers are drawing more fans….really.

    The Chargers would at best be the 4th most liked football behind the Rams, USC, and UCLA.

    Even though there is a lot of negative politicians in San Diego the Chargers should try to work out a deal where they have a better fan base.

  13. The Chargers will be moving. Spanos will apply for relocation. Los Angeles is the favorite, but don’t forget about San Antonio and STL. San Diego could have secured their team’s future by voting YES, but they were too left wing to see it.

    Spanos should rebrand the team and leave the logo, colors , and history in San Diego.

  14. There seems to be a misconception here. People are assuming that Kroenke doesn’t want the Chargers in L.A. If this is the case, why did Kroenke and Spanos reach a deal in principle last year? Furthermore, the new stadium being built in Inglewood will be constructed to house two teams. If Spanos picks L.A, he and Kroenke will have a written contract approved by lawyers. Since Kroenke will own the stadium, he would get the revenue if Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, or Taylor Swift plays there. Spanos would get revenue from Charger games.

    Hopefully 2016 is the Chaergers last season in San Diego. They don’t deserve an NFL team after voting against a stadium plan that visitors and tourists would have funded.

  15. Since the Spanos bought the team in ’84 the team has 22 losng seasons and 11 winning seasons. The spanos are asking for $1.1 billion for a new stadium.. So basically Dean is asking for $100M for each winning season. He has got a real set of balls on him. However, he should sell the team. He hangs on to losers and gets rid of winners. See Ross/Marty and see Norv.

  16. Spanos tried for 15 years. The City of San Diego rejects them over and over. Perhaps the biggest rejection is the lack of fan support at the games. If San Diegans can’t drive to mission valley to support the team, they definitely won’t drive to L.A. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. They might as well try to get new fans in L.A They can’t really lose since they don’t have much of a fan base to begin with. It’s frustrating being a Charger fan and watching the lack of support for the team in a city that could care less. I don’t care where they go at this point, we just need more fans.

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